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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Bolsinger. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Bolsinger, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Bolsinger. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Bolsinger, often where they are interviewed.

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Mike Bolsinger - Major League Pitcher, Former Teammate

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Back again with another great episode with my buddy and former teammate Mike Bolsinger. He and I met in the minor leagues and he went on to pitch in the big leagues for several years. We discuss his journey from High School, College and Pro Ball. We also dive into some great stories that you'll definitely laugh at with us. 
He got the opportunity to play professionally in Japan so we got a chance to find out about that experience. The Big News going on with him over the last few months is that he's suing the Houston Astros for tampering his career during their scandalous season in 2017. Please subscribe, rate and review. Enjoy!

Jun 11 2020 · 57mins
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40 - Why is Mike Bolsinger Suing the Astros? His Lawyer, Ben Meiselas, Explains

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This episode is a follow up to episode 39, which discussed former Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger's lawsuit against the Astros. Bolsinger's lawyer is well-known sports attorney Ben Meiselas, an advocate for player's rights who is a partner at the Los Angeles firm Geragos and Geragos. 

(3:05) Ben joined Mike Meltser to discuss the lawsuit. Among the topics discussed:

  • Why was the lawsuit filed?
  • Why does Ben feel that many of us can relate to Mike Bolsinger? 
  • How can Ben prove that one relief appearance at Minute Maid Park cost Mike Bolsinger his MLB career?
  • Why did he pick LA as the place to file the lawsuit? 
  • Why does Mike Bolsinger have any claim to the $31 million in bonuses that the Astros won during the 2017 playoffs? 
  • What are the next steps for this lawsuit? 

(24:54) Mike finishes the episode by explaining that the biggest part of this lawsuit is the possibility of discovery, and why the Astros must avoid it at all costs. Mike also reacts to many of the arguments that Ben Meiselas made during the interview.

Feb 26 2020 · 36mins

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39 - Does Mike Bolsinger's Lawsuit Against the Astros Have a Chance?

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Mike discusses former Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger's lawsuit against the Astros that was filed in Los Angeles. Bolsinger was a victim of the sign-stealing scandal, and allowed 4 earned runs in 1/3 of an inning on August 4, 2017. That day was Bolsinger's last game in Major League Baseball.

The goal of this podcast is to answer a lot of your questions about the lawsuit: how can Bolsinger claim the Astros ruined his career, when he had a flimsy professional career and poor ERA in 2017? Why was the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles? How worried should the Astros be about this lawsuit? What will their defenses be?

Personal injury attorney Noah Goodman joins me (5:10) to answer those questions, and plenty more. Noah has researched the evolution and decline of free agency in MLB, and he also writes about collective bargaining issues in professional sports. 

(26:15) Mike gives his biggest takeaways from Noah's interview, including the way the Astros will try to get rid of this lawsuit. 

Feb 23 2020 · 30mins
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Astros Scandal Still Going Strong; Mookie Betts; Mike Bolsinger; New Playoffs?; Aubrey Huff; Sonic the Hedgehog; XFL (Ep.117)

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First and foremost, the Astros scandal sure is capturing a lot of spring training headlines. Nice contrition, guys!

For episode 117 of Foul Territory: A Baseball Podcast — the Shaun of the Dead edition — Jed Rigney and Jon Sumple cover the Astros scandal six ways from Sunday from the players POV, along with these other Headlines for the week:

  • Mookie Betts trade goes through
  • Joc Pederson trade doesn’t 
  • Fans and players respond poorly to the Astros’ apology 
  • Rob Manfred’s comments on punishments for the Astros
  • Pennsylvania Little League drops Astros from team names
  • Mike Bolsinger sues Astros over sign-stealing scheme
  • Red Sox checked with MLB to make sure interim manager Ron Roenicke wasn’t implicated in their investigation
  • Are the Red Sox, Padres and Reds working on a three-team deal?
  • The possibility of a new playoff structure
  • Brock Holt signs with the Brewers
  • Frankie Morales suspended for 162 games
  • Mike Clevinger might miss start of season with a knee injury
  • Giants snub Aubrey Huff from their World Series reunion over social media posts
  • Brett Gardner says an obsessed fan has “harassed and menaced” his family
  • Braves extend Alex Anthopolis and Brian Snitker

This week’s Starting Nine is in honor of Sonic the Hedgehog, featuring nine players with classic video game names. Jed whisk’s through the fastest Around the Horn in history with a rendition of “Tanker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” — a look at who is tanking, who is middle of the road and who is a contender. Show wraps with Extra Innings, a look at what’s going on outside the world of baseball, including the start of the XFL season, NFL owners accepting the new CBA terms, the rampaging Coronavirus and the death of Hair Club for Men founder Sy Sperling.

Feb 21 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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21: DON'T F*** WITH CATS/Mike Bolsinger Is Suing The Houston Astros!

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My review on the Netflix series Don't F*** With Cats and why I can't say the F word anymore. My discovery of Mac Miller and how life changing it has become. GUESS WHAT, Mike Bolsinger (MLB Player) is suing the Houston Astros, we had his representative Alexander Kazarian to explain the entire lawsuit and his chances of winning!
Feb 19 2020 · 13mins
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The Blue Jays and Mike Bolsinger's Stand

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We stan a man who takes on the Astros here on the podcast!

A.J. Andrews spends her Monday talking about one of her favorite subjects: lawsuits! Former Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger has filed a civil suit against the Astros for $31 million to be distrubted to charities and to establish a former player's fund, and A.J. details how it can very quickly turn into a class-action suit. Get in on this Matt Dermody.

She follows up with a brief farewell for Breyvic Valera and a sadder wave goodbye to Jarlin Garcia, who was officially claimed by the Giants. Plus, Aaron Loup has a contract!

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Feb 11 2020 · 22mins
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JFtC Radio: Blue Jays Interview: P, Mike Bolsinger

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www.JaysFromtheCouch.com @JaysFromCouch brings you another edition of Jays From the Couch Radio. We had the opportunity to sit down with Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger, who came to the team at the Trade Deadline of 2016. He finished the season making 6 starts for the Buffalo Bisons. Coming into this season, he is in a position to possibly compete for the Blue Jays long man role in the bullpen. We talk about this, his offseason, his approach to pitching and a whole lot more! 

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Feb 08 2017 · 19mins