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345 - Sports Psychology with Dr. Ariane Machin

Barbell Life

On this episode, we talk with Sports Psychologist Dr. Ariane Machin about how great athletes almost always have mental issues, the hard realities of competition, lessons anyone can use, and how sports psych changed Coach Travis Mash's life.


28 Jan 2021

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EPISODE 35: Ariane Machin, PhD

Vulnerable You: Stress Unscripted

We are bombarded with messages in the media that, as women, we can have it all and do it all. All the time. AND we can do it really well. This leads to the "Superwoman Ideal".  Is this leading to the suffocation of women's empowerment instead of building it? We cannot keep the hustling pace, be present everywhere and for all things without compromising our impact and well-being at some point.  I talk with psychologist, Dr. Ariane Machine, and dissect the stress of the Superwoman Ideal and how you can combat the messages given to you by advertising, comparison, and others. 


12 Mar 2020

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AF 013: Sport Psychologist, Mother of Twins + Another Little and Sports Enthusiast Dr. Ariane Machin

The Alpha Female Podcast

Dr. Ariane Machin is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist, Professor of Psychology, and a Member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Psychology Registry.  In her clinical work, she works extensively with the athlete population, including college athletes, elite club level teams, college coaches, and athletic departments.  Dr. Machin also works with individuals with body image and disordered eating patterns, and offers online mentoring, in-person counselling, and virtual programs to those that need support.  Her signature program is called Weighting for Perfect and is aimed toward women that are looking to stop the shame and guilt spirals around food and exercise and become more mindful and at peace with their current habits and bodies.  In her personal life, she is a wife and mom grizzly to her three littles (twins plus one!), a fitness activist, promoter of body image and self-esteem empowerment, and life enthusiast!  And, she has been a featured expert in national media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Family Circle Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, PopSugar Fitness, Metro Parent Magazine, and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.  She resides in Raleigh, NC. WEBSITE: www.DrArianeMachin.com Facebook, Periscope and Instagram


8 Mar 2020

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AMB 003 Ariane Machin

Wealthy Teachers

Dr. Ariane Machin is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist, Co-Founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective, and Creative Director of Hello Totes (totes to uplift and inspire). At the CCC, she has an ICF-accredited Life Coaching Program where students can enroll in self-study options or the ‘live’ course, which takes once per year starting in January. The CCC also offers other programming, such as The Food Shift (aimed toward eliminating the pattern of emotional eating) and Media Training (for those coaches that want to get out in the media!). Dr. Machin offers a hybrid business/life coaching mentorship program, where she works with female entrepreneurs in building their business and working on their self-growth and creative strategy that contributes to an authentic online presence and clear purpose. She can be found in many online and print magazines, local media outlets, and academic publications, and has her first book coming out this winter (2018). Dr. Machín resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three young children, and dog ‘Peanut’. When she is not teaching, writing, cooking, cleaning, talking, hanging with her husband, exercising, or running after her kids, she is enjoying a 5-minute cup of coffee in peace! http://www.consciouscoachingcollective.com https://www.instagram.com/drarianemachin/ https://www.facebook.com/MachinCounselingAndSportPsychology/


31 Dec 2017

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28: Coaching Authentically with Dr. Ariane Machin

The Impact Driven Entrepreneur

Dr. Ariane Machin is a clinical and sports psychologist, co-founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective, and the creative creator of Hello Totes.Visit http://impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/blog/ for complete show notes of every Podcast episode


4 Dec 2017

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Ep. 10: Self-Portraits, Curiosity, and Blending: An Interview with Ariane Machin of the Conscious Coaching Collective {She of the Wild: The Podcast}

She of the Wild with Elizabeth Wilder

She of the Wild: The Podcast Ep. 10: Self-Portraits, Curiosity, & Blending: An Interview with Ariane Machin of the Conscious Coaching Collective I am so pleased to share this interview with my friend, entrepreneur, therapist, mom, and coaching guru extraordinaire, Ariane Machin. In our fun conversation, we touch on topics ranging from taking selfies as an authentic practice of self-discovery, curiosity as an effective + low-stress way of inviting yourself into new experiences, and how to perfectly balance it all (or not). You can connect with Ariane on her website {http://www.drarianemachin.com/} and at the Conscious Coaching Collective {http://www.drarianemachin.com/coachingcollective/}.  Got creative community? Come hang out with us in the She of the Wild Facebook community, where you can get exclusive access to the video version of this interview.    Find more inspiration + support for your creative journey at www.sheofthewild.com, and connect with me on Instagram.


7 Aug 2016