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S2E3: Preconcert Lectures. Plus: Richard Scerbo, Director of the National Orchestral Institute+Festival, talks Selecting Guest Conductors, Conducting Career Paths, and Administration in the Arts

UpBeat from Everything Conducting

Hosts John Devlin and Enrico Lopez-Yañez discuss developing excellent preconcert lectures in the 4/4. Then, UpBeat welcomes guest Richard Scerbo, Director of the National Orchestral Institute+Festival. The conversation includes discussions about running a top-tier summer festival, selecting guest conductors, and all of the various conducting positions Richard holds that contribute to a well-rounded artistic life. 


11 Oct 2020

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Classical Classroom, Episode 202: It Was All New Music Once, with Richard Scerbo and David Alan Miller

Classical Classroom

There's a reason that great works in classical music have stuck around for so long. Once upon a time, it was all music composed by  groundbreaking artists, churning out new sounds and ideas never heard before. But at some point, it's like someone somewhere decided that the canon was complete. Why? In this episode, National Orchestral Institute director Richard Scerbo and recent GRAMMY nominee/past winner David Alan Miller (Albany Symphony Music Director) talk about the groundbreaking composers of the past and present.   Music in this episode: Special thanks to Todd Reynolds for his music, Taskforce: Farmlab from Outerbourough. 


17 Jun 2019

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Classical Classroom, Episode 145: Cartoon Classical Confidential With Richard Scerbo

Classical Classroom

This is serious, people. Classical music has a long and meaningful history in cartoons that is no laughing matter. Just kidding! There is a really long history, but it is hilarious, and so is this episode. Richard Scerbo, Director of the National Orchestral Institute and Festival and founder and artistic director of the DC-based and Grammy-nominated Inscape Chamber Orchestra, takes us on a tour of that history. Find out the practical, social, and financial reasons behind Looney Tunes use of classical music, and how cartoons both poked fun at the music and made it fresh for new audiences. Hear examples of the classical music the cartoons draw from and examples of how the music was rearranged to suit the needs of Porky and Bugs. And, um, that’s not all, folks. Music in this episode: The Bartered Bride (Dance of the Comedians) by Bedrich Smetana “Zoom and Bored” (Warner Bros. cartoon featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner) Hungarian Rhapsody No2 by Franz List “Rhapsody in Rivets” (Warner Bros. cartoon) “A Corny Concerto” (Warner Bros. cartoon narrated by Elmer Fudd) The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II Tales from the Vienna Woods by Johann Strauss II “Ride of the Valkeries” from Die Walküre by Richard Wagner “Kill the Wabbit” from What’s Opera, Doc? (Warner Bros. cartoon featuring Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny) Audio production by Mark “The Martian” DiClaudio and Todd “Tweety” Hulslander with onomatopoeia by Dacia Clay.  


10 Oct 2016

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NOI+F and Inscape Chamber Orchestra director Richard Scerbo discusses the festival

NOI+F: National Orchestral Institute and Festival

Welcome to the National Orchestral Institute and Festival’s podcast series. Throughout this year’s edition of NOI we will be sitting down with visiting artists, administrators, composers, and participants in the festival for brief question and answer sessions to get their take on the state of music in 2016.Today I sat down with Richard Scerbo, the director of NOI+F. After four weeks of work, he took the chance to reflect on what this year's festival has been, what he hopes to see in the future, and how his work outside of NOI impacts his time at the festival. Find out more about Scerbo at: http://www.richardscerbo.com/The NOI+F website can be found here: http://theclarice.umd.edu/series/2016-national-orchestral-institute-and-festivalThe schedule and more information about the Clarice can be found here: theclarice.umd.edu/


25 Jun 2016

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Classical Classroom, Episode 109: Storytelling With Music – Richard Scerbo, Inscape Chamber Orchestra

Classical Classroom

How do you tell a story without words? Why, with music of course! Richard Scerbo, founder and artistic director of DC-based Inscape Chamber Orchestra, explains how – and why – composers use music to tell tales. Walk through two very different kinds of musical “stories” in this episode. Watch out for dancing puppets and swamp ghosts. Richard Scerbo. Image courtesy of his website. All music in this episode performed by Inscape Chamber Orchestra: – Excerpts from their new album, Petrushka, by Igor Stravinsky. – “Black Bend” by Dan Visconti from the album American Aggregate. Audio production by Todd “Tiny T-Rex Arms” Hulslander with fleeing by Dacia Clay and editing by Mark DiClaudio. For more Inscape: www.inscape.org For more Richard Scerbo: www.richardscerbo.com


16 Nov 2015