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The Role of Protein in a Healthy Balanced Diet with Kim Kirchherr, RDN

Caring for Animals & Creating Trust

Jane Dukes, Senior Manager with the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Consumer Affairs Team, leads us in a discussion about the foods we choose and the benefits they provide our health. In this episode Jane asks Kim Kirchherr, a registered dietitian, about the role protein plays in a healthy balanced diet and her approach to encouraging the public to consider their nutritional choices. “I combine that healthcare and that food retail and that agriculture perspective and put it all together. It's been really great because that's really where people's heads are at with the conversations that they're having about their food right now.” - Kim KirchherrKim shares that protein is an “essential part of our nutrition conversation” and goes far beyond the common perception of muscle building. Proteins provide many significant nutrients and add value to the immune system. Kim remarks that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the general public to make their health a priority and explore ways they can prepare food at home to support that health. Going forward, portion control, a balanced diet and using food to acquire nutrition are the three principles of the dietary guidelines that dietitians and health professionals focus on. “We are solving people's problems for them. Let's give them the tools that they can solve the problems for themselves instead of the tactical facts that there are so many of. If we could get to that state, I think we would have amazing food and agriculture conversations.”This Week’s Podcast:Meet Kim Kirchherr, a registered dietician, who shares her approach and perspective on modern nutritionExplore the significance of protein in a healthy balanced dietLearn about the cultural shifts Kim is observing in the public's regard to dietDiscover the many factors that contribute to food choices and nutritional benefitsResources:Dietary GuidelinesWhat are proteins and how do they work?Fact Sheet about IronMy Plate: DairyMy Plate: Healthy Protein


30 Jun 2021

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Rural Route Radio Sept 22, 2020 Kim Kirchherr Registered Dietitian joins to make living healthy fun again. Only thing is she believes ice cream is not a fruit

Trent Loos Podcast

Kim Kirchherr bringing her wit and wisdom on healthy living to the radio airwaves once again today. In our "Across the Pond" version with Andrew Henderson we get down to brass tacks on the prevention of chronic disease such as diabetes. 


22 Sep 2020

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SECRETS 192 Kim Kirchherr With K2 Outcomes, Brand Success Begins With Clarity, Not Confusion. Connecting Agriculture, Food, And Health


Brand success begins with clarity. How clearly do you articulate the value of your brand & why those benefits matter, where every conversation should begin. Authentic ingredients help shoppers know, like, & trust your brand - the bedrock of true loyalty. Welcome. If you've been listening for a while you continually hear me tell you how I don't believe that brand should apologize for having quality ingredients. Customers want value, real value. They want products that they can know, like and trust, and that begins with the quality ingredients that you put into your product. After all, that's what differentiates your product from every other product on the shelf. The fact that you take the time to put the love and the care in selecting the very best ingredients that your customers want. This is all part of your messaging and you've got to be extremely clear when communicating that not only to the consumers but to the retailer. Why should a retailer put your product on their shelves over another product and that begins with helping to educate the retailer about the unique customer that buys your product and again that goes back to the ingredients.  Today we're going to talk to a registered dietitian that helped design some of the messaging that retailers use. This is critically important because if you understand from their perspective what they're looking for you can better communicate to them. Again why your product matters. The best part about this Is she's the real deal. She's got a complete alphabet after her name. We’ll joke about that in a minute. The key point here is that your brand success begins with clarity, not confusion and that begins with connecting agriculture, food, and health to your consumers. Help them understand where their food comes from. This episode's FREE downloadable guide Trade marketing includes everything required to promote your brand. It's your growth engine and the largest item on your P&L. Most trade spending is wasted. Every brand seeks to maximize their promotional ROI. There is a better way to grow sales & profits. CLICK HERE TO GAIN INSTANT ACCESS TO MY TRADE MARKETING ESSENTIALS Guide This episode's FREE downloadable guide 30 SECRETS To Prosperity Workbook Wish You Know How To Confidently Grow And Scale Your Brand? Use this workbook to take notes and jot down your daily inspirations as you listen to the podcasts and watch the YouTube videos. This will help you gain clarity and focus as you work to achieve your goals and objectives. The Retail Solved Blueprint will teach you everything you need to know to confidently grow and scale your brand, build a connected community of loyal evangelists, and multiply your brand’s impact, sales, and profits.* Every slight improvement means more runway for sales growth, higher brand valuations, better terms when negotiating with investors, fuel for more innovation, greater support for mission-based causes, and much more. CLICK HERE TO GAIN INSTANT ACCESS TO MY 30 SECRETS To Prosperity Workbook Guide FREE Trade Promotion ROI Calculator:  BrandSecretsAndStrategies.com/PromotionROI Download the show notes here: BrandSecretsAndStrategies.com/session192


2 Jun 2020

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Rural Route Radio May 27, 2020 Kim Kirchherr RD joins with overall theme "Don't wait until you are sick to be healthy"

Trent Loos Podcast

Kim and I discuss the whole alphabet when it comes making healthy choices. How do we rethink the health and wellness as a result of recent events globally.  


27 May 2020

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45. How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed the Way Consumers Think About Food (Kim Kirchherr)

The ECRM Podcast

In this podcast episode, ECRM's Joseph Tarnowski speaks with Kim Kirchherr, President of K2 Outcomes, which specializes in the connection of agriculture, food and health for individuals and organizations. Kim is a Registered Dietitian and certified personal trainer, has worked for 10 years at a major food retail chain, and has pretty much been in the food and agriculture industry her entire career.They discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way consumers think about food from the perspective of shopping, storage and meal prep, and how retailers can best engage them in today's environment, as well as once this pandemic passes.Great insights here for food retailers as well as their suppliers!Kim's website: https://kimkirchherr.com/ECRM Food & Beverage Efficient Supplier Introductions: https://ecrm.marketgate.com/Sessions/ESI/Grocery#utm_source=Podcast&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=KimKircherr


25 Mar 2020

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Episode 45: Kim Kirchherr

The Hannah & Fred Show

Kim Kirchherr helps us navigate the many paths of diet fads.


5 Jan 2020

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"New American Farmer, Kim Kirchherr, Jay Hill

Farm Food Facts

Our thought leader is Kim Kirchherr, an award-winning registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer. Food News of the Week: •Could this App be the Key to Saving Crops from Pests and Pathogens?•We’re Facing a “Storm of Innovation”—is your Supply Chain Prepared? •Meet the “New American Farmer.” •Leading Scientists call for 8-Step Action to Increase Global Soil CarbonFarmer of The Week: Jay Hill from Hill Farms & Wholesome Farms


12 Dec 2018