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Episode 19: Judith Collins reveals why she never wanted to be leader

On the Tiles

Easter celebrates the resurrection - and a politician who has been resurrected more times than most is former National leader Judith Collins. In an almost biblical career, she's been demoted, re-promoted, and eventually elevated to the party leadership - a job she described as "hell" and lost in a brutal no-confidence vote. In an exclusive, long-form interview with Thomas Coughlan, Collins elaborates on why she never wanted to be leader, how she ended up replacing Todd Muller, her relationship with Simon Bridges, and why, after all that, she's still committed to her role as MP. Follow On the Tiles on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes out on Fridays.  You can find more politics news at nzherald.co.nz/politicsYou can follow Thomas Coughlan on Twitter @coughlthomSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Apr 2022

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Judith Collins: National Party leader says she brings more to the table than current government

Wellington Mornings with Nick Mills

National Party Leader Judith Collins joins Wellington Mornings host Nick Mills to talk about the party's Covid-reopening plan, recent political polls that have seen Collins dip as preferred PM and what she need to do to gain public trust and support. LISTEN ABOVE


30 Sep 2021

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Janet Wilson on Judith Collins’ National Party

The Fold

Janet Wilson is an experienced journalist and public relations consultant who last year took on the role of chief press secretary for the National Party during their ill-fated election campaign, working first under the leadership of Todd Muller, then Judith Collins. In this episode she joins Duncan Greive for an explosive interview in which she discusses Collins' leadership as a threat to the party's very existence, and assesses both the bizarre 2020 campaign (the prayer, the Ponsonby Road walk) and the way the party has ignored the lessons of its drubbing in favour of an autocratic focus on loyalty tests.The Fold couldn’t be made without the support of The Spinoff Members. Find out how to join at members.thespinoff.co.nz See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


14 Sep 2021

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Auckland terrorist named, Judith Collins talks vaccines and leadership


Auckland terrorist named, Judith Collins talks vaccines and leadership by Q+A


4 Sep 2021

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He Puapua, Te Tiriti and Judith Collins

Gone By Lunchtime

After a big week for pay, Annabelle, Ben and Toby discuss the public sector pay freeze-not-freeze and the less heralded but bigger deal that is the fair pay agreement. They're joined, too, by "the masked podder", who may or may not be Mihingarangi Forbes, to discuss the He Puapua report and Judith Collins' "segregation" claims.Gone By Lunchtime couldn’t be made without the support of The Spinoff Members. Find out how to join at members.thespinoff.co.nz See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 May 2021

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#19 In Conversation with Judith Collins MP

Conservative Friends of the Commonwealth

CFOC hold a fantastic event with Judith Collins, the leader of New Zealand National Party with special guest Simon O'Connor (Chair of the Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade committee). Lots of different subjects were discussed with the two of the New Zealand Parliament including CANZUK, Commonwealth and Trade.

1hr 1min

22 Feb 2021

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Judith Collins joins Chris Lynch live in studio in final week of campaigning

Canterbury Mornings with Chris Lynch

Judith Collins says she will end her "no alcohol while campaigning" streak after the election this weekend.On Chris Lynch's Newstalk ZB show this morning in Christchurch, the National leader said she will probably have to have a drink on Sunday night as she will be busy on Saturday with the election."On Saturday night I'm going to be with my people from Papakura, all my supporters and volunteers, and then we will move into the national party's event afterward."When asked if she writes both a winning and concession speech, Collins said she does not prepare anything."I haven't written anything, most of my speeches I just say what I think and I expect I'll do exactly the same on Saturday night. That saves me the trouble of thinking, winning or losing. I'm only playing to win."I'm going to do the very best job I can to get that National party vote up. It's been 'party vote National' every single moment of my waking life."Collins also slammed the latest announcement from the Provincial Growth Fund, saying she is '"most offended."She said it was "verging on corruption of the system" because it was made so close to the election."Dishing out $100 million while voting is going on ... I've never heard anything like it."Last week Jones earmarked $100 million to be spent on hundreds of marae across the county.The announcement means the vast majority of the $3 billion fund has now been allocated.Collins will visit two local Christchurch businesses later today, following her visit to several businesses in Auckland yesterday.She fuelled up on oysters bought at a farmers' market in the North Shore, before meeting supporters in New Lynn.There are five days until the election and National remains well behind Labour in the polls.Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB this morning that Collins was a "very different" opponent to 2017 leader Bill English.She and New Zealand voters knew English better than Collins, she said. And the National Party was very different under Collins.Ardern said she respected anyone who took an Opposition party into an election campaign."It is not an easy job, particular when you've got a bit of transition and rebuilding."


11 Oct 2020

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Tova talks leaks: Are the Nats already turning on Judith Collins?

Newshub's Kitchen Cabinet Podcast

Tova talks leaks from within the National caucus. Are they already gearing up for the next leadership contest? Anna discusses Brownlee's bad temper and furious phone calls, Emma Mellow's bad elevator pitch, Winnie flips the bird plus Paul Goldsmith won't buy his own drinks! Tova, Jenna and Anna talk to guest Lisette Reymer about the best moments of the week on the campaign! For more visit newshub.co.nz/podcastsSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Oct 2020

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Mike Hosking Leaders Breakfast: Judith Collins

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

National leader Judith Collins was grilled on why her party should lead New Zealand through a pandemic and the economic fallout during the first of Newstalk ZB's Leaders Breakfasts today.Mike Hosking put the questions to Collins over two hours, starting from 7am.Collins has used her extended interview to announce new policy - in the first 100 days of Government to launch an inquiry into Auckland Council - in particular council controlled organisations, including Auckland Transport and WaterCare."I have a particular beef with Auckland Transport, I just think it's destroyed the central city," said Collins, who criticised cycle lanes in her electorate and what she claimed was the organisation's desire to "make everything cycling or walking".She also denied politicising her faith, after being photographed praying in a church yesterday: "We just happened to be voting in a church....the minister said, would you like to pop in and have a prayer?...I didn't invite the media in."The National leader talked up the economic potential of oil and gas, saying "we have potential to be, basically, the North Sea in the south...there is enough there, according to the geologists...that's how places like Norway became so rich."Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will front next Monday, as she lays out her alternative vision for the country.Is Collins politicising her faith?The first question put to Collins by Hosking was whether she was politicising Christianity, after being photographed praying at St Thomas Church in Auckland yesterday, before casting an early vote.Collins said she wasn't, and had been a Christian all her life."We just happened to be voting in a church....the minister said, would you like to pop in and have a prayer?...I didn't invite the media in."Collins said she prayed for general guidance, rather than specifics. She prays once a day."It just happened to be that I was in a church...I was hardly going to turn it down."On the border, Collins said National would have strong protective measures in place, and the current government didn't appear confident in safeguards.Would Auckland be at level 1? "Obviously...the whole thing is getting to the stage where it just seems to be wallowing in Covid...it is causing immense hardship, economically and also stress level-wise for people."Collins indicated Auckland had been in level 2 for too long, and said Taiwan, for example, had managed much better without lockdowns.On Labour's announcement of wanting to look into supermarket and building supply prices, via market reviews done by the Commerce Commission, Collins said Labour had been talking about a supermarket inquiry for a long time.The National leader said Emma Mellow had a very good shot at winning in Auckland Central - "it is a three horse race...we have momentum".A "toxic" problem at Canterbury DHB, RMA reform and not being a "closed shop" to international studentsOn Canterbury DHB's huge deficits, Collins said the population in Canterbury had been underestimated in the past, and the whole situation was a "mess"."The DHB and the Ministry currently have an absolutely toxic work relationship."Both National and Labour have pledged to repeal and replace the Resource Management Act (RMA). Collins said it needed to be replaced by two pieces of legislation, one on planning and development, and another on environmental standards."There is an opportunity to cut through a lot of the red tape...it might upset a few really busy-body type people."Should the borders be more open to international students? Collins said they had to be, given the importance to the economy. National would work with the universities and accommodation providers, with quarantine processes checked by officials.We couldn't be a "closed shop"."$5.1b industry...it is the flow-on effect for all the out years where students don't come back here."National announces it would review Auckland CouncilCollins announced ne...


4 Oct 2020

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Headscarves and Good Yarns - 28-09-2020 - Judith Collins we have some things to unlearn

Headscarves and Good Yarns

Judith Collins we have some things to unlearn - Following the leaders debate the whole entire country knows that Judith is married to a Samoan but what exactly is wrong with what she said? Amal unpacks and pulls it apart. This show was broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin oar.org.nz


29 Sep 2020