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Joyous Expansion #79 - Nelson Toriano - The Missing Piece of Running A Successful Business

Joyous Expansion/Church of Awesome

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about life and stuff. He didn't really have a lot to say. Luckily his guest Nelson had plenty to say about how he started his own business of helping fitness professionals succeed in running their businesses. Plus he talks a lot about what it is like growing up different and how he uses that to succeed. Nelson Toriano is CEO of Coach Nelly Toriano, an education and career development company for personal trainers. He's dedicated his work to help fitness professionals sustain in their careers so they can continue helping their clients be fit and healthy.His background includes financial hardship, physical and substance abuse, coming out of the closet, and plenty of other challenges. He now finds himself making a difference for others in the realm of entrepreneurship.His website is https://coachnellytoriano.com/podcast, where you can find his free 5 financial tips and also a link to his book. It's called "For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - to Grow." Coachnellytoriano is also his Insta handle and his Facebook page. You can also find him on LinkedIn and Twitter by proper name Nelson E Toriano. More episodes on Pod.JoyousExpansion.com


23 Jul 2020

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EP 24- Communicating Across Industries with Nelson Toriano

Get Heard with Ian Roth

This episode features Nelson Toriano, the founder/CEO of Coach Nelly Toriano LLC. He has also written a book, the link at at the bottom of this page. Nelson has a passion for the fitness industry but noticed a trend. The trend was that many personal trainers and gym owners did not know basic business practices.Nelson noticed this trend and in addition to coaching people in fitness, began coaching personal trainers in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and basic accounting practices. Part of his business includes frequent speaking engagements to organizations and college students.Nelson discusses some of the ways he prepares for these speaking engagements and things that he does during his speech to maximize audience engagement and receive quality feedback from his listeners.  Unrelated to the theme of this podcast, the end of the episode features a few exercises to get shredded abs. I don't like it, but the first suggested exercise is the plank. Listen to the episode for the other two!Click Here to check out Nelson's Book- For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer.If you find this content valuable and would like access to some cool perks, become a patron, here https://www.patreon.com/talkingllamamedia.If you know someone who would benefit from this podcast, please help me spread the word and share this link: https://talkingllamapodcast.captivate.fm/listenFollow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ianroth1/Connect with me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianroth1/Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwOcjYut0Gw4MNkElYcr-A?


20 May 2020

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Nelson Toriano Turn Maybe into I Will

The Career Challenges Podcast

Would it help to learn financial planning?Shouldn't it be taught in schools?Does it apply to every profession...even personal trainers?Nelson Toriano, my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, teaches financial planning, specifically for those in the personal training industry. Once part of a tech start-up, Nelson wasn't one to stay still all day. Feeling the desire to move, Nelson returned to his athletic roots and sought to make a career out of personal training.During our conversation, I learned that the attrition rate for trainers is above 90%. That's scary.Whilst working in the corporate world, Nelson learned all about financial planning. These skills were applied to his coaching business and Nelson was able to find financial stability.Being "just" a personal trainer isn't enough for someone like Nelson Toriano; he's written and published a book, For the Fit But Poor Personal Trainer. In it he teaches trainers how to re-invest in their business, create a solid plan, and keep training.I've already recommended his book to a few personal trainer friends of mine!


16 Mar 2020

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How To Make Money For The Fit, But Poor Personal Trainer, with Nelson Toriano [WJ85]

Wealth Junkies

He goes to college, gets an MBA, and starts working in Silicon Valley in the tech space for about 11 years. At this point he is not fulfilled so he takes the leap into the fitness industry and now has an awesome platform where he teaches personal trainers about financial literacy. To learn more about Nelson and his journey, visit https://wealthjunkies.com/wj85 


3 Mar 2020

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178 - How To Bank Income, Not Revenue with Nelson Toriano

Build Live Give Podcast

Nelson worked in tech for 10 years in Silicon Valley. He looked ahead and wasn't keen to spend the next 30 years in a cubicle so he decided to leave.  It took the support of others before he finally jumped 3 years later.  He followed his passion for personal training and now helps fellow PTs to love their business because all the finances are sorted. The key benefit of listening to my interview with Nelson  The benefits of having your own voice  How to focus on income and not revenue  How to protect your assets as you move your business to online What you will also learn What is the key mindset change he made to make it in his own business  What are some of the key controllable assets and how to improve them What % of revenue on marketing you should invest  Where is Gen Z hanging out on social How to get to know your audience if they are not in your age group Nelson's top 3 personal effectiveness tips Read Patient Have time to yourself  Tech Nelson could not live without to run his business Cell phone  Best source of ideas Engaging with his clients - Gen Z  Links Nelson’s book: For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A guide on how to train money - not muscle - to grow A special gift from Nelson Brickwork India Connect With Nelson Toriano On LinkedIn On Facebook On Instagram: @coachnellytoriano Coachnellytoriano.com Connect With Paul and Build Live Give On LinkedIn On Twitter: @BuildLiveGive On Facebook On Instagram: @BuildLiveGive   Thank You for Tuning In! If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it with others. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and on Stitcher to get automatic updates every time a new episode goes live!


2 Mar 2020

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Passion Business Podcast – Episode 28: Nelson Toriano – Financial Literacy for Personal Trainers

Passion Business Podcast

“I think of a business in terms of a body ..” In a lively and insightful conversation we covered his corporate business background in the tech industry how he started his side hustle, just as a hobby – fitness is fun the opportunity that had him leave the rat race how he turned his passion for fitness into a business golden tips for pricing and charging for services the myth that there is only one way to generate money how he uses his business background to support other personal trainers to build a sustainable career his book Meet Nelson TorianoHe is an educator, certified personal trainer (CPT), and author.He started Coach Nelly Toriano, LLC, after determining financial literacy is needed in the fitness industry.Nowadays, he advocates for personal trainers to not only be effective in their sales, but also be strategic when it comes to managing that revenue. He explains financial concepts using fitness vocabulary. Nelson is a CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also has his Masters in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay and Stanford University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. Subscribe so you'll never miss an episode Get in touch with Nelson https://coachnellytoriano.com/podcast https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelsonetoriano/ https://www.facebook.com/Coachnellytoriano/ https://www.instagram.com/coachnellytoriano/ Check out his book:  “For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A guide on how to train money – not muscle – to grow” As always, if there is a topic you’d love me to talk about, or know someone who’d be a great guest, or you’d love to be a guest yourself get in touch, leave a comment below, contact me via email or social media. I’d love to hear from you! Curious How A Podcast Can Help You Grow YOUR Business?Everything you need to know to decide whether starting your own podcast is for you .. FREE “Find Your Podcast Topic” worksheet, Podcast Planning Checklist, Video and pdf guide to get an overview of how to actually launch one, covering planning & implementation/tech. Take the First Step Would you love to get more invitations to podcast interviews? Being interviewed on podcasts is the quickest and 100% non-sleezy way to tell the world about your passion business. But it’s not easy to get invited when you first start out. I know, I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m also a podcast host. If you’d love to get more interviews the FREE “Top 5 Actionable Tips To Help You Get Podcast Interviews .. even if you’re just starting out” is for you. Check it out here. Other Episodes You Might Enjoy The post Passion Business Podcast – Episode 28: Nelson Toriano – Financial Literacy for Personal Trainers appeared first on Anke Herrmann - Tech Monster Whisperer.


30 Jan 2020

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Episode 4: From Tech to Fitness with Nelson Toriano

Blaze Your Own Trail with Jordan Mendoza

In this episode we discuss: Nelson's transition from tech to fitness Realizing that there was more out there Family inspiration Nelson's book, " For The Fit But Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide To Train Money, Not Muscle To Grow Link to Nelson's Book: https://www.amazon.com/Fit-but-Poor-Personal-Trainer-ebook/dp/B07WHFD19T Connect With Nelson: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachnellytoriano/?hl=en Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelsonetoriano/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelson.e.toriano Website: https://coachnellytoriano.com/ Coach Nelly Toriano was created to be a resource for personal trainers to supplement the available resources on sales and marketing. His debut book goes into detail taxes, inflation, and costs of goods sold. Most importantly, these complicated concepts are explained in fitness language. That way, the translation makes the important topic approachable and comprehensible.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/blazeyourowntrail/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blazeyourowntrail/support


20 Jan 2020

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Episode 56: Financial Advice with Fitness and Business Educator Nelson Toriano

Locally Sourced Joey

Personal finance is a finicky subject for a lot of people – especially for personal trainers. They’re just kind of thrown into the mix without any kind of real preparation. In this episode, Nelson Toriano joins us to chat about his new book, For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - To Grow. Nelson shares how he came up with this personal finance idea (wine was involved, as is the case with many great ideas). And he also dishes out lots of easily digestible advice for managing your finances, from product lifecycles to doing your taxes. Even if you’re not a personal trainer, there are plenty of helpful business tips and resources in here, so take copious notes, y’all. He walks us through the process of writing a book, and we give heaps of praise to the voice actors that make things like audiobooks possible. Nelson E Toriano is a distinguished fitness and business educator. He received his MBA from California State University, East Bay, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate from Stanford University. For more than 15 years, he has held leadership roles in various companies in Silicon Valley while simultaneously teaching group exercise classes and training clients. He eventually ventured on his own to build Coach Nelly Toriano, LLC, a fitness education company focusing on financial literacy. His debut book For the Fit but Poor Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - To Grow intends to clarify financial concepts for personal trainers. Nelson advocates for personal trainers to understand the functions of money in totality. By doing so, he helps personal trainers create lucrative career paths that is right for them. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. He’s got a podcast of his own, too – check it out here!


17 Dec 2019

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Episode 158 Nelson Toriano - The Fit but Poor Personal Trainer

Fitness Candor Podcast

There's a lack of financial education in the fitness industry that's causing some personal trainers to stress over money. In his debut book "For the Fit but Personal Trainer: A Guide on How to Train Money - Not Muscle - to Grow", Nelson Toriano teaches readers how to manage their revenue stream to avoid burnout. In this episode, we discuss a few chapters of his book but we just scratch the surface. This is a valuable episode if you're wondering if you've made the right decision in becoming a personal trainer or if you simply need to clean up your financials.  https://coachnellytoriano.com/podcast https://www.amazon.com/Fit-but-Poor-Personal-Trainer/dp/1089197659/ref=sr_1_1 Instagram, #coachnelly LinkedIn Facebook Please visit http://bit.ly/fitnesscandorpodcast, click View in iTunes, go to Ratings and Reviews at the top and leave a rating and/or review! That would be helpful for both of us and get our conversation to more people!


4 Dec 2019

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Lee After Dark Ep15: Nelson Toriano

Lee After Dark

What was it like being a gay, Asian male in San Francisco at the height of the 90s rave scene? Nelson Toriano is here to tell us on another eye-opening, always unfiltered Lee After Dark! 2:00 - tech boom has changed SF culturally in many aspects; explains different sections of SF (Haight, Castro… etc) and the different cultures in each area… 5:00 - Twin Peaks Bar and story to racism in the gay community; breakdown of races in gay community and stereotypes. 12:10 - how to find warehouse parties, use of drugs and the intensity of life and confusion 17:00 - grandparents died… importance and effects of that upon his life 19:10 - stereotype of gay men is something that has bothered him a long time; gay men are mostly normal people… 22:20 - Pitch: Business - CEO of a personal training business and education in financing for personal trainers. 24:30 - mention of book he wrote and what it’s about - explains business concepts in terms for personal trainers Wanna know more about your bowtied host? Check out www.LeeRowley.com! Full episodes are available at www.LeeAfterDark.com!


14 Nov 2019