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How to Be Happier: an Interview with ABC News’s Dan Harris

Inside the Hive

After the longest year in history—or four, to be honest—ABC News anchor and founder of meditation app 10 Percent Happier Dan Harris stops by this week’s episode of Inside the Hive to talk about meditation for skeptics, the toll a year of isolation takes on our mental health, and what we can all do to be just a little bit more at peace. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


30 Apr 2021

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TGFBI | Episode 166: Getting to Know Dan Harris of Fantasy Pros

The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational

Justin Mason (@JustinMasonFWFB) is joined Dan Harris (@DanHarris80) of Fantasy Pros to discuss his TGFBI team and his journey in the fantasy industry!


27 Apr 2021

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Episode 465 - Dan Harris from FantasyPros

In This League Fantasy Baseball

🎙️ @danharris80 of @FantasyPros ➡️ What we hate about this season➡️ Laureano vs Buxton➡️ T. Rogers vs Perlata➡️ Listener questions and more!Baseball content that not only wins your league, but makes you laugh! Monthly Secret Shows to make you laugh, a monthly fantasy chat, giveaways, discount codes and more! Find it all at the ITL Army Page Today at www.patreon.com/itlarmyFollow the guys on Twitter @IsItTheWelsh and @BogmanSports

1hr 42mins

15 Apr 2021

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Ep.102: The Not So Dapper Death of Dapper Dan Harris

Gather The Suspects

After the brutal murder of Dapper Dan, accusations fly amongst the residents of Prosperity Heights. Meanwhile, an excited Jack decides to put his 'expertise' and vintage Walkman to the test and vows to solve the crime. *** A transcript of this episode is available here>> Episode 2 Transcript *** Content warnings: - Some mild bad language - Descriptions of murder *** Follow us on Twitter @Gtsus_pod for updates on the show and more information on MadeUp Audio.  You can also support us on Ko-Fi.


15 Mar 2021

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29. The Master (w/ Dan Harris)

Cows in the field

The cows are joined this week by Dan Harris (Philosophy, Hunter College) on their journey through past lives to uncover and exorcise a few trillion-year-old traumas. We consider how Paul Thomas Anderson depicts a divided soul across three individuals struggling to find order and humanity in a chaotic, animalistic, world, and explore how trauma and masculinity intertwine to forge vulnerabilities, and even love, between two men whose life trajectories seem pointed in opposite directions. We can't pick just one favorite line, but we do note an homage to Nacho Libre and Anderson's debts to Kubrick and Huston.  [02:55] Dan's Introduction to the Master [09:59] Trauma and war [22:39] Freddie, Lancaster, and masculinity [33:26] Divided souls in Freud and Plato [1:02:32] Cults and demagogues [1:14:34] The significance of the ending [1:28:24] Favorite lines [1:41:08] Outro [1:43:25] Bass traps are not garbage!

1hr 43mins

12 Feb 2021

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Dan Harris on Mindfulness for Skeptics

Wholly Human with LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn is joined by the witty and wise Dan Harris, the accomplished journalist and bestselling author behind the book, podcast and app 10% Happier. Together they dive into a pragmatic and entertaining approach to making mindfulness work for you- and enhance your life- right now. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 5mins

25 Jan 2021

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EP 345: 10% Happier with Dan Harris

This Naked Mind Podcast

On this special New Year’s Day episode, Annie Grace welcomes Dan Harris, an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the co-anchor of ABC's weekend editions of Good Morning America. Dan is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, 10% Happier and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, the host of the Ten Percent Happier Podcast, and he has an app called Ten Percent Happier.  In her book, This Naked Mind, Annie includes Dan in the acknowledgments for “bringing practicality and humor to the journey into the mind.” Today, she and Dan talk about how meditation breaks the spell and puts some distance between you and your thoughts -- including different kinds of meditation, the benefits of mindfulness, how experimenting with the warmth of self-love and self-compassion can help you stick to your goals, hugging your dragon, and the concept of “dailyish.”  I'm so excited you guys, because we are just about to start another live alcohol experiment. If you do not know about the alcohol experiment, you need to literally drop everything right now and go to thisnakedmind.com/lae. That's L-A-E for Live Alcohol Experiment. And here's the thing, this 30 day challenge is designed to interrupt your patterns and put you back in touch with the best version of you. You'll know it's that version that's living the most joyful life. That version that doesn't need alcohol to relax or have a good time. And that version that's having more fun and is more peaceful than ever. Again, it's a 30 day challenge. It's live. It's starting on the 1st so hurry up, go to thisnakedmind.com/lae. And as always, rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast as it truly helps the message reach somebody who might need to hear it today. Episode Links: Ten Percent Happier Website  10% Happier by Dan Harris 

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1 Jan 2021

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29: Attorney Dan Harris on Working with Businesses Internationally

The RE-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens

Dan Harris, a leading authority on legal matters related to doing business in China and in other emerging economies in Asia, joins Agenal to discuss working with companies abroad, how to stay focused and make appointments, how he manages his public speaking skills, what attorneys wish their clients would do before meeting them, and how he overcome life's greatest challenges.

1hr 3mins

16 Nov 2020

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Dan Harris - How to Keep your Sanity Right Now - #3 in the SOS Election Series.


Todays Guest is Dan Harris, ABC News journalist and author of 10% Happier and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. Dan has a humorous way of turning ancient wisdom into useful everyday tools for staying sane. In this interview, we talk about Election Sanity (or lack thereof) and trainable mental skills and practices that can give us a bit of a boost right now.


31 Oct 2020

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07 - Become 10% Happier with Good Morning America Anchor Dan Harris

The Verywell Mind Podcast with Amy Morin

Amy interviews Dan Harris about how meditation has helped him manage his anxiety and panic attacks. He also opens up about using cocaine to combat his depression after coming back from Iraq. Although he was skeptical about meditation at first, he experienced a panic attack on Good Morning America that helped him realize he needed to make some changes in his life. He stopped using drugs, started taking better care of himself, and launched a daily meditation practice. He addresses some of the biggest misconceptions about meditation, shares the biggest benefits he's gained, and provides a quick step-by-step process for beginners to try meditation right now.For complete show notes, go to https://amymorinlcsw.com/mentally-strong-people-podcast/


5 Oct 2020