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Ep. #71 - Chris Roberts - the longest assist ever with 350 miles in over 3.5 days

Chasing Tomorrow Podcast

This week Dave and Joe, Chasing Tomorrow podcast co-show hosts, are talking to Chris Roberts, the "assist" at the Big's Backyard world championship.  Chris completed 84 laps, for a total of 350 miles over three and a half days.  He came in second to Harvey Lewis the winner.  Chris talks about his race and the challenge of overcoming a serious knee problem to break the world record of 81 laps and to take the race to another level.  Let's not let Chris' humble demeanor hide the fact that he is an incredibly tough competitor and a guy to watch in future impossibly hard ultras (maybe Barkley Marathon's).


29 Oct 2021

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Episode 6 - Chris Roberts

Hi People Podcast

Episode 6 is the story of Chris Roberts. We talk about faith, sport, podcasting and also the exciting future coming up for his family! Check it outCheck out Chris's podcast Film and Food Podcast here and give it some love: https://www.filmandfoodpodcast.com/Thanks for tuning in! Follow Hi People Podcast on @hipeoplepodcast on Instagram and Facebook and don't forget to hit follow wherever you are listening to this podcast and if you love an episode don't forget to tell someone!Email at hipeoplepodcast@gmail.com#hipeoplepodcastMusic created by Marc Dimond Title: Waters Flowing


8 Oct 2021

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Classic Lecture - Test Flying the Hawk Aircraft : A British Success Story by Chris Roberts

AeroSociety Podcast

BAE Hawk test pilot, Chris Roberts, takes us through the challenges faced by the flight test team that put the Hawk T1 to T45 through their paces. He starts off by explaining the main problems with the T1, before describing the demands of foreign buyers, including the Finnish Air Force and, most importantly, the challenges of producing the T45 Goshawk for the US Navy.Chris Roberts gave the second paper in an evening dedicated to the Hawk Aircraft : A British Success Story. The evening was organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Historical Group on 20 October 2011. The session was introduced by Dr Kit Mitchell FRAeS and the recording was edited by Eur Ing Mike Stanberry FRAeS.


1 Oct 2021

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The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Chris Roberts CR2 Shooting Solutions, Shot Process Discussion

The Everyday Sniper

The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Chris Roberts CR2 Shooting Solutions, Shot Process Discussion In this episode of the Everyday Sniper Podcast, Chris Roberts and I talk classes, the Shot Process, and how we go about including the Fundamentals of Marksmanship along with the Shot Process.   The military breaks it down as SACM, which is Stability, Aiming, Control and Movement. These all include the fundamentals but it also puts them in their proper place or context.   We can certainly compromise and a lot of do, the question, where do you compromise, why do you compromise and when you do you recognize the compromise as something that might hinder your shooting. We can include the fundamentals along side the process, as everything is a process really. WTF is a shot process, we have Wind, that is wildcard I need to consider that first, then the Target we are shooting, what is the range and the elevation needed to shoot that particular target.  Then the fundamentals of marksmanship to put it all together. its a mindset thing and we talk a lot about Mindset too.   Cr2 and I will be teaching together the weekend of November 5th in Texas at Bridle Iron 2021.  So if you are interested in attending stop by the CR2 Site or Sniper's Hide for details.   We'll be back, thanks for listening, sharing, and sticking with me while I deal with this stuff. 

1hr 21mins

9 Sep 2021

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H4unt3d Hacker #45 Chris Roberts

H4unt3d Hacker

Chris Roberts dropped in to have a chat. Great guy....good friend and a brilliant mind! We had a chance to talk about the beginnings of infosec, some great hacks, some pitfalls in the industry and much more!

1hr 34mins

30 Aug 2021

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Episode #42 with Wob & Chris Roberts

Radio Check - Life In The Concert Touring Industry

Brothers Wob and Chris Roberts have a combined 70 years in concert touring. From their humble beginnings playing in garage bands in the UK, they have risen to industry prominence as two of the most sought after production managers in our business. Their parallel journeys throughout the decades have been filled with friendly jealousy and respect. Their incredible stories are heartwarming and fun. We could have chatted for hours.www.tourproductiongroup.co.uk

1hr 45mins

17 Aug 2021

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Football for Fundraising with North Wales Dragons' Chris Roberts

Make An Impact Podcast

"This is a model that can be taken anywhere in the world." Chris Roberts is the co-founder of North Wales Dragons, a social enterprise and community football team which raises money  for charities all over the UK and beyond. The idea was kicked off with a football match with a ten-nil defeat, but lots of money raised – and it snowballed from there, as Chris explains. He also describes:how the sponsorship and fundraising model works,ensuring the games are inclusive and collaborative,the vital importance of collecting data and statistics from day one of running any enterprise or project,what North Wales Dragons did during lockdown to support local hospitals, children's charities and foodbanks,why he uses the term "Human Social Responsibility." This interview also covers how Chris levered the connective power of social media during the lockdown to make connections with other people making an impact, all across the globe – and "spread the name of the Dragons worldwide." 


14 Jun 2021

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UNSECURITY Episode 131: Chris Roberts, A Fascinating Path, and Teachings From It

UNSECURITY: Information Security Podcast

For episode 131 of the UNSECURITY Podcast, Evan and Brad are joined by long-time friend, Chris Roberts. Chris's early life and trajectory in the information security industry both provide countless stories and lessons, so the three of them open the floor to whatever comes to mind!Give this episode a listen or watch and send questions, comments, or feedback to unsecurity@protonmail.com!

1hr 14mins

12 May 2021

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Designing Your Life With Chris Roberts

The Motivated Mind

Our lives start as a blank canvas and that canvas can change color and pattern daily. Becoming the artist of your life means exploring different mediums and trying new techniques. Now the question becomes, does the artist keep painting everyday? Chris Roberts has created quite the life painting. Serial entrepreneur, Founder of Sterling Rhino Capital, and author of You've Earned It! joins the podcast. We discuss designing your life, what it means to put in the work, giving back, and leaving behind a legacy. In episode #133 we cover: What it means to put in the work Designing your life Giving back to the system Leaving behind a legacy Chris Roberts' book: You've Earned It! Want access to subscriber-only episodes, Q&A, and ad-free listening? Become a subscriber Follow me on social for more inspiration: Instagram Facebook TikTok Twitter Join the private Facebook Group: Motivated Minds Start setting goals and achieving them: Schedule a one-on-one session Want to receive weekly episode recaps/detailed show notes and practical tips? Sign up for my free weekly newsletter Want to be featured in a future episode? Leave a review here (even one sentence helps) Sponsors mentioned in this episode: HashDash Music by: Blaize Trulson


12 Apr 2021

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Everton Women Podcast: Episode 11. Danielle Turner And Chris Roberts

The Official Everton Podcast

Anyone who is a regular listener to the Official Everton Women Podcast will know a debate has raged all season long as to whether Danielle Turner or Hayley Raso is the fastest Blue. In our latest episode, we get the official answer - and it's neither of them! Listen to our newest podcast, featuring Club captain Turner and assistant boss Chris Roberts, to find out which member of the team has clocked the highest top speed in a game this term, and which of our guests has taken over the top of the leaderboard in our 60-second quiz!Turner also explains why the Icelandic FA owes her a couple of medals, and Roberts outlines why developing Academy talents will always be key to his and Willie Kirk's footballing philosophy.


25 Mar 2021