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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Wells. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Wells, often where they are interviewed.

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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Wells. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Wells, often where they are interviewed.

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Horyzonty #8 // DAVE WELLS Cz.2 || Czy AMBICJA pomaga nam w byciu uczniem Jezusa?

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W dzisiejszym odcinku kontynuuję rozmowę z Dave’m - wieloletnim pastorem i liderem sieci kościołów LifeLinks International.

Niezykle ciekawa rozmowa, która może nas zachęcić do sięgania po więcej!
Rozmawiamy między innymi o tym w jaki sposób ambicja pomaga nam w byciu uczniem Jezusa? Posłuchajcie całości i przekonajcie się!

Dajcie łapkę w górę 👍🏼, będę wdzięczny za udostępnienia i koniecznie napiszcie ,co najbardziej zainteresowało Was w tym odcinku
Miłego słuchania!

💥Zapraszam słuchania na najpopularniejszych platformach, komentowania i subskrybcji :)

➡️ Śledźcie INSTAGRAM - tam znajdziecie wszystkie zapowiedźi i będziecie na bieżąco. https://www.instagram.com/horyzonty.podcast/

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➡️YOUTUBE💥: https://youtu.be/w2vZe-gqyhc
Nov 18 2020 · 25mins
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Horyzonty #7 // DAVE WELLS Cz.1 || Co To Jest DOBRA NOWINA?

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W dzisiejszym odcinku HORYZONTÓW moim rozmówcą jest pochodzący z Kanady Dave Wells. Dave to wieloletni pastor oraz lider sieci kościołów LifeLinks. Jego życie z Bogiem rozpala wielu chrześcijan na całym świecie, a przez ponad 40 lat służby Dave wspierał i wspiera wiele kościoły w takich krajach jak m.in. Kanada, Stany Zjednoczone, Wielka Brytania, Hongkong, Nepal, Wietnam czy Wyspy Marshalla.




Nov 11 2020 · 25mins

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Looking at the Future through Analytics: Predictive vs. Prognostic by Dave Wells

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This blog compares Predictive vs Prognostic analytics and gives a quick view into systems dynamics and causal modeling. If it sparks your interest, watch for an upcoming series of articles connecting the practices of systems thinking, causal analysis, and analytics.

Originally published at: https://www.eckerson.com/articles/looking-at-the-future-through-analytics-predictive-vs-prognostic
Sep 22 2020 · 6mins
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Episode #43 - "The Next Four Years" with Dave Wells (PAOC General Superintendent)

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In this episode we chat with Dave Wells about what he'd like to see in his next term as General Superintendent. He lays out a vision that focuses on engaging younger leaders while increasing the urgency of focusing on discipleship. He shares about the importance the PAOC needs for agility and being willing to make the right changes for the future. As always, you hear his heart for people far from God and how he daily lives that out. Stay right to the end, so much rich wisdom and insight is shared all the way through!

Sep 13 2020 · 49mins

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Leading Through Uncertainty (ft. Dave Wells)

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Ian Byrd, leader of Lifelinks International, talks with his mentor and the former network leader, Dave Wells, about his leadership approach and perspective during a time of uncertainty.

Sep 11 2020 · 31mins
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Using Data Knowledge to Conquer Data Sprawl by Dave Wells

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This blog is about the challenge of data sprawl and how the combination of AI-based entity matching, schema matching, and enhanced knowledge graphing is moving us ever closer to the vision of self-driving data.

Originally published at: https://www.eckerson.com/articles/using-data-knowledge-to-conquer-data-sprawl
Sep 07 2020 · 4mins
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Dave Wells - Dave Wells self titled Album - Interview

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Dave Wells Joined John on the Phone to talk about his music, he discussed his self titled Album and more on recording his new music

he talked his music and the time he was preforming his music on ABC Radio newcastle and big producer invited him for coffee


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Aug 04 2020 · 14mins
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Time to focus on Male Sexuality - introducing Clinical Sexologist, Dave Wells.

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I am pleased to announce our new partnership with Dave Wells, Clinical Sexologist, and The Spicy Boudoir.  

Dave will be joining The Spicy Boudoir community to share his knowledge and wisdom about all things sexuality, with a focus on male sexuality, which sometimes tends to take a back seat.

To learn more about Dave and to engage his services please visit: https://davewellstherapies.com.au/

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Jul 12 2020 · 15mins
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Audio Blog: An Architect’s View of the Data Lakehouse: Perplexity and Perspective by Dave Wells

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This is an audio blog about the perplexities of the Data Lakehouse and if it is, indeed, the "paradigm of the decade".
To hear more of Eckerson Group perspectives on the data lakehouse be sure to check out the blogs from colleagues, Wayne Eckerson and Kevin Petrie, and the recording of our recent Shop Talk discussion.

Originally published at: https://www.eckerson.com/articles/an-architect-s-view-of-the-data-lakehouse-perplexity-and-perspective
Jun 12 2020 · 6mins
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US Lawns, with Dave Wells & Brandon Moxam

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The Podcast crew was fresh and rested on this episode after a few days relaxing in Florida at Zacks LOVELY grandparents place. In this chat we explore everything from best practices in franchise development, to advancing technology, to B2B marketing tactics.


Named the #1 franchise marketing company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine, Scorpion delivers all-in-one solutions for franchise brands looking to defeat disjointed marketing and increase revenue.

As a marketing partner, Scorpion assists franchises in the management of branding, website design, online listings, paid advertising, and more, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. To learn more, visit www.Scorpion.co/mb

BDO: www.bdo.co
Successful franchise systems are based on a consistent approach to business processes and compliance, as well as sound operational and financial controls. BDO is a leader in franchise accounting and advisory services, providing a comprehensive suite of integrated, value-added services to franchisor and franchisee clients. The complex and diverse issues you face today warrant franchisors, franchisees, owners and senior management to work with a firm that combines substantial resources with practical services.

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Sep 24 2019 · 38mins