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67 - John Dee Pt.2

History Lessons for Misanthropes

In this episode we discuss the discovery of a ancient ruins in Saudi Arabia that pre-dates the Pyramids or Stonehenge before continuing the story of John Dee. In this episode we focus on the latter part of his life which was less successful than his early years. We finish off by discussing Dee's influence on the occult through the centuries.  music by V►LH►LL vlhll.bandcamp.com


18 May 2021

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66 - John Dee Pt. 1

History Lessons for Misanthropes

In this episode we discuss the discovery of a kitten-sized dinosaur before delving into the life of John Dee. The 17th century scholar and occultist, whose contributions to the world aren't simply based in the occult, arguably changed the world through horoscopes and divination.  Also at least three monarchs die in this episode, so that's not too bad. music by V►LH►LL vlhll.bandcamp.com


4 May 2021

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Jacob Bacchus talks about Elizabethan Magician John Dee, the original 007.

William Ramsey Investigates

Jacob Bacchus talks about Elizabethan Magician John Dee, the original 007.https://dlive.tv/FrenReport


23 Apr 2021

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John Dee

What Magic Is This?

Say the words Magician, Occultist and Angel Magic and one name comes immediately to mind - Dr. John Dee. About as close as England has ever come to producing a real life Wizard, Dee is one of the most scrutinized, analyzed and obsessed over figures of the 16th century. Blazingly brilliant at Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology in his own time, he is known mostly nowadays for a particular segment of his life. For less than a decade, Dee and a questionable figure by the name of Edward Kelley would converse with what they believed to be nothing less than Angels. Such activities have intrigued, astounded and confounded us to this Day. If there ever was a Titan of Magic, it is Dr. John Dee.

1hr 16mins

14 Apr 2021

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537. Hieroglyphic Monad By John Dee (Audiobook)

The 'Stay Awake Media' Podcast

Hieroglyphic Monad By John Dee (Audiobook)John Dee (13 July 1527 – 1608 or 1609) was an Anglo-Welsh mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, teacher, occultist, and alchemist.[4] He was the court astronomer for, and advisor to, Elizabeth I, and spent much of his time on alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy. As an antiquarian, he had one of the largest libraries in England at the time. As a political advisor, he advocated for the founding of English colonies in the New World to form a "British Empire", a term he is credited with coining.[5]Dee eventually left Elizabeth's service and went on a quest for additional knowledge in the deeper realms of the occult and supernatural. He aligned himself with several individuals who may have been charlatans, travelled through Europe and was accused of spying for the English crown. Upon his return to England, he found his home and library vandalised. He eventually returned to the Queen's service, but was turned away when she was succeeded by James I. He died in poverty in London and his gravesite is unknown.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_DeeAudio taken from: https://youtu.be/2jDaKL0q1UQ


20 Mar 2021

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Elizabethan Magick from Shakespeare to John Dee

The Hermetic Hour

In the Elizabethan period the Italian Renaissance came to England. Even though the English had broken with the Roman Church they were still following the Italians in astrology, philosophy, alchemy and Magick. During the reign of The Virgin Queen the British would exceed the Italians in that one aspect of the Hermetic Arts – Magick. The Angelic Revelation of Dr. John Dee is certainly the high water mark of Renaissance Theurgy. But we magicians sometimes forget that the English Elizabethan period was a Magical Age. It was the Time of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and Spencer’s “The Faerie Queene.” Magick was in the air. So let us look back on this golden age and recall some of its magical treasures.


19 Mar 2021

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Episode 102: John Dee

Double Reed Dish

On this episode, we dish about how we're currently approaching self care. For our interview, we welcome John Dee, the Bill A. Nugent Endowed Professor of Music Performance and Professor of Oboe at the University of Illinois.This episode is brought to you byJennet Ingle Reeds(jennetingle.com/store), Ugly Duckling Oboes (uglyducklingoboes.com/), Chemical City Double Reeds (www.chemicalcityreeds.com/)and Oboe Chicago (www.oboechicago.com). Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

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15 Feb 2021

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136 – John Dee the Mathemagician!

Cutting Class

Gather your candles and obsidian mirror folks! It’s time to speculate and commune with the beyond! Joe takes us on a magical mystery tour of Elizabethan England and the magical mathematician who advised the queen and coded the language of angels!Sources – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Consider Supporting us on Patreon for exclusive content and swag!Visit our website for more info!


20 Jan 2021

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John Dee - Angels, Demons and Wife Swapping in the British Empire

Macabre London Podcast

It’s unlikely today that if you were to question a scientist about their research that they would cite magic as one of their avenues of study.To one scientific pioneer, magic was just a part of his arsenal of tools for questioning and understanding anything and everything. So much so that he even sought the advice of angels to aid him in his quest to understand how the universe worked, even delving into demonology.As a royal advisor and metaphysicist the world was an unending portal of unexplored possibility, but some things should be left undiscovered, especially when they lead you not only toward the path of spiritual enlightenment but also toward the occult, danger, madness and the very real threat of execution.This time on Macabre London, we uncover the story of John Dee and his associate Edward Kelley.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Patreon——————————-If you like the podcast and would like it to continue then please support us on Patreon. You can donate for as little as a price of a cup of coffee and you’ll get even more Macabre London.Our patrons get access to exclusive content and money off our new merchandise when it lands!www.patreon.com/macabrelondonThank you to our executive producer patrons - Barry & SamAnd to all of our other patronsKarenTobyRy FrSabrinaMelanieKatriOliviaAndrewAlexisOne off donations————————————————You can make a one off donation to support the show via the PayPal link here:paypal.me/macabrelondonAmazon Wishlist——————————————————If you’d like to purchase something that will help the production of the show or help with research then please visit my Amazon wish list. The price range starts pretty low too which means it caters for a range of budgets and really helps the show to continue. Thanks so much if you've bought me something from me list, it's so kind of you and you're the bestest.http://amzn.eu/dJxEf1VMERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!After two years of running the podcast, I've finally got round to getting some t-shirts made. They're extremely limited and this design may not be repeated again so if you want one, get it now so you don't miss out.https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MacabreLondonYou can now watch our episodes! There are hosted versions of each podcast available on YouTube by me, your (g)host Nikki Druce! Featuring photos and pictures to really set the scene and to bring the episodes to life....or death in some cases.Make sure you check it out and subscribe if you like it and tell your friends. Just search Macabre London podcast on the YouTube website and you’ll find the show. As we’re brand new on YouTube we’d love it if you could share the show around so we can reach more people. Please like, comment and subscribe too so you don’t miss any shows.———————————————————If you like this episode, please like, share and subscribe. It helps people to find the podcast which helps the Macabre Family grow! Please leave us a review, this also helps us to be discovered on iTunes and helps you guys in turn as more listeners helps the podcast grow into something bigger and better!!All stories in this episode were written and researched by Nikki Druce and are not to be reproduced in any aspect without consent.———————————————————Social media——————————You can find Macabre London online @macabrelondonpodcastvon Instagram and @macabrelondon on Facebook and Twitter.You can also email us at macabrelondon@hotmail.comSponsors————————-Download your free audiobook that you get to keep forever by using our code when you sign up for a 30 day free trial with audible.comSimply visitwww.audible.com/macabrelondon to get your trial. *this is an affiliate code for US customers only* *If you use this code, you’ll be supporting us so we are able to continue bringing you episodes*Sources---------------In no particular... Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/macabrelondon. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Nov 2020

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EP7: John Dee


This episode my be history-heavy, but it's worth it. John Dee was very smart man who did a lot to progress science, math, and cartography, but later in his career he became involved the occult. Now, this is what he is best known for!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


7 Oct 2020