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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Mindes. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Mindes, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Mindes. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Mindes, often where they are interviewed.

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EP 301 The Success of Failure on Kickstarter with John Coveyou and Michael Mindes

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Host Richard Bliss and Co-Host John Coveyou are joined by Michael Mindes from Tasty Minstrel Games. 

Michael had just launched and cancelled a Kickstarter campaign because he knew he had done something wrong. 

Within two hours of launching the Kickstarter campaign, Michael knew they had missed on the offer and needed to take immediate action. Within three days, Michael was close to his funding goal, but knew they needed to pull the plug. If they had crossed the funding goal, he would have felt morally committed to follow through.

He refers to it as a micro-failure. What Michael saw as valuable was not recognized as something people were willing to pay for.

This episode Michael walks through the mistakes made and what they are doing to fix them for the next campaign.

Mar 20 2019 · 21mins
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Episode 89 - Michael Mindes

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Episode 89 - Michael Mindes and I sat down to talk last week to talk about his company Tasty Minstrel Games which he founded in early 2009.
Jun 12 2017 · 1hr 7mins

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078 - Managers, Employees Can Grow If You'll Allow Mistakes w/Michael Mindes

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It’s important from time to time to offer some differing perspectives on leadership styles and management styles that work really well within their context.

On today's show, I chat with Michael Mindes about a unique and non-conventional approach to leadership... that really works!

Michael Mindes is the Founder of a multi-award-winning company of hobby board games, which he grew from a side interest into a multi-million dollar business. Michael’s company, Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG), exists to heal the world by providing games that strengthen family unity, communication, and love. There is also a particularly interesting aspect to the way in which Michael runs his office based team. He has implemented a 'self-directed’ approach where there is no hierarchy and each team member is self-organized. It has proved to promote a happy, productive work environment and continues to make Michael’s business thrive.

Show Notes: YourBestManager.com/MichaelMindes

May 19 2017 · 29mins
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Michael Mindes Started His Own Board Game Publishing Company!

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About Michael Mindes

In the winter of 2004, Michael decided to start publishing board games; he felt this would be a good way to channel his creative energies, work within his passion, and make a living. His is wife was 100% in support of him and he even had an extraordinarily good game to publish in Gheos, which was later published by Z-Man Games. Yet, as often happens with grand plans and schemes, life came along and changed his course in a fantastic way – his wife was pregnant with their first child. This was even more exciting than publishing board games. However, it threw a financial security monkey wrench into the publishing plan. Both he and his wife wanted her to be able to stay home with their children – that meant he needed a stable job with good income potential.

Michael knew he could have the option to work with his father providing financial advice. He know he would be good at it, enjoy it, and gain fulfillment through planning for and protecting lifestyles in retirement. His wife would be able to stay at home, and they could live a comfortable life with relative financial stability. On the other hand, he REALLY wanted to publish board games!

Although he chose this route as his family grew – and it proved to be the right financial decision at the time – Michael’s heart was still set upon the business world surrounding games. Finally, in March of 2009, he decided to give publishing a chance – in his extra time outside of being married, having two kids, full-time employment, and building a house…Tasty Minstrel Games was born. As of October 17th, 2016, TMG has receiving $2,546,682 in funds from Backers on Kickstarter from 26 individual hobby board gaming projects. Michael has grown his side passion into a multi-award-winning publisher company of hobby board game and a multi-million dollar business.

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episode 292

May 09 2017 · 33mins

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Michael Mindes – Tasty Minstrel Games

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Michael Mindes is the Founder and CEO of Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) which is a multiple award-winning publisher of hobby board games. In this capacity, he grew TMG from a side business into a company approaching $2,000,000 in annual revenues, a team of 10 people, and all without any outside investment.

TMG seeks and found a symbiotic relationship with gamers, giving them the games that they want and they in turn allow us to continue to do what we love. TMG has achieved this through a combination of:

* Fantastic Production
* Customer Service
* Direct Email Marketing
* Social Media Content


* Financial Management - arranged for pre-ordering and pre-payment for games from major retailers in combination with our manufacturing terms to significantly reduce our need for finances dedicated to maintaining inventory levels.
* Inventory Forecasting & Health - developed internal data analysis tools to forecast and determine the health of our inventory in relation to our sales. This has allowed us to reduce our print run sizes without running into shortages and protect our cash flows from overproduction.
* Leading Lean/Agile Initiatives - brought company-wide embracing of single-project flow to TMG. This allowed TMG to dramatically increase the number of games that we could publish while increasing overall quality, and reducing production defects.

Michael Mindes Vroom Veer Stories
Age 4 or 5, made up new rules for candyland
Started playing Chess with his dad; and joined the Chess club
Played Magic the Gathering and qualified for 3 pro tours
Spent two years "going to college" without attending class
Awkward talk with parents about "blowing off" college for two years; surprise outcome
Worked as a financial adviser for four years; started a games publishing business on the side
2015 started working on Tasty Minstrel Games full time
Served as company tech adviser during the taping of "Harbour"  on Will Wheaton's TableTop
Michael Mindes Links

Tasty Minstrel Games Website
Mar 27 2017 · 48mins
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MN 0106 Tasty Minstrel Games at SaltCON - Interviews with Seth Jaffee, Michael Mindes, and Andy Van Zandt

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We interview the awesome dudes, Seth Jaffee, Michael Mindes, and
Andy Van Zandt, from Tasty Minstrel Games (www.playmtg.com) at
SaltCON 2016. We've got the insights from a game designer, an owner
and a developer.

Seth caught us up on his game designs, his work on the Eminent
Domain series, and his future releases. Michael talks about the
latest releases of TMG and what we can expect in the near future.
Andy talks about what it means to be a game developer, his latest
projects, and how he likes living in Utah.  Don't miss a
second of this insider episode.
Apr 27 2016 · 34mins
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MN 0038 Interview with Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games

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An interview with Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games.

Feb 10 2015 · 42mins
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MBP #26: How to Raise $962,575+ on Kickstarter with Michael Mindes

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Michael Mindes owns board game publisher Tasty Minstrel Games, publisher of hit titles such as Eminent Domain, Scoville, and Dungeon Roll. You may not have heard of some of their titles, they’re not household names like Monopoly (who actually like Monopoly?), but he’s a known quantity in the board game community.

Michael has figured out how to market his games on Kickstarter, having run eighteen campaigns and raised nearly a million dollars across nearly twenty titles. He knows the ins and outs of Kickstarter, how it’s changed over the years, and he’s been successful all the way through.

Check out this list of Kickstarter campaigns since 2013, I think these speak for themselves:

Date Title Funded $ Funded % Backers 2/2014 This Town Aint Big Enough
for the 2-4 of Us!
$30,061 601% 4687 2/2014 Scoville $106,002 265% 2,434 1/2014 Burgoo $20,505 410% 3,607 12/2013 Coin Age $65,195 1,303% 9,055 11/2013 Templar Intrigue $17,157 343% 3,301 11/2013 Dungeon Roll – Winter Promo Pack $32,283 1,076% 6,206 10/2013 Captains of Industry $49,953 166% 676 5/2013 Belfort: The Expansion Expansion $34,101 170% 977 4/2013 Eminent Domain: Escalation $103,479 413% 2,596 3/2013 Dungeon Roll $250,070 1,667% 10,877

The grand total across these and six more (including Ground Floor for over a hundred thousand dollars) is a staggering $962,575 – not including his latest campaign for Harbor.

He knows his stuff.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Michael Mindes uses Kickstarter to fund his board game company Tasty Minstrel Games
  • How and where to promote your Kickstarter campaign
  • When Kickstarter exclusives make sense (and when they don’t)
  • How to set your campaign goal and price your pledge tiers (keep it simple stupid)
  • How to use stretch goals to motivate your backers
  • The key to a kick ass Kickstarter video
  • The importance of good customer service and open communication
  • How often to update your backers
  • Why TMG still uses Kickstarter

Resources and links mentioned in this chat:

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Jun 23 2014 · 1hr 1min
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Board Game University Episode # 13 - MIchael Mindes

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For our thirteen episode, we talk to Michael, head of Tasty Minstrel Games

Aug 12 2013 · 25mins
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Funding the Dream on Kickstarter Ep 128 Michael Mindes Tasty Minstel Games

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Michael Mindes has his 8th Kickstarter project currently on running. He provides advice and insight into what is more important, a lot of backers or a lot of money.Listen in as he lets us in on his secrets
Feb 28 2013 · 22mins