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Old Radio Shows

Visit our store for more shows Audioshows.e-junkie.com Bulldog Drummond has come to wreak havoc on unsuspecting killers, counterfeiters, and   underworld characters. The opening of the show starts with a the sounds   of footsteps, foghorn, then two shots ring out, followed by three  blows  of a police officer's whistle. CRIME RADIO


10 Feb 2021

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Old Radio Shows

Visit our store for more shows Audioshows.e-junkie.com Bulldog Drummond has come to wreak havoc on unsuspecting killers, counterfeiters, and  underworld characters. The opening of the show starts with a the sounds  of footsteps, foghorn, then two shots ring out, followed by three blows  of a police officer's whistle. CRIME RADIO


25 Nov 2020

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Bulldog Drummond - Help Wanted

Old Time Radio Listener

Includes a public notice on inflation and its affect on America. Out of the fog. . . out of the night. . . and into his American adventures. . . comes. . . Bulldog Drummond! Champion of lost causes, amateur detective, the most celebrated soldier of fortune of the screen and radio Bulldog Drummond comes to you with more of his baffling and intriguing mysteries. Frederick Trent is found murdered and with Bull Drummond away on important business Denny decides he is going to solve this case alone.  Duration: 30:54  Starring: Luis Van Rooten  Broadcast Date: 13th August 1945


6 Nov 2020

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Episode 328 - Hey Bulldog (Bulldog Drummond)

Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

Captain Hugh Drummond comes out of the fog, into the night, and earns his nickname “Bulldog” as he fights evildoers everywhere. The gentleman adventurer of H.C. McNelie’s novels came to the big screen with Ronald Colman and Ray Milland logging time as the man of mystery. In 1941, Bulldog Drummond came to radio and continued his battle for justice. We’ll hear George Coulouris as Drummond in a September 1941 audition program. Then Ned Wever steps in as the detective in “Death Loops the Loop” (originally aired on Mutual on March 10, 1948).

1hr 7mins

12 May 2019

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Bulldog Drummond Radio Series

Golden Classics

Bulldog Drummond is a radio crime drama in the United States. It was broadcast on Mutual April 13, 1941 – March 28, 1954. Garyn G. Roberts wrote in his book, Dick Tracy and American Culture: Morality and Mythology, Text and Context, "With its trademark foghorn, Bulldog Drummond was one of the premiere mystery programs of its time." Bulldog Drummond was "a British investigator called 'Bulldog' because he was relentless in the pursuit of criminals." The character was created by British author H. C. McNeile. In addition to McNeile's books, Drummond was featured in a series of films from Paramount Pictures in the 1930s. Drummond was described as "a polished man-about-town, whose hobby is crime detection and the apprehension of criminals." Radio historian John Dunning commented, "With his sidekick Denny, Captain Hugh Drummond solved the usual run of murders, collected the usual run of bumps on the head, and ran afoul of underworld characters ranging from radium thieves to counterfeiters." In a 1948 column in the Oakland Tribune, media critic John Crosby called the program "the first of the more successful exemplars of radio espionage and intrigue." One notable aspect of Bulldog Drummond was its opening (created by producer-director Himan Brown), which "evoked a London ambiance with footsteps, a foghorn, shots, and three blasts of a police whistle." Following the sound effects, an announcer introduced the program with the line, "Out of the fog ... out of the night ... and into his American adventures ... comes ... Bulldog Drummond." The program was initially set in Great Britain, but after two months the setting was moved to the United States,[1] thus leading some sources to identify it as The American Adventures of Bulldog Drummond. In another change from the books, the radio program omitted Drummond's wife "and his gaggle of ex-army comrades." He did, however, keep his butler, Denny.


10 May 2019

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Episode #13 – The Shadow, Bulldog Drummond, and The Lucky Strike Program

Retro Radio Revue

This is Episode 13 of Retro Radio Revue. This week we are featuring programs that had an original air date between September 16 through September 22. We’ll hear episodes from The Shadow, Bulldog Drummond and The Sweeney and March Show. This week’s episodes: The Shadow September 18, 1938 – Professor X – Syndicated Sponsored by B.F. Goodrich Tires Runtime: 29:22 A criminal is bankrolling a mad scientist Starring Orson Welles, Margot Stevenson, Ken Roberts (announcer), Arch Oboler (writer), F. Bourne Ruthrauff (producer, director), Rosa Rio (organist) . Bulldog Drummond September 20, 1943 – Mutual Network Sponsored by Horton’s Ice Cream Runtime: 29:12 Captain Drummond is shot while investigating a murder. Starring Ned Wever, Dan Seymour (announcer), Himan Brown (producer, director), Lew White (organist The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny September 20, 1953 – CBS Network. Sponsored by Lucky Strike Runtime: 29:35 The cast performs a “Return To Paradise: Saga of the South Seas.” Starring Jack Benny, Eddie Anderson, Charlie Bagby, Bea Benaderet (doubles), Sara Berner (doubles), Mel Blanc (doubles), Dorothy Collins (commercial spokesman), Bob Crosby, Dennis Day, Mary Livingstone, The Sportsmen, Hilliard Marks (producer, transcriber), Sam Perrin (writer), Milt Josefsberg (writer), George Balzer (writer), John Tackaberry (writer), Hal Goldman (writer), Al Gordon (writer), Mahlon Merrick (music director)

1hr 20mins

16 Sep 2018

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Bulldog Drummond Pilot 1957

Early TV

Bulldog Drummond Pilot 1957  http://oldtimeradiodvd.com


16 Apr 2017

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Episode 72 - Dogged Detection (Bulldog Drummond)

Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

The debonair and daring Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond steps out of the night and into one of his radio adventures. H.C. McNeile's adventurer and detective crossed the pond in mystery dramas in the United States following his warm reception in novels and on the big screen. Ned Wever stars as the Captain, on the case in "Death Loops the Loop," originally aired on Mutual on March 10, 1948.


17 Aug 2014

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Bulldog Drummond Fatal Right

Radio Detective Story Hour

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22 Apr 2010

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 34 - Bulldog Drummond

Radio Detective Story Hour

Out of fog and into American homes comes Bulldog Drummond. This originally hardboiled detective becomes something else when radio gets a hold of him. This run starred Ned Wever (right).Please Take our Listener Survey


30 Jan 2006