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What is Islamic philosophy? With Professor Peter Adamson

Blogging Theology

In the History of Philosophy podcasts Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps." The series looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of the major philosophers as well as the lesser-known figures of the tradition:https://historyofphilosophy.net/Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/blogging-theology/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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15 Jul 2022

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PETER ADAMSON | Ancient and Medieval Philosophy | Conversations

The afikra Podcast

In this conversation, we talked to Peter Adamson about his career in the field of ancient and medieval philosophy. His two monographs deal with the Arabic version of Plotinus, the so-called "Theology of Aristotle," and with al-Kindi (d. after 870 AD).Created & hosted by Mikey Muhanna, afikra Edited by: Ramzi RammanTheme music by: Tarek Yamani https://www.instagram.com/tarek_yamani/About the afikra Conversations:Our long-form interview series features academics, arts, ‎and media experts who are helping document and/or shape the history and culture of the Arab world through their ‎work. Our hope is that by having the guest share their expertise and story, the community still walks away with newfound curiosity - and maybe some good recommendations about new nerdy rabbit holes to dive into headfirst. ‎Following the interview, there is a moderated town-hall-style Q&A with questions coming from the live virtual audience ‎on Zoom.‎ Join the live audience: https://www.afikra.com/rsvpFollowYoutube - Instagram (@afikra_) - Facebook - Twitter Support www.afikra.com/supportAbout afikra:‎afikra is a movement to convert passive interest in the Arab world to active intellectual curiosity. We aim to collectively reframe the dominant narrative of the region by exploring the histories and cultures of the region- past, present, and future - through conversations driven by curiosity. Read more about us on  afikra.com


27 Jan 2022

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😷EP032 Prof. Peter Adamson on the life, work and legacy of Abū Bakr al-Rāzī (d.925CE): Physician, Philosopher, Provacateur

Abbasid History Podcast

Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakariyyāʾ al-Rāzī (865–925 CE), also known by his Latinized name Rhazes, was one of the greatest figures in the history of medicine in the Islamic tradition, and one of its most controversial philosophers. While we have ample surviving evidence for his medical thought, his philosophical ideas mostly have to be pieced together on the basis of reports found in other authors, who are often hostile to him. To discuss with us the life, work and legacy of al-Rāzī is Prof. Peter Adamson. Prof. Adamson is professor of philosophy in late antiquity and in the Islamic world at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich as well as professor of ancient and medieval philosophy at King's College London. Aside from articles, monographs, and edited books, he is known for hosting the weekly podcast "History of Philosophy without any gaps". Timestamps 02.10: Al-Rāzī was born in the city of Rayy near modern-day Tehran before moving to Baghdad to practise medicine. What do we know about his life? 06:13: The metaphysical doctrine of Razi derives from the theory of the "five eternals", according to which the world is produced out of an interaction between God and four other eternal principles. Tell us more about this. 11.40: He has been accused of heresy by Muslims for denying prophecy, or perhaps he was misunderstood? 20.10: There is a statue of al-Rāzī donated by the Islamic Republic of Iran outside the United Nations Office at Vienna. How can his philosophical heritage still be relevant to us today? 24.15: And finally before we end tell us where listeners can turn next to learn more about today's topic and what are other current projects that listeners can anticipate? Sponsors We are sponsored by IHRC bookshop. Listeners get a 15% discount on all purchases. Visit IHRC bookshop at shop.ihrc.org and use discount code AHP15 at checkout. Terms and conditions apply. Contact IHRC bookshop for details. We are also sponsored by Turath Publishing. Buy now An Introduction to Sahih al-Bukhari by Mustafa al-Azami. Listeners get a 15% discount on all purchases. Visit Turath Publishing at Turath.co.uk and use discount code POD15 at checkout. Terms and conditions apply. Contact Turath Publishing for details.


21 Aug 2021

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Peter Adamson on How to Form Opinions When It’s Impossible to Know Everything

At a Distance

Peter Adamson, host of the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps podcast and professor of late ancient philosophy and Arabic philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, discusses stoicism, the dangers of rationalism, and the importance of understanding when to think for ourselves and when to seek expertise.


21 Jun 2021

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#019 The Rhinoplasty Podcast | Dr Peter Adamson

The Rhinoplasty Podcast

An international educational podcast for professionals and patients all about the finer details of rhinoplasty. In each episode, we travel the globe talking to world-leading plastic surgeons, hearing their unique stories, and learning from their experiences.

1hr 21mins

20 Jun 2021

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ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!

"Everything's a movie to me..." Kick off your Pride Month festivities with this deep dive into the movie that was meta before meta was cool, the moviehouse movie-within-a-movie massacre motion picture POPCORN from 1991. Tucked inside all the Grand Guignol fun, we'll be putting a special focus on the closeted life and tragic death of the film's star, TOM VILLARD. Joining me are world-famous actor and host of the HOT DATE podcast DAN DOMINGUES and future PsychoBiddy PETER ADAMSON. A group of film students falls prey to a fiendish face-stealing killer who is turning old school movie gimmicks against them with deadly results. POPCORN was directed by MARK HERRIER and stars JILL SCHOELIN, DEE WALLACE, TOM VILLARD, KELLY JO MINTER, TONY ROBERTS and RAY WALSTON. Visit us at www.ScreamQueenz.com ***** Get access to THE FINAL REEL, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and all other Premium ScreamQueenz PATREON Content for as little as $5 a month. Find out more at www.Patreon.com/screamqueenz ***** SUBSCRIBE to ScreamQueenz on your favorite podcatcher with just one click at bit.ly/sqplink ***** Come join us every Monday Night in June at 8pm ESTat the SCREAMQUEENZ VIRTUAL DRIVE-IN for free Pride Month Watch Parties at www.ScreamQueenz.com/drivein ***** BUY ME A COFFEE at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/screamqueenz ***** Leave a REVIEW at www.lovethatpodcast.com/screamqueenz ***** Get all your SCREAMQUEENZ MERCHANDISE and browse our entire catalog of hand-curated designs at SCREAMTEEZ. Visit www.screamqueenz.com/merch ***** Catch all the video fun on the official ScreamQueenz YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg2yOVFHmwA0hHEt5Gpd7DA?view_as=subscriber ***** CAPTIVATE.FM is the only podcast host dedicated to helping your podcast grow. Try them out for free for 7 days at https://www.screamqueenz.com/captivate ***** Don't settle for subpar sound. Get a free 7 day trial of SQUADCAST.FM - Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters at https://www.screamqueenz.com/squadcast

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4 Jun 2021

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Ep. 267: Avicenna on God and Soul w/ Peter Adamson (Part One)

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

On selections and commentary about Avicenna's argument from around 1020 C.E. for the existence of God as a necessary being, plus arguments to prove that God has the person-like properties that Islam imputes to him, and his "flying man" argument for the soul's essential independence from matter. Featuring Mark, Dylan, and our guest Peter Adamson from the History of Philosophy podcast. Part two of this episode is only going to be available to you if you sign up at partiallyexaminedlife.com/support. Get it now or listen to a preview.


12 Apr 2021

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Episode Twelve: Peter Adamson, The History of Philosophy Podcast

Josh and Tom Devour the World

Peter Adamson is Professor of Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany and King's College in London, and he has a story to tell - namely "the Entire History of Philosophy With out ANY Gaps."   Peter has been telling this story via his podcast "The History of Philosophy" for more than ten years with his delightful offering that focuses on the contributions of different philosophers or philosophical concepts each and every week. Peter joins us to specifically give us some insight about what some of the philosophers have said about "devouring," (especially"eatin' and drinkin') as well as sharing some of his insights about approaching such an epic challenge.  Topics include Reese's peanut butter eggs, "akrasia," fish sandwich season, vegetarianism, the autobahn, and much more!

1hr 18mins

7 Apr 2021

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S1E2 - Nass and its Philosophy | Peter Adamson

History Encoded

As we continue our journey to assassins with the ismailis, episode 2 (NASS) looks into the power and reason of an imam.  Professor Peter Adamson from history of philosophy without any gaps joins us in understanding  the lineage of an imam  the Ismaili sect and the Fatimid dynasty come to power.  .    Website | Home |History Encoded Podcast |A Podcast to Change Rules & Perspective  .  Facebook group | History Encoded | Facebook


2 Mar 2021

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Xenophon’s Oeconomicus — Talking About Organizations Podcast feat. Peter Adamson

Podcasts About Organizations

Continuing on with the theme of Ancient Greece from the previous episode of the Managing Around podcast, we invite you to join the cast of TAOP and Professor Peter Adamson (of the LMU in Munich and the amazing History of Philosophy without any Gaps Podcast) for a more in-depth discussion of Xenophon's Oeconomicus.

2hr 2mins

8 Feb 2021