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S1E19 - Making the Impossible Possible with Professional Skier Lynsey Dyer

Just Be Yourself with Julia Mancuso

In the Season 1 finale of Just Be Yourself with Julia Mancuso, professional skier Lynsey Dyer grew up in a modest family alongside the ultra-wealthy and famous in Sun Valley, Idaho.  She walked away from Olympic dreams to pursue the freedom of big mountain skiing along a path less traveled facing injury, avalanches, death, and a 75 ft. cliff jump to prove the impossible is possible."You only have so much life energy, what are you going to give it to?  How are you going to make it count?"- Lynsey Dyer


10 Jun 2021

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Professional Skier Lynsey Dyer on Celebratory Creativity

Outside By Design

"I do think that we in this industry, as small as we are, we are mighty." We're joined by pro skier, artist, producer, founder, and woman of many other titles Lynsey Dyer! Lynsey talks about the state of being a pro skier in this world, moving past beauty standards, using your creative talent the right way, and her time on a reality TV show. Follow Lynsey: @lynseydyer lynseydyer.com unicornpicnic.com Follow us on Instagram: @wheeliecreative View past episodes, transcripts, and more info about the show: wheeliecreative.com/podcast Don't forget to subscribe and if you haven't already, please leave us a review to let us know what you think about the show!


5 Mar 2021

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EP 7: Art and Advocacy in Sports with Lynsey Dyer

This or Something Better

Our guest for today has starred in multiple ski films from Teton Gravity Research, Warren Miller, Sherpa’s Cinema and more. If you love skiing or maybe you’ve watched Pretty Faces before then you’ll definitely love this episode! Professional skier and filmmaker, Lynsey Dyer, joins us to talk about her career as a female professional skier in a predominantly male sport. Lynsey will share stories that’ll help us all remember that anything is possible as long as you put your heart into it! Learn how Lynsey pursues sport as art as she gives us a glimpse of her work, passion projects, and how she is inspiring and motivating young girls to get outside and play, as well as the importance of finding your flow state! Episode Highlights: How Lynsey got into Skiing Turning sport into art Highlighting women in outdoor sports Lynsey’s advocacy: #SHEJUMPS Lynsey’s next passion project About Our Guest: As a professional skier, Lynsey’s career has spanned over a decade. Starring in films from the likes of Teton Gravity Research, Warren Miller, Sherpa’s Cinema and more. Lynsey has skied on 6 continents, won every big mountain competition she’s entered, been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times, and cemented her place as one of the best big mountain skiers in the world while inspiring a generation of young female athletes through popular Ted talks on 'Skiing like a girl' and filmmaking. As a director, Lynsey produced and directed the first and only all female ski film Pretty Faces after fundraising $113K on Kickstarter. Pretty Faces was the most successful fundraising campaign for an action sports film ever on the platform, and went on to sell out 100 shows and win various awards. Lynsey's latest project, the Showing UP podcast, can be found on iTunes. She loves to share stories that help us all remember that anything is possible especially when you remember to play outside. Connect  with Lynsey: Lynsey's website Instagram @lynseydyer Facebook Twitter @lynseydyer Resources Mentioned: Big Mountain Skier Lynsey Dyer On Sport As Art on the Rich Roll Podcast  Showing UP Podcast with Lynsey Dyer SheJumps Unicorn Picnic --- Subscribe to the This or Something Better podcast! Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Did you enjoy today’s episode? If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review on Apple Podcasts. And be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app to get notified when a new episode comes out! Do you know someone who might enjoy this episode? Share this episode to inspire and empower! Let's connect on social media! Facebook @thisorsomethingbetterpodcast Instagram @this.orsomethingbetter


29 Sep 2020

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14. Challenge Fear & Find Flow with World-Class Skier Lynsey Dyer

Torch Podcast

"As a woman, everything can be discounted. What can’t be discounted is what you do. It can’t be taken away from you. It’s indisputable." — Lynsey Dyer What does it take to ski off a 65 ft. cliff in the back country of Jackson Hole? Lynsey Dyer, one of the best big mountain skiers in the world, explains the motivation and mindset needed to accomplish so many feats in the male-dominated industry of extreme sports. At 16, she won the Junior Olympics in Downhill Skiing, and soon after leaned into a life of back country freestyle skiing where rules were meant to be broken. She’s charged down fresh powder winning titles at the Freeride World Tour and was named Skier-of-The-Year multiple times. Featured on major networks and TV shows – check. Heli-skiing – check. Spoke at TEDTalks – check. Starred in several ski movies – check. Magazine covers – check. For those unfamiliar with the ski world, Lynsey's other accomplishments range from running a business, leading heli-skiing trips around the world, and directing/producing the first and only all-female ski movie called Pretty Face. The film empowers women and girls alike through the love of sport and community.  – Follow @torchpodcast on Instagram – Full show notes: https://torchpodcast.com/ep-14-honor-your-fear-with-world-skier-lynsey-dyer/ TOPICS WE COVER: Her proudest ski moment Terrifying avalanche story  Connecting with your feminine Tackling a male dominated world Using fear and disappointment as a motivator Morning routine to get her mind and body right Techniques that improve her mindset  The power of surrender Complicated female friendships  Reducing limited beliefs Her interview with Alex Honnold of Free Solo How she works with top sponsors LINK: Find Lynsey on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Watch Pretty Faces on iTunes, Vimeo, or order the DVD Showing Up With Lynsey Dyer podcast on Apple or Spotify Unicorn Picnic on Instagram and Facebook SheJumps non-profit on Instagram and Facebook Edythe Heus from Revolution in Motion Let’s connect! Subscribe to Torch and follow @torchpodcast on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. 

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29 Apr 2020

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Lynsey Dyer, skier

The Adventure Stache

Lynsey Dyer is a professional skier and filmmaker from Jackson, Wyoming. Following a career in competitive big mountain skiing, Lynsey went on to become a trailblazing star in many backcountry films, eventually moving on to directing and producing award winning films of her own. Especially of note was "Pretty Faces", the first and only all-female ski film. Lynsey has also been a commentator for ESPN, starred in a reality TV show on Bravo, presented Ted Talks, and been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times. Payson sat down with Lynsey in her home to discuss her incredible dedication to setting a good example for young women (she's turned down opportunities with Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Playboy recently), the challenges of navigating all-male film shoots, the oxymorons and environmental challenges of her career, and her observations on why men are in desperate need of good role models. Lynsey also hosts her own podcast, "Showing UP."

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24 Sep 2019

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51: Showing Up, with Lynsey Dyer

The Stokecast

Lynsey Dyer is a professional skier who has won every big mountain competition she’s entered, been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times, and cemented her place as one of the best big mountain skiers in the world while inspiring a generation of young female athletes through popular TED talks on 'Ski Like A Girl' and filmmaking.  As a director, Lynsey produced and directed the first and only all female ski film and founded a production company called Unicorn Picnic. She's also the host of the popular Showing UP podcast where she shares stories that help us all remember that anything is possible especially when you remember to play outside. Episode notes: https://exploreinspired.com/lynseydyer Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired

1hr 14mins

29 May 2019

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Embrace Your Weird - Lynsey Dyer

Adventure Deficit

Big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer talks with Drew about growing up in Sun Valley through the lens of a professional skier. Glean great inside perspective on things like money, competition, and societal expectations before heading into the backcountry with Lynsey and her team, on a ski shoot in Yellowstone National Park. Learn more about what Lynsey's up to with Unicorn Picnic, and She Jumps her non-profit geared toward inspiring young ladies to do big things.

1hr 15mins

9 Jun 2018

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Introducing Showing UP with Lynsey Dyer

Showing UP with Lynsey Dyer

Have a love for mountains and learning? Look no further! Professional big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer is launching a new podcast showcasing some of the most interesting personalities in the adventure sports space.


28 Nov 2017

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Big Mountain Skier Lynsey Dyer On Sport As Art

The Rich Roll Podcast

“There was a time when you believed anything was possible and I want to bring people back to that. And I think the mountains do that.”Lynsey Dyer Imagine being the very best in your sport. Undefeated, the future is bright indeed. But deep down the zero sum game of competition just doesn't sit right. Because for you, sport isn't about winners and losers. It's about play. It's about freedom. It's about love.But mostly it's about artistic self-expression.This is the story of Lynsey Dyer.One of the best big mountain skiers on the planet, Lynsey is an extraordinary and most unexpected athletic talent who walked away from competition at the peak of her potential to courageously blaze her own path. A unique path that has helped refine what it means to pursue sport professionally. A path based not on podiums but on adventure. Seeking joy. Empowering others. And expressing one's unique voice.Over the course of a decade long career, Lynsey has won every big mountain competition that she entered. She has also won several freesking competitions and awards including the 2004 International Free Skiers Association North American tour champion. In 2010, Powder Magazine awarded her Best Female Performance for her role in Magic Moments*. She has been awarded Female Skier of the year by Powder Magazine, was the first female to be on the cover of Freeskier Magazine and has starred in too many ski films to mention, including projects from legendary filmmaker Warren Miller.Lynsey has starred in or hosted television shows for NBC, ESPN, Bravo, The Ski Channel, Mountainfilm and Outside Television, has appeared on Good Morning America and even produced, directed and starred in her own film, the widely acclaimed Pretty Faces — an all female ski film featuring the best athletes from around the world that beautifully celebrates female empowerment and the transformative power of play. When she isn't crushing powder, Lynsey can be found running her non-profit SheJumps.org, which encourages girls and women to participate in the outdoors through mentorship, and her movie production and apparel company Unicorn Picnic.An unconventional badass, Lynsey is the personification of strength in femininity. A role model for young women across the world with an ethos I'd like my own daughters to emulate.This is a conversation about Lynsey's remarkable life. It's about female impact on a male dominated subculture. It's about courage in defying external expectations to follow your own unique path. It's about the joy and freedom that come from blazing a life of adventure.Simply put, it's a conversation about what it means to pursue sport as art.It was a pleasure connecting with Lynsey. I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.Peace + Plants,Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud | StitcherThanks to this week’s sponsors:Harrys.com: A superior shave at an affordable price. Friends of the Rich Roll Podcast can visit  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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7 Aug 2017

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91 Lynsey Dyer Big Mountain Skier Breathes Deep

For The Life Of Me

An intimate conversation between big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer where we talk about the power of breath...--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/forthelifeofmepod/message


20 Jul 2017