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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Shaun T. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Shaun T, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Shaun T. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Shaun T, often where they are interviewed.

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Shaun T and Scottie B are Sweatin' Right Now

If These Ovaries Could Talk
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Shaun T and his husband, Scott went through it to make their family. It took 5 years, multiple surrogates, and countless dollars before their beautiful twins arrived.

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Jun 22 2020



Shaun T & Julia Tell All

We Are Family
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Hosts Shaun T and Julia Dennison talk about what makes their families unique, and all the exciting interviews coming up on We Are Family. Plus, an insight into raising kids during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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Jun 09 2020


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When is it time to stand up for what you believe in? We believe that time is now. In this special episode from the Trust & Believe Podcast, you're going to hear directly from our dear friend, Shaun T.

Jun 08 2020



019: Shaun T | Part 1: Finding Yourself Through Fitness

World Class
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On this episode – originally featured on Build Your Network – your host Travis Chappell interviews Shaun T, prominent fitness trainer, fitness motivator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, television personality and choreographer, best known for his home fitness programs T25, Insanity, and Hip Hop Abs. During this first part of the interview, Shaun opens up about a wide range of subjects including overcoming sexual abuse in his youth, his initial journey into teaching, and his various fitness programs.

Episode Highlights:

  • Shaun T shares his difficult backstory.
  • How did Shaun come out of being abused as a youth?
  • What happened when Shaun left home at age 14?
  • How did Shaun’s home life and school life change after his abuse ended?
  • What was Shaun’s driving force to go to college?
  • Which scholarships and programs were Shaun a part of in college?
  • How did sports factor into Shaun’s college experience?
  • What did weight gain do to Shaun in his social life college?
  • How did Shaun’s first teaching experience during college come about and turn out?
  • What certifications did Shaun end up earning?
  • What were Shaun’s dreams and goals during college?
  • Which moment crystallized for Shaun that he needed to work in health promotion?
  • “The Grind Work-Out” video from MTV made an impact on Shaun T.
  • How did Shaun’s transition to moving out to Los Angeles take place after college?

3 Key Points:

  1. Shaun went to college for sports science.
  2. Shaun’s first fitness class attracted 90 students in a room that could only fit 60.
  3. At one point, Shaun taught 19 fitness and dance classes a week in college and 10 classes a week after college in Los Angeles.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Getting out to college was definitely a combination of my mother being very much education-driven.” – Shaun T
  • “Dancing is in my soul.” – Shaun T
  • “One of the defining moments of teaching in college was when a 40-year-old man came up to me and was like, ‘You are changing my life.’ And I was like, ‘What?’.” – Shaun T

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May 25 2020



1035: Fitness Guru Shaun T on Building Wealth, Investing in People and Minding Your Health

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
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Shaun T is a world-renowned health and fitness motivator, husband, father of twins, TV host and social media influencer (over 3 million followers). On today's episode Shaun T shares his financial experiences from childhood, how he built his fitness empire and his advice for staying motivated and focused on health in these challenging times.

He is the creator of the best-selling fitness programs INSANITY, HIP HOP ABS, FOCUS T25, INSANITY MAX:30, CIZE, SHAUN WEEK and his new record breaking mega-hit, TRANSFORM :20. – a 20 minute dynamic step workout that will transform you physically and mentally.

Through personal appearances, his SAFE SPACE online support group and academy, his podcast Trust and Believe with Shaun T, and his self-help memoir T IS FOR TRANSFORMATION, Shaun T is focused on affecting positive life changes in people around the world and proving that becoming the best version of yourself is attainable.

Learn more about Shaun T on his website and be sure to check out Farnoosh's interview on his podcast, Trust and Believe, today.

Apr 27 2020



20 Minutes With Shaun T. - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #140

20 Minute Fitness
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This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we were lucky enough to catch someone who had made a pretty big name for himself in the industry. We have Shaun T. the creator of many at-home workout programs, such as the world-wide famous Insanity. However, Shaun is not just a trainer, he is also a motivational speaker who knows “this and that” about how to get and also keep someone moving - pretty useful for after the holiday binging.

Listen on to hear all Shaun’s awesome advice and understand why he is among the most influential 100 people in health & fitness!

Jan 16 2020



Your Magic Wand with Shaun T

HPX podcast
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"If I don't feel like working out, if I'm just unmotivated, I walk myself right over to the mirror and have a conversation with myself. I council myself. I get really hard on myself because if I'm in this tornado of, 'I don't feel like doing this,' the mirror moment allows you to change your physical location, which will change the energy, and then you can start to have a real open dialogue with yourself."

In this episode of the HPX Podcast, Dave Asprey interviews Shaun T, founder of the Insanity Workout and Hip Hop Abs, on finding your superpowers inside of each of your struggles. This powerful episode helps you get a clear picture of your past and gives you the power to pull lessons and skills from your biggest mistakes and most victorious wins.

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Aug 28 2019

1hr 16mins

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In this bonus edition of the podcast, Giovanna is joined by Shaun T of Insanity fame.

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Jul 16 2019



Conquer Your Mind & Transform Your Life with Shaun T

Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck
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Shaun T is an American motivational speaker, fitness trainer, fitness motivator, businessman, television personality and choreographer. He is best known for his home fitness programs for adults and children which include T25, Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs.

Shaun T is someone I've been trying to interview since day one and I believe in this episode you'll see why. You can hear his passion for what it is he does. You can tell that he is someone who truly was put on this earth to inspire you to feel good. We talk about the mindset needed to live your best day every day. What he does when he hits a rock bottom moment and so much more!

Find out more about Shaun at 

May 14 2019



264: Shaun T | Journey to BeachBody Part 2

Build Your Network
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In this, the latest episode of The Only Business Networking Podcast on iTunes, American motivational speaker fitness trainer, motivator and expert talks to your host Travis Chappell about the time he was a stripper, what his journey to becoming a Beachbody coach and trainer looked like, and how hard work spills over into every aspect of your life.

Episode Highlights:

How Shaun became a stripper for a period of time and what the proportion of income was between being a trainer and a stripper.

Shaun continued on and booked a couple of musicals, he got injured before going on tour.

Mariah Carey called to book Shaun T as a backup dancer based only on his headshot.

  • A few months later he landed his first gig with Beachbody - Hip Hop Abs.
  • The program completely changed his life and helped him be more financially stable.
  • Shaun knew that if he could just change one person’s life that would be worth it.

Shaun developed Rockin’ Body and then shortly after he developed Insanity.

Growth and money come from the growth within your soul and body.

Which Beachbody program means the most to Shaun T:

  • Insanity, because people were motivated by what Shaun was saying to encourage them.
  • The program taught him to speak from the heart and be authentic.

When you work hard every single day it seeps out into other areas of your life.

If you’re going through something, it’s okay, that’s where growth happens.

Shaun talks about his online support group.

Why Shaun believes that what you know is more important than who you know.

  • What people know will give you education for what you can know.

If you get someone’s business card, you need to write on the back of the card what they told you.

What you Google about someone is not the same as what someone is willing to tell you.

The Random Round

What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?

  • A massage therapist
  • The human body is amazing and he knows what stress can do to people.

If you could sit on a park bench with anyone past or present and talk with them for an hour, who would it be and why?

  • Will Smith
  • They have a similar sense of humor and he’s from Philly like Shaun.

How do you like to consume content?

  • Podcasts

One of Shaun’s favorite podcasts.

  • Criminal

Shaun’s morning routine:

  • Wake up before the rest of the family and has 45min - 1 hour alone.
  • Drinks a full glass of water, then coffee
  • Wake up and play with the boys
  • Gets onto Team Shaun T and begins the day

What is your go-to pump up song?

  • Lose Control by Missy Elliott

What is something you’re not very good at?

  • Acting

What is one place online where we can find Shaun the most?

3 Key Points:

  1. Treat everything you do like a business and use what you’re doing as a stepping stone for the next thing.
  2. Whatever job you’re doing at this exact moment, you have to treat it as if it’s your own - you have to create success before you feel it.
  3. Have a text conversation with new connections within 48 hours for the best connection.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I like to try everything once because if you say no, you’ll never know.” -Shaun
  • “Success happens way before you get that successful moment.” -Shaun
  • “If you speak from the heart and be authentic and real it will help people.” -Shaun
  • “Everyone is in the closet about something.” -Shaun

Resources Mentioned:

Apr 29 2019