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E247: Agile Marketing – With Andrea Fryrear

The Digital Agency Show | Helping Agency Owners Transform Their Business Mindset to Increase Prices, Work Less, and Grow Profits

Andrea Fryrear is the CEO and Co-founder of AgileSherpas, a bootstrapped multi-million dollar business that teaches marketers how to apply the Agile methodology to their unique profession. She is a leading authority on optimizing customer acquisition and retention processes. Andrea is also the author of two books on organizational agility and is an international speaker and trainer.


12 Apr 2022

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#348 - Andrea Fryrear gets REAL about Mastering Marketing Agility

Be Real Show

Years ago I was leading content marketing for a SaaS company, and my team was drowning. We couldn't keep up with the agile software development team, and I was tired of running from fire to fire. I convinced my boss to let me transform our marketing team into a proper agile marketing team, and I've been hooked ever since. After I wrote and spoke about that first transformation, I quickly began fielding requests from my fellow marketers to help them do the same. Eventually I left brand-side employment to co-found AgileSherpas and work full-time to transform the way marketers everywhere get work done. Since AgileSherpas was founded in 2017 we've helped over 2,500 marketers at dozens of organizations to move from high stress to high performance. We offer certifications in Agile Marketing Fundamentals (ICP-MKG) and Agile Marketing Leadership (ICP-LEA), as well as organizational design consulting for marketing leaders who want to recreate their teams from the ground up. Our experienced coaches guide new agile marketing teams through the early days of their journey and train internal agile leaders to help the changes stick. More details on how we work with marketing organizations is available at AgileSherpas.com. Most recently I've published my second book, Mastering Marketing Agility (masteringmarketingagility.com), which distills the learnings from 5 years of working with agile marketing teams into an entirely new framework called Rimarketing. The book shows you exactly how we implement this system with the teams we work with at AgileSherpas, offering a detailed roadmap for marketers looking for a better way to get things done. At this point I'm pretty much a professional agile marketing nerd, so if you're looking for someone to talk about marketing agility in any capacity, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm an international keynote speaker and frequent webinar and podcast guest.


25 Aug 2021

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Agile Marketing with Andrea Fryrear


LifeBlood BRAND: We talked about what agile marketing is, how it’s evolved over time, it’s impact on tech and overall work culture, and how to get started implementing it with Andrea Fryrear, CoFounder and President of Agile Sherpas.  Listen to learn if incorporating the principles of agile marketing makes sense for your business!   For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 12:43! You can learn more about Andrea at AgileSherpas.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can learn more about the show at MoneyAlignmentAcademy.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook or contact George at Contact@GeorgeGrombacher.com.


22 Aug 2021

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Agile Marketing for Personal Brands | Andrea Fryrear

The After Hours Entrepreneur

#147: Brand building and marketing is hard. As soon as you think you have a handle on your marketing plan, everything changes. If you can't shift with agility, failure is inevitable.But don't worry, personal branding and marketing expert Andrea Fryrear is here.Andrea brings super practical marketing tips today, that will surely grow your business. If you're looking for insider marketing secrets, this show is for you.https://www.agilesherpas.com/https://fryrear.com/Use code: after hours agile on her website for discount!


9 Aug 2021

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92: Adapting To Agile in Marketing (ft. Andrea Fryrear)

People of Product

The future of marketing is agile. This past year, the number of firms that went agile surpassed the 50% mark. In this episode, George Brooks is joined by Andrea D. Fryrear, co-founder of AgileSherpas, to discuss how agile has found its place in the marketing world, and how organizations can prepare for the shift. 


28 Jun 2021

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Do Agile Marketing Right With Entrepreneur Andrea Fryrear

The Sales Podcast

Find your best CRM for sales for free here.Get all of the notes and links for every episode of The Sales Podcast.Overcome your toughest sales objections with these sales training flashcards.Get a signed copy of Wes's book here.Grow your sales with this on-demand video series, Make Every Sale.Know your sales numbers with this free Sales Calculator.Connect with Wes:TwitterLinkedInInstagramFacebookSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-sales-podcast/exclusive-contentAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


14 Jun 2021

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24. Andrea Fryrear reveals the State of Agile Marketing

Lean Mean Marketing Teams

Andrea Fryrear - President and Co-founder of AgileSherpas and Agile marketing author and expert, joins us on this week’s episode. Prior to co-founding AgileSherpas, Andrea spent over a decade in marketing roles including content strategists, content marketer, project manager, and editorial assistant for both brands and agencies. But once she discovered Agile ways of working, Andrea has never looked back.  We dive deep into the fourth Annual State of Agile Marketing report by AgileSherpas and Forrester released in 2021. This study of almost 600 marketing teams reveals the current state of Agile marketing. There are some fascinating insights in the study into: Why teams embraced Agile marketing; What benefits teams are seeing; What barriers teams are facing; Which frameworks Agile teams are using; and  How leaders and teams are supporting and embedding the change.  Of note is more than 50% of survey respondents are now using Agile marketing compared to a traditional or ad hoc approach to marketing and the level of urgency and importance being placed on Agile has increased. Some of the benefits are also huge with teams reporting greater responsiveness satisfaction, alignment with business objectives and less friction with other teams.  If you're not yet using Agile marketing, then tune in to find out why and how you can get on board. And if you're already on the journey, you'll also be able to see how you're measuring up and find out what you can do next to get the most value from Agile marketing.  Enjoy the show. References AgileSherpas and Forrester Research - 4th Annual State of Agile Marketing Report. Andrea Fryrear - Mastering Marketing Agility: Transform Your Marketing Teams and Evolve Your Organization. Jim Benson - Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life. Contact Andrea Fryrear Find Andrea on LinkedIn and mention you heard her on the podcast. Find out more about AgileSherpas where you can access a free chapter of her book ‘Mastering Marketing Agility: Transform Your Marketing Teams and Evolve Your Organization’, the 4th Annual State of the Agile Marketing Report and more! Contact Growth Generators Find out how Ty and Growth Generators can help you design and build a modern marketing team that drives growth using our 5-stage transformation framework. Follow or connect with Ty on LinkedIn. If you enjoy this episode please remember to subscribe so you get each new episode as it drops each week to get more tips and insights to build a high-performance marketing team, tell someone about the podcast who you think may benefit, or leave us a review! This episode was produced by Dylan Todd and edited by Lewis Hallam.


24 May 2021

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AMP 234: How Smaller Companies Can Use Agile Marketing to Compete Against Bigger Players With Andrea Fryrear From Agile Sherpas

Actionable Marketing Podcast

How can smaller companies compete against bigger businesses? Agile marketing is a methodology that helps companies work more efficiently and effectively to produce better outcomes. Today’s guest is Andrea Fryrear from AgileSherpas, an agile marketing consultancy. Andrea talks about how companies can leverage limited resources the right way by having a plan and path to follow and drive outsized outcomes. Some of the highlights of the show include: What is agile marketing? Focus on ideal customers to get value to them faster Key Benefits: Customer centricity and niche down for market share Starting Point: Get back to basics to identify and prioritize high-value work Dynamic Visibility: Take time to figure out and manage what’s important or not Disciplined Process: Set work-in-progress limits to avoid shiny object syndrome Generate Results: Get more done by doing less to accomplish goals Baseline: Implement agile to measure process improvements, marketing metrics Potential Problems: Lack of understanding, misconceptions of agility + marketing Links: Andrea Fryrear on LinkedIn AgileSherpas 4th Annual State of Agile Marketing Report Spotify American Psychological Association Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule Quotes from Andrea Fryrear: “If it’s not getting you anywhere, then that speed is just waste. It’s wasted energy.” “Agile does all of its optimization and its speed and its waste reduction to deliver value to a customer faster.” “What do we need in order to effectively identify the high-value work and prioritize the high-value work? We need to know everything that’s out there. Everything we are doing compared with everything we could be doing.” “Agile is meant to apply holistically across all the work that a team does.”


11 May 2021

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Mastering Marketing Agility - Andrea Fryrear - Hard Corps Marketing Show #243

The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Maximizing productivity is not always as simple as it sounds. It takes a team effort to align goals and take a step back to figure out what needs to change. What should we be doing to identify priorities and manage goals? An Agile Marketing Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, Author of Mastering Marketing Agility and Death of a Marketer, ICAgile Certified Agile Marketing Coach and Trainer, Co-Founder of AgileSherpas, Andrea Fryrear, delves into framework of agile marketing and how to apply agile marketing practices to your process. Takeaways: “If you pivot too often without a business case, then you will delay where you want to be. Agile marketing is about making adjustments when there is a good customer centric, data driven reason to do so.” ~Andrea Fryrear Find the areas in your system where work execution is not optimized. Systematically review team priorities in order to improve the quality and the quantity of work within your organization. Agile marketing is not a cure-all! It focuses on the execution and the processes to get you where you need to be while under the assumption that the right channels or marketing strategies are already in place. Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a great framework to use with teams to track goals. It develops a straightforward way to see what actions are supporting each OKR. Take the time to have retrospective meetings to assess your team goals and the best next steps to accomplish them. This helps to align objectives for optimal progress. Career Advice: Spend more of your twenties learning. Links: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/afryrear/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreaFryrear AgileSherpas: https://www.agilesherpas.com Personal Website: https://fryrear.com Mastering Marketing Agility: https://www.agilesherpas.com/master-marketing-agility Death of a Marketer: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Marketer-Marketings-Troubled-Approach-ebook/dp/B06XSQ32H7/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=death+of+a+marketer&qid=1578374359&sr=8-1 Free Course: https://www.agilesherpas.com/educate-marketing-individuals Busted Myths: Agile marketing is different from being fast or responsive. It requires marketers to recognize planning at the moment of maximum ignorance. Start exposing your audience to a new plan or idea on a small scale before committing. Ways to Tune In: iTunes - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-hard-corps-marketing-show/id1338838763 Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/1vVLpNI1LssMTiL6Kdsamn Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-hard-corps-marketing-show Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/m/Im7mytmu2wa2mekhoeixlja5hpe?t=The_Hard_Corps_Marketing_Show YouTube - Full video - https://youtu.be/zOzs0RS8QnQ


18 Feb 2021

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303 Mastering Marketing Agility by Andrea Fryrear

The Marketing Book Podcast

Mastering Marketing Agility: Transform Your Marketing Teams and Evolve Your Organization by Andrea Fryrear The leading authority on agile marketing shows how to build marketing operations that can pivot freely and yet remain committed to priorities. As a marketer, are you tired of chasing marketing fads and algorithm rumors that seem to change every couple of months? This guide to building the perfect marketing department will help you achieve the latest and greatest without having to rebuild your operations from scratch every time the wind shifts. Agile strategies have been the accepted modus operandi for software development for two decades, and marketing is poised to follow in its footsteps. As the audiences we market to become ever more digital, agile frameworks are emerging as the best and only way to manage marketing. This book is a signpost showing the way toward the agile future of marketing operations, explaining how every role, from social media intern up to chief marketing officer, can work in unison, responding to the market's demanding challenges without losing focus on the big picture. You will learn what it takes for marketing agility to thrive--customer focus, transparency, continuous improvement, adaptability, trust, bias for action, and courage--along with the anti-patterns that can drag you down. Most important, you will learn how to implement the systems, strategies, and practices that will truly transform your marketing operations. Click here for this episode's website page with the links mentioned during the interview... https://www.salesartillery.com/marketing-book-podcast/mastering-marketing-agility-andrea-fryrear

1hr 16mins

30 Oct 2020