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1062: How to Track and Use Real Estate Data - Shawn Anderson and Jon Parker

Real Estate Rockstars

Do you know how to track real estate data and how to use it to make better business decisions? If not, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast with Shawn Anderson and Jon Parker of Anderson Hicks Group. These guys are masters of data collection and data analysis, two skills that every agent needs in a shifting market. Listen and learn where to start with data collection and how to effectively utilize the data you collect to drive stronger sales. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 10mins

11 Jul 2022

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Episode 173: "Go the Extra Mile" - with Shawn Anderson

Direction Not Perfection

Shawn Anderson Resources:https://shawnanderson.com/https://shawnanderson.com/in-the-news/As a motivator, Shawn Anderson is the guy that walks his talk. A business success, a 7-time best selling “Motivational” and “Self-help” author, a world traveled adventurer who has pedaled the U.S. on a bike twice, run a 100-mile race, created adventures in 50+ countries (including having walked across Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Italy, France and Japan), Shawn has inspired, motivated and empowered tens and tens of thousands of people.  No one delivers the “go the extra mile” message more powerfully than the guy who has inspired world record holders, big city mayors, media outlets around the world, and everyone in between…If you want to create a life you love, never stop believing in your dreams AND never stop going the extra mile!Direction Not Perfection Resources:https://www.healthaccountabilitycoach.com/book-free-resourceswww.healthaccountabilitycoach.comwww.facebook.com/houselifestylesIG: @houselifestylesLinkedIn: LindseyHouse


29 Apr 2022

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Shawn Anderson, DJ Essay

In the Pitt with The Rick

Music, mountains, mentors, weddings, DJ battles, pursuing your dreams and more. From California to Pittsburgh, Shawn Anderson aka DJ Essay, is doing exactly what he was born to do. Hear how he got his start and developed into one of the most talented DJs around. 

1hr 8mins

6 Apr 2022

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Best of: Going the extra mile with Shawn Anderson

JKWD Podcast

Josh and Kelvin are on sabbatical in 2022. Enjoy some of our favorite interviews this year. Original show notes


4 Apr 2022

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You Can't Laugh At Work 20 Ft. Shawn Anderson Of PDQ.com

You Can't Laugh At That

If you were to make a mockumentary for your company, what would it look like?How would you poke fun at workplace norms, demotivating leaders, and most importantly, yourselves?Many leaders scoff at the idea of getting their teams together to create content rooted in irreverence, but PDQ.com did just that (3 times, actually) with tongue-in-cheek documentary-style videos on their website. Where most companies post self-inflating videos about how awesome it is to work there, PDQ.com takes the opposite route, while somehow proving that it's a place where you CAN laugh at work.Co-founder Shawn Anderson joins the podcast to talk about these videos, the value of irreverence in leadership, creating content for HUMANS, and his "Grandpa Story" that asks the question "Do you cartwheel into work AND backflip out?"Check out the mockumentary videos below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezZg3ZC_-5g&t=316shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7HKpgT42Ewhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl63Vz9Lo3ULearn more about PDQ.com at... well... pdq.comAbout The Podcast:You Can't Laugh At That is a podcast launched by comedians David Horning and Steve Mers to prove that anything can be funny in a world that often takes itself too seriously. David and Steve are obsessed with the art and science of comedy and why we laugh, so this podcast was started to prove that when approached with the right intent, perspective, and delivery, you CAN laugh at that.You Can't Laugh At Work was started as part of David's mission to prove that having a sense of humor is not only nice to have, it's crucial, so he invites leaders of top workplaces to share their stories of disruption, failure, and thinking outside the box to prove that with the right culture, you CAN laugh at work.Support the podcast and our guests by visiting watercoolercomedy.org/podcast and purchasing an album, book, or your own podcasting equipmentVisit patreon.com/youcantlaughpod and become a Patron for exclusive access to bonus content.Follow us on social media for updates, clips, and comedy tips:twitter.com/youcantlaughpodfacebook.com/youcantlaughatthatFollow David on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedavidhorningInstagram: https://instagram.com/thedavidhorningLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/watercoolerdavidProduced by Water Cooler Comedy - http://watercoolercomedy.org​Music by Producedbyzip - https://producedbyzip.bandcamp.com


7 Feb 2022

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We Are Superman

Get ready to get fired up with Shawn Anderson.  Shawn is a top-rated motivational speaker and bestselling author, who has twice bicycled across America, and walked across Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Italy, France, and Japan.  I love that he has gotten the mayors of more than 500 U.S. cities to issue proclamations each year to recognize November 1 as Extra Mile Day, a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, our organizations, our communities, and ourselves when we “go the extra mile.”  Hopefully getting people to develop an attitude that will carry over all year.  I’ve spent a bit of time on his Web site, shawnanderson.com, which contains his blog posts, quotes, and podcast episodes chock full of great empowering nuggets of wisdom and motivation.  I highly recommend checking it out!  I tremendously enjoyed our fun and spirited chat and hope to have Shawn on the WASP again in the future.Shawn Anderson310-402-4826Shawn@ShawnAnderson.comwww.shawnanderson.comwww.ExtraMileAmerica.orgFacebook @extramileamericaInstagram @toshawnandersonTwitter @ToShawnAndersonlinkedin.com/in/gotheextramileBill Stahlsilly_billy@msn.comFacebook Bill StahlInstagram @stahlor


27 Oct 2021

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SFTH Shawn Anderson - 130

Solutions From The Huddle

SFTH Shawn Anderson - 130 by Collaborative Solutions Group


8 Oct 2021

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#37 - An Adventurous Heart with Shawn Anderson

wise athletes podcast

This is episode 37 with Shawn Anderson, who is just back from a 250 mile trek across Spain.  Shawn is a guy who does things.  Big things that most people wouldn’t dream of doing.  But Shawn thinks we all should get out of our comfort zone….do something, anything bigger than we are comfortable doing.  If only just to stretch ourselves a little bit.  And once you start, who knows where you’ll go. I asked Shawn to join us on the wise athletes podcast because I was feeling that I had lost my own adventurous heart, and I hoped he could help me see a path back to being that person who did adventures.  I gave up doing adventures some years ago because I was getting “too old”.  But that was a mistake. Shawn Anderson Bio: Shawn is a #1 ranked motivational author with a history of inspiring others. A seven-time author, Shawn is also the creator of Extra Mile Day…a day recognizing the power we each have to create positive change when we “go the extra mile.” (On 11/1/20, 512 cities made the declaration and recognized local extra-mile heroes.). Shawn walks his talk.  Besides having inspired tens of thousands through his speaking and writing, Shawn’s pedaled a bike solo across the U.S. (twice), and created adventures in 50+ countries including having walked over 3,000 miles across eight countries since 2014 (England, Ireland, Spain (twice), Portugal, Italy, France and 750 miles around Shikoku, Japan.)  Still…he believes his greatest adventures and success are waiting to be lived.  Book titles:  The Four FibsSOAR to the Top!Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life’s ChaosExtra Mile America: Stories of InspirationPossibility and PurposeLessons From A. FriendA Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over Twitter: @ToShawnAnderson Extra Mile Day & Extra Mile America History: In 2009, in order to symbolize the “go the extra mile” message, Shawn Anderson (a non-bicyclist) pedaled 4,000 miles ocean-to-ocean, interviewed 200+ people along the way whom had been identified as having gone the extra mile, and then gave $10,000 of his own money to the people and organizations whose stories most inspired him. As a part of that cross-country extra-mile ride, Extra Mile Day (11/1)……a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, our organizations, our communities and ourselves when we “go the extra mile”… was created with 23 inaugural cities. The momentum of this unique day has continued to build each year since, and on November 1, 2020, 512 mayors and cities made the “Extra Mile Day” declaration and recognized people who are “going the extra mile” to make a difference in volunteerism and service in their community. Facebook:www.facebook.com/ExtraMileAmericaLinkedIn:www.linkedin.com/in/gotheextramileWebsite: www.ExtraMileAmerica.org Camino de Santiago (treks): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camino_de_Santiago


27 Aug 2021

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Go the Extra Mile and Inspire Change with Shawn Anderson "The Extra Mile Man"

The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe

For Shawn Anderson, it’s not just about nor is it nearly enough to just live life to the fullest, it’s about more than that. With every mile walked Shawn Anderson sets out to make this world a little bit better.This is a conversation that truly has the impact needed to not only inspire you, but to empower you to get up and take action in your life, in your community, and in the world!WHO IS SHAWN ANDERSON?Shawn is a #1 ranked motivational author, unlimited thinker, and lifetime entrepreneur with a history of inspiring others. A seven-time author, Shawn is also the creator of Extra Mile Day...a day recognizing the power we each have to create positive change when we "go the extra mile." Shawn has built a million-dollar company, pedaled a bike solo across the U.S. (twice), and created adventures in 50+ countries including having walked over 3,000 miles across seven countries since 2014. And yet he still believes his greatest adventures and success are waiting to be lived!MY BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS are bundled together in this week’s blog. Be sure to CLICK to read!https://www.TheLoweDownWithKevinLowe.com/shawnandersonGET INVOLVED WITH EXTRA MILE DAY!Be sure to spread the news of this event held on November 1st with your city’s mayor!For information visit: https://extramileamerica.org/NEED SOME MORE SHAWN ANDERSON IN YOUR LIFE?Get It All Right Here! https://shawnanderson.com/LINKS FOR THE PODCASTPlease reach out to Kevin Lowe with any feedback, questions, requests, sponsorship opportunities, guest inquiries, etc.Contact Page: https://www.thelowedownwithkevinlowe.com/contact/Instagram: https://instagram.com/thelowedownwithkevinloweFacebook: https://facebook.com/thelowedownwithkevinlowe“Become the inspiration that inspires others”Mentioned in this episode:nullnull


18 Aug 2021

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21. MOTIVATION WITHOUT THE HYPE (Shawn Anderson, motivational speaker)

Sets and Reps

Discussing gratitude, the hard work of maintaining motivation, reframing yourself, going the extra mile and more! Shawn Anderson is a motivational speaker. Shawn also founded Extra Mile Day which in currently honored by 512 cities in the U.S. for those who pushed a little bit more each day to better their communities or create a positive change.


15 Jul 2021