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Understanding Peak Game Pace with Martin Evans & Lydia Bedford

The FA's Women's & Girls Coach Development Podcast

What is Peak Game Pace  How do we use it to develop the physical performance of players Why is it important to understand Peak Game Pace

1hr 9mins

5 Feb 2021

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Bridging the gap between competition demands & physical capabilities in footballers with Ben Rosenblatt (Physical Performance Coach at The FA) & Martin Evans (Physical Performance Coach at The FA)

Pacey Performance Podcast

In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Physical Performance Coaches at the Football Association, Ben Rosenblatt and Martin Evans. This is the final part of the unofficial FA three-part series. Two weeks ago we had Bryce Cavanagh and last week we welcomed Pete Tierney and Chris Rosimus to the Pacey Performance Podcast. This episode was absolutely superb and gave us an incredible insight into the inner workings of the Football Association. These guys have worked across various different environments and pull on all of that experience to give nearly 90 minutes of gold! In this episode, we discussed... Who are Ben Rosenblatt and Martin Evans (background, experience and current roles)? What were your initial observations when walking into international football? Does a gap exist between the demand of competition and the capability of the players? What’s your perception of the need for physical capability within international football? How does this align with the coaching model? How do you approach physical capability development? Ben can be found on Twitter @ben_rosenblatt and Martin can be found on Twitter @MartinE1981_SC This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Output Sports – a Swiss Army Knife for optimising off field performance. Output Sports have developed a one-stop portable tool for comprehensive, valid and reliable athlete assessment. You can learn more about Output on outputsports.com or follow them on social media on @OutputSports where you can schedule a demo. This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Hawkin Dynamics, the team behind the world's only wireless force plate system. Hawkin Dynamics can be found at hawkindynamics.com and you can follow them on Twitter @hawkindynamics This episode is also sponsored by IMeasureU. IMeasureU are a world leading inertial platform to precisely quantify body movement and workload metrics in the field. IMeasureU can be found at imeasureu.com and you can follow them on Twitter @imeasureu. This episode is also sponsored by Omegawave, the only non-invasive readiness technology to assess both brain and heart. Omegawave can be found at omegawave.com and you can follow them on Twitter @omegawave. This episode is also sponsored by Athlete Monitoring the world’s most comprehensive, versatile and cost-effective Athlete Health & Performance Management platform for elite sports. You can find their website at athletemonitoring.com or on Twitter @athletemonitor Keep up to date with everything that is going on with the podcast by following on Twitter @strengthofsci or visiting strengthofscience.com. Enjoy PP

1hr 27mins

4 Feb 2021

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Episode 64 - Martin Evans

The Almost Perfect Podcast

Martin Evans is a comedian who has grown tired of the grind of the stand-up circuit so he's bought a boat and is looking to sail away the second he gets the chance. Martin is one of the funniest comedians in South Africa and has an incredible resume, he just feels like he's reached a ceiling in SA stand-up that he's tired of trying to breakthrough. Personally, I get it.  We learn all about Martin's early days in comedy and his meteoric rise in the London comedy scene before coming back home to SA. We get into the realities of being a stand-up comedian who doesn't walk the corporate path in South Africa before we take a look at the wealth of opportunities that Martin sees before him now that he's not tied to getting his laughs on stage. Martin has been using this lockdown to get introspective and look ahead to the future rather than dwell on past successes and current difficulties. Martin is someone who I have looked up to in South African comedy for quite a long time now, click play to find out why.  https://almostperfect.co.za/ep-64-martin-evans/

1hr 16mins

22 May 2020

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Robbin Poddar, James Tompsett & Martin Evans on Starting and Scaling a Recruitment Business (#002)

Pocket Mastermind

In this episode of the Pocket Mastermind podcast we're talking starting, running and scaling a business with Martin Evans, James Tompsett and Robin Poddar. And why at PSixty, recruitment isn't a numbers game! The entrepreneurs talk about how they have been able to lean on each other as they grow from start-up to established recruitment business and the additionall responsibility that comes with hiring team members. You can find out more about PSixty at psixty-recruitment.co.uk and linkedin.com/psixty-recruitment-ltd.


27 Mar 2020

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Martin Evans, James Tompsett & Robin Poddar

Pocket Mastermind

We speak to Martin Evans, James Tompsett and Robin Poddar. The founders of PSixty recruitment talk to us about their experiences of launching, running and scaling a business and all the challenges they've faced and overcome along the way to this point.The entrepreneurs also explain why, to them, recruitment certainly isn't a numbers game, positive client and candidate outcomes are the objective.


26 Mar 2020

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Cat's Pajamas Convos with Martin Evans

Cat's Pajamas Conversations

In episode three of Cat's Pajamas Convos Carrie-Ann talks all things crisis communications with Martin Evans. Martin is the founder of Tandem Comms and is also a founding member of the Cat's Pajamas Collaborative.  Planning is key to managing a crisis, as is the ability to keep calm. Martin talks about crisis communications and shares some of his own experiences from the military and healthcare. If you would like to find out more about Martin visit www.tandemcomms.co.uk or email martin@tandemcomms.co.uk 


22 Feb 2020

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Martin Evans [Comedian]

Lesser Known Somebodies

I speak to comedy purist Martin Evans about a plethora of funny things! I've known Martin for most of my career and he is one of the most quick-witted people out there. Hear us talk about his gout, why he left the UK comedy scene and settle in South Africa, dealing with hecklers in an audience but most importantly - hear the best definition of what polony/bolony is.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Dec 2019

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Talkward Episode 3: Martin Evans

Talk Ward with Matthew van der Want

Talkward episode 3: Martin Evans In episode 3: I stop just short of begging you to subscribe and not just listen via the website, I talk about being single for the first time in ages, and I give an update on Jackson the rescue dog who mostly seems to have forgotten his traumatic past and is becoming a gentle, lovely dog. With sleep apnoea. Then I talk to award winning comedian, actor and voice artist Martin Evans, who is currently taking a break from stand-up to work out how best to express himself and his quite serious thoughts about the delusional stupidity he encountered in his formative years in the documentary he is making. I was so glad to meet him at last after what has been a long and genuine (possibly one sided) social media bromance. We had a really enjoyable and entertaining talk, which I hope you enjoy.

6 Apr 2017

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Martin Evans

Desert Island Discs: Archive 2005-2010

Kirsty Young's castaway this week is the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Professor Sir Martin Evans. He is known as the grandfather of embryonic stem-cell research because of the breakthrough he made more than 25 years ago to first isolate the stem cells of mice and then cultivate them in a laboratory. After that leap forward, he worked alongside his fellow Nobel laureates Oliver Smithies and Mario Capecchi to develop the Knock-Out Mouse - a mouse that has had part of its genetic code disabled so the effect on the animal can be studied. The Knock-Out Mouse has become a scientific tool used the world over - and has vastly increased the amount of knowledge we have about how the human body works.Brought up on the outskirts of London with enthusiastic and encouraging parents, he says that he was always fascinated by science. But, although he was a bright pupil, he was a shy boy and not the kind of student to walk away with glittering prizes.He was within months of retiring when he got the call, last October, that he had been awarded the greatest honour in science - the Nobel Prize - since then life has been busier than ever and now, he says, he is determined to use his status to try to encourage children to study science, so that they too can be enthused at the miracles of the world around us and the worlds within.[Taken from the original programme material for this archive edition of Desert Island Discs]Favourite track: Their Sound is Gone Out in All Lands by George Frideric HandelBook: Largest anthology of poetry possibleLuxury: A microscope, equipment and a stack of notebooks.


17 Feb 2008