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How To Become A Thought Leader - With Lacy Boggs

Succeed Through Speaking

Tom Bailey, Founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Interviews Lacy BoggsLacy Boggs is a content strategist and director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps business owners create content in their own voice that supports their business goals.Why you've got to check out Lacy's episode: - Discover how Lacy helps visionaries, authors, coaches and people with a big personality brands, influence the conversation in their industry.- Understand the challenge these businesses face with the lack of time as their business grows and how this limitation prevents them from creating the content they could be creating.- Learn why it's unhelpful to post generic social media content i.e. quotes and short overused hints and tips and how this means you just become part of the noise that's already on social media. And why producing content now could help you six months down the line.- Why CEO's and business owners need to create time in their day or week and the power of accountability and surrounding yourself with other business owners facing similar challenges.- How to get access to Lacy's Thought Leader Lab and how you can book a free call with Lacy to discuss what it takes to become a Thought Leader and what this might look like for you and your business.Resources / Linkhttps://lacyboggs.com/book-a-callhttps://lacyboggs.com/blog


18 Apr 2021

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191: Thought leadership marketing & doing the 'deep work', with Lacy Boggs

Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

Lacy Boggs is the founder and director of The Content Direction Agency, which provides content marketing strategy and writing services for personality driven businesses and brands. In this episode of Reputation Revolution, Lacy and host Trevor Young discuss the concept of thought leadership marketing, and why it's important for business leaders to make the time and space to do the deep work - to think things through - to actually tease out good ideas out and bring them to life in the real world. In this conversation, Trevor and Lacy cover: the power of long-form content,how it can help business leaders become better known and more trusted in the marketplacehow business leaders can use thought leadership marketing to influence the conversation within their industryBeing strategic about what leaders can outsource vs the 'big ideas' that can only come through them if they want to be valued as a thought leader. If you want to improve your leadership marketing and increase your value as a thought leader in your industry, start with making the time to listen to this conversation. CONNECT WITH LACY: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter


11 Apr 2021

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Why a Cookie-Cutter Plan Won’t Cut It – in Just 7 Minutes with Lacy Boggs

Supercharging Business Success

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to avoid putting content marketing from falling off on the to-do list Creating plan and make time for content marketing that drives sales Knowing what's 'leadership marketing'Related Links and Resources:What I put together for you guys is a content marketing calendar template. So, that will help you do that backwards plan. You can put everything in the calendar and then plan it backgrounds. You can find that at www.lacyboggs.com/scaleology. That's a really great way to get started with the backwards planning that I'm talking about.Summary:Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, "Make a Killing With Content," and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps small business owners fill their program or practice with organic traffic through content marketing. To learn more, go to lacyboggs.com/undercoverHere are the highlights of this episode:1:24 Lacy’s ideal Client: I tend to work with small business owners who are someone in the 6 to 7 figure range. They probably have a small team of people who are contractors or maybe they have some employees. But the point is, they're not ready for a full-time marketing person on their team, so we come in and fill that role to help them create awesome content and content strategy.2:01 Problem Lacy helps solve: Most often is that they don't really have a plan around the type of content that they're creating. So, they may be creating lots of content and different formats but there's no overarching plans tying it all together. There's no strategy behind it, there's no 30,000-foot view. So, what we do is we help create that big picture plan, and we can take it one step further and actually create the content on their behalf in which when you're a solopreneur or somebody wearing most of the hats, it can be very helpful to outsource some of that. That's where we really come in and help.2:55 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Lacy: The first one is, lack of time. They want to be creating more content, they know it's important but it keeps falling off on the to-do list. Because content marketing tends to fall on that 'important but not urgent' quadrants. If you're spending all your time in your business, delivering to customers or whatever it may be, that tends to fall on the bottom of the to-do list. The second one is confusion; if they're feeling super confused about what type of content to create, what the message should be, how to make content actually drive sales and do something to support your business. The third one is that they have tried some sort of blueprint, formula, or system that they purchased somewhere else or read a book about, and it's just not quite working. They don't know how to retool that system to work in their specific business. This is why I talk about cookie-cutter marketing plan isn't necessarily going cut it for every business. You have to get really specific about what's going to work for you.4:23 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Lacy and her solution: This one is lack of applying. A lot of times people will just throw content on the wall and try to see what sticks. But spaghetti is not a strategy, that's not how we grow our businesses. Having a plan, understanding how each piece of content that you're creating is actually going to move your business forward is a HUGE one that I think people forget. The second one is understanding that there are two WHYs for every piece of content. the first WHY is "why does your audience care, why are they listening?" but the second WHY is "what is it doing for your business, why does your business need this piece of content?". And if you can’t answer both WHYs, you're missing the boat, you're only doing one or the other. Finally, the biggest problem I see is understanding how that content is actually going to move people toward a sale.


15 Jan 2021

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78: Clockworking Content with Lacy Boggs


What’s holding you back from delegating your content? There are many reasons we hear from our Clockwork clients as to why they “can’t” delegate their content: Only I can write what’s in my head No one else will sound like me My audience is used to hearing from me I’m the face/voice of my company I don’t have the budget Our guest today on the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Lacy Boggs, totally gets it. As the Director of the Content Direction Agency, she has worked with hundreds of personality-driven businesses to help them get their content writing and marketing off of their plates with confidence. Topics Lacy + Adrienne discuss in this episode: What is a personality-driven brand? How does a personality-driven brand business clockwork their content off their plate? What is a brand voice + why does it matter when delegating content? Questions to ask when hiring a copywriter Repurposing content as a strategy when clockworking First steps for hiring a copywriter + content strategist Lacy has written content for Run Like Clockwork for years and is a Clockwork client as well - so who better to drop?! I know you are going to get so many valuable tips on Clockworking your content from this episode! You can also connect with Lacy directly here. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to delegating content? Let us know! Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork + @lacylu42 And as always, we’re continuing the conversation over in our free Run Like Clockwork Community! We’d love to hear your Clockwork questions! JOIN THE CONVERSATION INSIDE THE COMMUNITY


11 Nov 2020

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EP272: Leadership Marketing with Lacy Boggs

Thrive By Design: Business and Marketing Strategy for Fashion, Jewelry and Creative Brands

How do you design a content marketing strategy that fits your brand, draws in your customers, and stands out in a saturated industry? Lacy Boggs has the answers. Follow Lacy on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ghostbloggergb Lacy Boggs Content Direction Agency https://lacyboggs.com/ FREE Editorial Calendar Template https://lacyboggs.com/flourish/ Apply for a FREE Business Accelerator Audit https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/strategy/ The Ultimate Holiday Sales Machine https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/tag/ultimate-holiday-sales-machine/ 


5 Oct 2020

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EP 39: Building a Quarter-Million Dollar Agency in 20 Hrs/Wk + Content Marketing Strategy with Lacy Boggs

Work Less, Earn More

Creating content is hands down the MOST time-consuming work I do each week. Writing blog articles, filming videos, recording podcasts, posting on Instagram… the list could go on. As a digital entrepreneur, you get it. Content creation is time consuming… and our TIME is limited. But—and a big one at that!—content marketing works so well. That’s why it’s so important to create helpful videos, articles and other content is the perfect way to attract your target customers. What’s to be done?? Allow me to introduce Lacy Boggs, my guest on today’s episode. Lacy runs The Content Direction Agency, a multi-six-figure content market agency. If you and I think we have a “content creation as opposed to time available” ratio problem… let me tell you… Lacy has it way worse. That’s because a whole roster of clients depends on her small team to create their content. Naturally, Lacy’s figured out a few tricks to maximize content-creation-efficiency so they can keep man-hours down and productivity up. Regardless of the size of your team—though especially if you’re a solopreneur—you’ll find her hack and systems effective to do the same in your company. What does this mean? You can get MORE visibility, attract MORE leads, and close MORE sales—all without working more at all. Listen to the full episode to hear: How to pivot to find the business model that works for you and fulfills your personal goals How Lacy built her agency to the quarter-million mark working less than 20 hours per week A step-by-step process to follow to create a STRATEGIC content marketing plan Chasing engagement, vanity metrics, and what you should really be measuring Learn more about Lacy Boggs: The Content Direction Agency Chasing Likes Blog Post Connect with Lacy on Facebook Follow Lacy on Instagram Learn more about Gillian: Join Startup Society (promo code: earnmore) Profit Planning Challenge Get in touch!


28 Sep 2020

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248: Crafting Content that Converts with Lacy Boggs

Marketing Speak

Lacy Boggs is the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals. In today's episode, we talk about taking the long view, or as Lacy puts it, the 30,000-foot view. Which is to say, you can't be everywhere, and you certainly don't want to seem all over the place. It's much more effective to be intentional with what you are doing and where you are showing up. This is a great episode for anyone who cares about persuasion, conversion, and quality vs. quantity. Tune in! The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at marketingspeak.com/248


22 Jul 2020

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238 Lacy Boggs - Creative Magic That Sells

Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski

Excited to have Lacy Boggs back on the show. As we are going deeper on the magic that sells. Lacy is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, "Make a Killing With Content," and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals.


3 Jun 2020

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237 Lacy Boggs - Only Blog With A Strategy

Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski

Have you ever blogged to blog? Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, "Make a Killing With Content," and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals. Today we are talking about the importance of blogging and why you need a strategy. 


1 Jun 2020

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The Design Business Show 092: The Strategy Behind Blogs and Written Content with Lacy Boggs

The Design Business Show

What does it take to have a blog that actually makes an impact for your business? It all starts with strategy. Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, "Make a Killing With Content," and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals. To learn more, go to lacyboggs.com/undercover. Here’s what we covered on the episode: How I met Lacy from B-School in 2013, and hired her to write my sales page copy in 2016 Why Lacy believes blogging is not dead due to the majority of what we consume on the internet being text Why you can’t have design without copy and content Focusing on Why-to content versus How-to content inorder to help customers who don’t need to know how you’re doing something How there’s a story and a why behind every design and how sharing those two things can help create trusting relationships that will make people want to do business with you Lacy explains that without strategy your content won't matter and the why’s you need to consider behind every piece of content How everyone’s strategy looks different and how reverse engineering to craft your content from your why and end goal  is where you should start Check out The Content Direction Agency website to read different case studies about how they’ve helped people and how it could help your business The story behind Lacy helping on a very successful membership site, driven by organic blog traffic Lacy explains the different services her and her team offer, ranging from monthly retainers for clients, to full launches The story behind how The Content Direction Agency grew organically and how their team is made of women who specialize in all different areas of marketing so their clients receive the best in every department Lacy’s small group program called CIA (Content Intelligence Academy) in 90 days that teaches Lacy’s system for putting together content strategy and a content calendar Lacy explains the biggest thing she’s learned in her eight years of business is that nobody can tell you what's going to work for your business How you should become a leader in marketing versus a follower in marketing because what works for someone else isn’t going to work for you and your business Why Lacy thinks it’s important as a copywriter to change your copy to match the personality and voice of your client What a brand voice style guide is and how it can help create consistency, especially when you have a client bringing in multiple contractors How you can visit lacyboggs.com/cia90 to learn more about Content Intelligence Academy which is coming up in June again Other ways Lacy can help you through discussing strategy or blogging on your behalf Why outsourcing stressful tasks, tasks that aren’t a good use of your time, or tasks out of your wheelhouse is a smart thing to do Connect with Lacy through her website or by checking out CIA in 90 days Links mentioned Lacy’s Website - The Content Direction Agency Lacy’s book- Make a Killing With Content  CIA in 90 Days  Lacy's Voice Identification Process Like what you heard? Click here to subscribe + leave a review on iTunes. Click here to join the free community!  Let’s connect on Instagram!


18 May 2020