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How Does Spiritual Formation Work? Interview with Bethany Allen

Mission Central

What if God was doing in your heart was so solid that it made a difference in the lives of everyone around you? That's the promise of "spiritual formation"—a process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others. But how does that process really work? So often when we pursue spiritual growth, we get stuck. Progress eludes us. Looking at our own shortcomings can feel laborious and leave us feeling guilty. Is there a way to lean into this process that's joyful and emotionally healthy? What does the Bible really say about it? Bethany Allen, Pastor of Spiritual Formation & Leadership Development at Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon lives these questions every day as she helps volunteers, leaders, and ordinary Christians put their faith into practice. She offers warm and welcome guidance for those who want to take a step toward wholeness.


20 May 2021

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Red Church Summer Series – Bethany Allen

Red Church

Bethany unpacks the parable of the workers in Matthew 20 to exchange our western paradigm of what we are owed or can create to recognise what we have been given and the ripple effect of accepting God’s generous grace.

24 Jan 2021

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Finding Balance While Moving Forward with Bethany Allen

What The Faith

Happy New Year and welcome back to the podcast! We're starting 2021 off with one of our favorite guests we've had on the show, Bethany Allen. Bethany is the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development at Bridgetown Church, in Portland, Oregon. She has a deep passion to see people defined, not by what they do, but who they are created to be: image bearers of God. Compelled by her deep affection for the Scriptures and her genuine desire to be an effective learner in order to be an effective teacher, Bethany works hard counseling individuals, developing curriculum and planning alongside Bridgetown's pastoral team. A southern belle by birth, Bethany left the Bible belt for the Pacific Northwest in 2007. In this episode we dive into the topic of female pastors, finding middle ground in the midst of the patriarchy and new wave feminism and what it means to seek true equality. This episode seeks to answer the question, how can we find balance while moving forward?  Connect with us:  www.whatthefaith.space whatthefaithspace@gmail.com Music By: Justin Kiatvongcharoen


20 Jan 2021

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Season 2 Episode 1 | Singleness With Bethany Allen From Bridgetown Church

Ask Me Anything By Village Young Adults

Bethany is one of the pastors at Bridgetown Church in Portland, OR. We had the privilege to talk with Bethany about singleness. Controversial Jesus | Singleness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcN8sdGckF4


10 Jul 2020

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73: Bethany Allen | Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development

Grace Enough Podcast

Bethany and I chat about spiritual formation, consistently showing up to meet with God, how she handles questions about being a woman who teaches God's Word, and what led her to seminary. Bridgetown Church Practicing the Way3:38Share a little of your faith journey with us.  How did you come to know Jesus?"I think there's a lot of merit to just that slow, good work of Jesus in our lives."5:28What led to you to seminary? Western Seminary "I feel like my seminary experience had so much to do with God healing me, as opposed to just learning." "I remember God... saying, Bethany, you can build a kingdom, you have enough charisma....You can build your kingdom and you can have influence and it would be good, it will produce goodness, but if you make that your ambition as a woman in ministry, it will be limited. If you instead yield to the reality that I am one who orchestrates my people and brings fullness of the imago dei, it means you'll have to die a lot more deaths and it will have to be your ambition is really the advancement of the kingdom of God at all costs. Which means you'll have to bow the knee in certain places, you'll have to go lower in certain places, you'll have to withstand things that you don't necessarily want to withstand, but it will mean the expansion of my kingdom on my terms." Ephesians 4pastoral gifting14:49What is it like to serve alongside a group of men who do look at you and value you as someone who can teach the Word of God?"I think it really helps that I grew up in a context where my dad has always championed me. My dad's one of the most humble people in the kingdom of God. I remember him always saying, I would sweep the floors of the kingdom, if I could just be a part of it." "I have prayed every day for friendship and favor with these men largely because I desire that more than I desire a place on the pulpit." "I would say to anyone who asked me because it's true, he [John Mark Comer]  is just as good if not better than you think. He's just as godly and humble and he's perfect? No, absolutely not. Am I? No...Those men I serve with are some of the most humble men I've ever known. They are both my covering and I'm not afraid to say that that's not triggering language for me. They are my advocates and they are my friends." Show notes CONTINUED at www.graceenoughpodcast.com --------------------------------------------------- Follow Bethany on IG Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------


9 Jun 2020

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Guest Speaker: Bethany Allen

Saints' Hill Church Podcast

Bethany Allen speaks on Naomi and how she pursued deeper relationship with God after her dreams were crushed.


10 Mar 2020

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Ep. 17 - Stepparenting with Multiple Bio-Moms with Bethany Allen

The Stepmom Club

In this episode, I chat with Bethany Allen about her experience stepparenting three stepchildren with two different bio-moms. For more information on this podcast, visit www.stepmomclubpodcast.com. Check out this episode's corresponding blog post here! To leave me a voicemail, head over to https://www.speakpipe.com/stepmomclub. Have a question?  Feel free to shoot me an email at grady@gradybirdblog.com! For links mentioned in this episode, go here! Connect with Bethany:  Instagram: fulltimehumans


8 Nov 2019

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Bethany Allen - Prayer - 27th October 2019

The Grainery Church

In the Sermon on the Mount prayer is presented in the context of relationship. Themes of trust, God’s goodness and love for us, intimacy and persistence are explored in explaining what prayer is.Asking, seeking and knocking - they can be nullified by fear and pride, but can be activated by leaning into our relationship with our loving Heavenly Father.Bethany describes road blocks to prayer as well as attitudes and values which can enhance our prayer relationship with God in this powerful message.


5 Nov 2019

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Jesus and the five thousand - Bethany Allen

Red Church

Facing rejection and grief Jesus retreats from the busyness of his work to find a quiet place to be alone. When he gets there he's faced, not by silence, but by need.What can we as modern disciples of Jesus learn from one strange story of how Jesus turns a little bit of food into a lot more?

3 Nov 2019

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#91: Bethany Allen—Writer, Mother, Citizen

Work Stew Podcast

Listen to the interview by clicking the arrow on the audio player below. Brief note from Work Stew editor Kate Gace Walton: Sometimes I request an interview because the specific job that someone does is intriguing to me; for example, this was clearly the case when I talked to an air traffic controller, a high-rise window washer, and a python hunter. Other times, what I’m most interested in discussing is not so much a specific job, but rather work in the broadest sense: the work of being a parent, the work of making a living, and the work of helping to shape the world in which we live. That’s what Bethany Allen and I discussed in this interview (which I’m releasing a few days early because it’s longer than usual). As always, thanks for listening. About Bethany Allen: Bethany M. Allen is a writer and editor living in the Boston area and the proud mother of three (adult) children. She is currently working on a trilogy of original screenplays and a book about family, race, identity, and love. Photo: used with permission from Bethany Allen. Allen (second from right), surrounded by her children.


13 Dec 2014