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Ep. 15 Jim Semick | Co Founder Of ProductPlan

Customer Discovercast

On this episode on the Customer Discovercast we spoke to Jim Semick who is the Co Founder of Product Plan. Jim has a successful track record of transforming rough ideas into real products and bringing those products to market over his 15+ yr career so needless to say he is an industry leader in the product field.Tune in to learn about Jim's techniques for validating new products as well as how to use Product Led Growth and Design Thinking to scale your product most efficiently! You can watch  the Customer Discovercast on Youtube here! Jim is also the author of the book Essentialist Product Manager in which he teaches Product Professionals how to manage their time most efficiently to minimize waste and maximize product value!If you want to reach Jim you can do so by visiting the links belowLinkedin Twitter ProductPlanPersonal Website 


8 Mar 2021

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#28 Understanding customers to find product/market fit - with Jim Semick Founder @ProductPlan

The Product Bakery Podcast

Jim Semick works for more than 20 years in Product Management. About 8 years ago he was looking for the next big challenge in his life. He quit his full-time job with two kids and no clear business idea. What he had back then was a great and motivated co-founder as well as the vision to make Product Managers' lives easier.  In this episode, Jim talks about the importance of having a clear vision of how to build a company with your co-founder before you even have a business idea. Next to that, Jim shared what he did to identify a problem that was worth solving which later translated into his company ProductPlan. Table of content: 0:30 - Intro Jim Semick 3:40 - From Product Manager to founder 6:20 - Evaluating & entering markets 13:45 - Dealing with uncertainty as a founder & former PM 15:30 - 30 in-depth customer interviews 17:20 - Bootstrapping instead of raising money? 19:50 - Reducing uncertainty the lean way 25:50 - Making the first hire to build a new product 28:05 - Why you don’t need to raise money 33:00 - Two things you should know when you’re working on an idea Jim on the internet: Website: https://www.jimsemick.com/ Jim's books & articles: https://www.jimsemick.com/writing/ ProductPlan: https://www.productplan.com/ Linkedin: @jimsemick Twitter: @jimsemick ✩ Follow The Product Bakery Podcast ✩    👨‍💻 Linkedin: Product Bakery    📸 Instagram: @productbakery    🐦 Twitter: @productbakery20    🌍 Website: https://www.product-bakery.com/


4 Feb 2021

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Starting and Scaling a Product-Led Company

Product-Led Podcast

The entrepreneurial journey of today’s brilliant guest has been an interesting one—from product manager to founder and chief strategist of ProductPlan. ProductPlan is a roadmap software used by thousands of product teams at the world’s leading companies to power their product roadmaps. In this episode, Jim Semick shared what the journey of starting and scaling a product-led company has been like. He also covered other engrossing topics like product-market fit, the role of pricing, and how product management has changed over the years. Show Notes [00:33] Why he founded ProductPlan [02:47] What his WHY was for starting the company [05:18] How has product management changed over the years [08:41] His market validation process [13:00] His definition of product-market fit [18:56] What the transition to self-service has been like  [21:18] The biggest challenge they have encountered [24:20] One thing he’ll do differently knowing what he knows now [27:07] The role of pricing in a product-led business [28:56] When they decided to have someone in sales [32:02] How they went about hiring their first sales person [34:31] How they are different compared to the traditional sales-led companies [36:50] How their compensation model has changed [38:29] Where people can go to learn more about him and ProductPlan About Jim Semick Jim Semick is a mentor, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has also written books on Product Roadmaps, Product Leadership, and Product-Market Fit. Jim is also the co-founder and chief strategist of ProductPlan, the world’s leading roadmap software. ProductPlan makes roadmapping collaborative, transparent, and easy. Today, leading companies like PBS, Nike, Intuit, and Alaska Airlines has been relying on ProductPlan to guide their product decisions daily.  Links GoToMyPCGoToMeetingGoToWebinarAppFolioHubSpot Profile Jim Semick on LinkedInProductPlanProductPlan BlogProductPlan ResourcesProductPlan on FacebookProductPlan on TwitterProductPlan on YouTube


28 Jul 2020

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Jim Semick — Made for People — Design Exec Club

Design Exec Club Podcast


26 Jun 2020

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Jim Semick — Made for People | Better Future Podcast — Episode 41

Better Future Podcast - Made for People - Design in the Boardroom

Jim Semick — Made for People | Better Future Podcast — Episode 41 by DRIVENxDESIGN


26 Jun 2020

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Jim Semick joins Product Love to talk about bootstrapping, metrics and pricing

Product Love

Bootstrapping instead of raising capital.On one hand, you can retain control and can set your own course. On the other, the luxury of capital gives you the resources to add features, hire more engineers and grow quicker.But maybe capital limitations can actually help you create a more focused product. This week on Product Love, I sat down and talked to Jim Semick, founder of Product Plan, about bootstrapping a startup, key metrics for product managers and how to approach pricing.


6 Nov 2019

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ProductPlan - Jim Semick on building a bootstrapped company and taking calculated risks

Chapter One

Guest Jim Semick, Founder & Chief Strategist of ProductPlan https://www.productplan.com/ Santa Barbara is becoming more and more known for its budding tech community because of the amazing software companies that reside here. ProductPlan is one of them and acts as the world’s leading product roadmap software. They are trusted by thousands of companies, some of which include Nike, PBS, Microsoft, Coca Cola and more. In this interview, I chat with the founder Jim Semick about where he gets his motivation, his experience in helping grow other successful companies in Santa Barbara like Appfolio, and how that enabled him to take smart risks by validating his ideas with customers before building anything at all. Enjoy this Chapter One conversation with Jim! Theme Music Rising All Along by David Segall www.davidsegall.com Feedback? email: prakash@togethersb.com


18 Jul 2019

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TEI 094: Creating product roadmaps for product managers – with Jim Semick

Product Mastery Now for Product Managers, Innovators, and Leaders

Listen to the Interview I’ve had some requests from listeners to explore product roadmaps, so I had a discussion with Jim Semick. He is co-founder of ProductPlan, which creates roadmap software for product teams. Jim has helped launch new products generating hundreds of millions in revenue, including being part of the founding team at AppFolio […]


17 Oct 2016

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Communicating Your Products' Vision - Jim Semick


"Sometimes getting it 80% done gives you 1000% satisfaction"Jim has a philosophy about work and 'just do it', is a big part of it.Entrepreneur Jim Semick, co-founder of ProductPlan talked with Mark about how they're rethinking how you communicate a product vision. He's been involved in a ton of companies in the region, originally coming down from Seattle and the tech scene up there. His background in Product Management gave him and his partners the idea to create this new company.This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:-At 12 he knew he'd be running a business - but wasn't clear how that would turn out.-Going from one big company (AETNA) to another bigger one (Microsoft) and eventually leaving for smaller pastures-His background? A Technical Writer-What Product Plan does and why it's important for key clients like NIKE, Alaska Air and IBM's Watson team-The role of Market Validation, with a shout out to local pioneer in this area, Frank Robinson (Note: Frank coined the term MVP)-What's a Product Roadmap? How does it integrate into the overall corporate strategy-The KANO model for product design: focusing on, Customer delight, Performance related and "excitement" excitement features (There's more to this, listen to learn.)-How vital it is that a product, service or new idea has a Vision - that can be easily communicated to stakeholders


1 Oct 2016