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3T. ¡Los zombis no comen verduras!. Escrito e ilustrado por Megan y Jorge Lacera

La Nona cuenta cuentos

Mo Romero es un zombie que ama cultivar, cocinar y comer vegetales. ¿El problema? Los padres de Mo insisten en que su hijo solo coman comida zombiana. Le dicen a Mo una y otra vez que los zombis no comen verduras. Pero Mo no puede imaginar una vida de comer cocina zombiana y renunciar a sus verduras. Mientras cuestiona su propia identidad zombi, Mo hace todo lo posible para convencer a sus padres de que den una probadita a los chicharos.


3 May 2021

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E74 Megan y Harry ¿Qué tienen que ver conmigo?

El Sancocho del Ser

El tema de moda es la realeza y por supuesto que queremos hablar de esto también. ¿Te parece importante? o tal vez, ¿superficial?, Nico y Caro se conectan con la profundidad del significado desde diferentes perspectivas: los símbolos, lo individual, la admiración por cada quien, la etiqueta y el respeto por las propias historias... conectaremos con la perspectiva personal por supuesto y contestaremos la tradicional pregunta para este podcast: ¿esto qué tiene que ver conmigo?... y mucho más en esta interesante conversación de este par de hermanos empresarios que llevan más de 21 años mejorando la vida de sus clientes. Music by audionautix.com


14 Mar 2021

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Impotencia social, Megan y Tik Tok, Amber vs Johnny

Historias Sin Terminar Podcast

Los Historiadores nos cuentan una anécdota de la salvaje ciudad de México, una maestra "bromea" con una niña y sube el video a una red social, escucha nuestro pensamiento al respecto y una crestomatia de la relación entre Johnny Deep Y Amber Heard.

1hr 13mins

15 Feb 2020

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75 - Megan Y: Common Costly Lifestyle Change Mistakes

Love Your Bodd

Hi Lovers! Megan Yelaney is BACK! YAY!! She's been on the podcast a couple times before - her first full episode is titled "Protect Your Mind" and in that interview we dive deep into her journey with exercise and becoming a health/fitness coach. In THIS Episode, we discuss the many ways her life has changed since then by having clients "Ditch the Diet" and find ways to eat that work best for them. One way she has done that is through incorporating Intermittent Fasting - which we discuss in minor detail. See reference links for more info.  We also discuss the THREE most common - and also most costly mistakes that people make when they decide to take on a new lifestyle -  3 Costly Mistakes People Make When Trying to Create a "Healthy" Lifestyle: 1. GOING ALL IN RIGHT AWAY: Having an "all or nothing" mentality inevitably ends up making you feel like a failure after the smallest human mistakes. Baby steps are the way to go.  2. UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Things take longer than you think they will. 3. TRY TO GO IT ALONE: Accountability is KEY. Having others to help you out is not only awesome motivation but it also makes the process more FUN!  Find Megan: Instagram & Snapchat: @MeganYelaneyBlog: FitActorTravels.com YouTube: Megan Yelaney FB: facebook.com/MeganYelaneyFitness Pinterest: Megan Yelaney Referenced In This Episode: Megan's Intermittent Fasting (IF) Blog Posts:  How Intermittent Fasting Can Improve your Health Help you lose fat Intermittent Fasting: How to Do It The Right Way for YOUR Body Intermittent Fasting for Women: The 5 Top Myths and to Not Let it Stop You Intermittent Fasting for Women: How to do it Safely and Lose Fat Chalene Johnson's IF Podcast Episodes: Stop Dieting Jimmy More Sara Solomon Pt 1 Sara Solomon Pt 2 Chalene Johnson's All-or-Nothing Mindset Podcast Episode: The All Or Nothing Mindset is Killing Your Progress Megan's Intermittent Fasting LIVE Workshop:  https://www.fitactortravels.com/ Love Your Bodd Stuffz Email LYB: loveyourboddcast@gmail.com Tweet: @LoveYourBodd Instagram: @love_your_bodd Facebook: Love Your Bodd Find Heather @HeatherBoddy on Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram www.heather-boddy.com/loveyourbodd GET HELP: Love Your Bodd is a proud supporter of the Born This Way Foundation - check out their resources page to get help for whatever issue you might be facing -  https://bornthisway.foundation/get-help-now/ Wanna become a Pop Pilates Instructor? Follow this link to find a training near you: https://www.poppilateslife.com/a/527/osBvwVQc Outside of the US? Don’t worry you can get online international training here: https://www.poppilateslife.com/a/528/osBvwVQc Love Popflex Activewear? Buy here and save: http://rwrd.io/bqhuiwv Sign up for your BEACHBODY ON DEMAND 14 DAY FREE TRIAL: https://www.teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/club?referringRepId=445873 (Select the bottom right option unless you wanna bite the bullet and sign up for the full monty! Heather will be your coach if you follow the link above!) The views expressed on this podcast are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer(s).


10 Jul 2018

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19 - Megan Y: Protect Your Mind

Love Your Bodd

MEGAN YELANEY IN DA HOUSE!!! Happy 30th Birthday to Megan! What a way to celebrate than by sharing all of your personal info with thousands of strangers!!  This episode is ALL about mindset & balance. You mentality is KEY when it comes to performance, whether at your job, in your wourkouts, in your relationships, ALL OF IT. And it is constant work to keep up with mindset and balance. It ain't easy. But if you do the work, you will succeed and reach your goals!  Link to Macronutrient Calculator: https://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm BEACHBODY ON DEMAND 14 DAY FREE TRIAL:  https://www.teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/club?referringRepId=445873 (Select the bottom right option unless you wanna bite the bullet and sign up for the full monty! I will be your coach if you follow the link above!) Find Megan:Blog: FitActorTravels.com FB: facebook.com/MeganYelaneyFitness Insta & Snapchat: @MeganYelaneyPinterest: Megan Yelaney   Love Your Bodd StuffzEmail LYB: loveyourboddcast@gmail.com Tweet: @LoveYourBodd Instagram: @love_your_boddFacebook: Love Your BoddFind Heather @HeatherBoddy on Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram

1hr 20mins

13 Jun 2017

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Megan y Jess hablan de su rutina escolar

Year 10 Spanish



14 Nov 2007