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5. Alien Abduction- Kelly Cahill

Depravity Obsessed

27 yr old Australian woman mother of 3, alien abduction! This one is short, but I couldn’t find much information. https://www.patreon.com/Depravityobsessed https://www.facebook.com/groups/171066215148061/ https://www.warrenfahey.com.au/the-case-of-kelly-cahill/ https://youtu.be/r_7t_koYmKU


12 Sep 2021

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E55. La abducción de Kelly Cahill

El Efecto Titor

La familia de Kelly Cahill es abducida por seres carentes de materia cuando iban camino a casa después de un día de descanso perdiendo más de una hora de su vida en el proceso, este es uno de los casos de abducción mejor documentados de la historia de Australia y del mundo.


8 Jul 2021

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Kelly Cahill's UFO Abduction Story - Episode 13

Edible Encounters Pod

As detailed in her in 1996 book Encounter, Ms Cahill's case had all the hallmarks of the classic alien abduction story of the era — lost time, strange spaceships, bright lights, inhuman creatures and inexplicable marks on her body. Except it has more… witnesses.

12 Apr 2021

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Kelly Cahill's UFO - Abduction Down Under

Paranormal Hotline

Kelly Cahill, she came from a land down under. Where women go and get abducted.  This abduction story is so bizarre that it's even been featured in the famous X-files!If you have a story you want us to cover or a spooky tale of your own that you want read out on the podcast then send it on to us at paranormalhotlinepodcast@gmail.com. To keep up to date with all things spooky follow us on Twitter @ParanormalHLSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/paranormalhotline)


9 Mar 2021

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August 7, 1993 Kelly Cahill was reportedly abducted by aliens onto a spacecraft in front of her husband and several other witnesses. Cahill later described being visited by dark entities with red eyes following the abduction. After 27 years the case has gone mostly silent. Investigators report not being allowed access to the original Australia MUFON report and no response from Ms. Cahill to their request for an interview. The only thing missing from this case seems to be the MIB. Listen in as we break the case down.


27 Sep 2020

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BCC 121 - "The Kelly Cahill Alien Encounter" w/ Toni Trucks!

Bigfoot Collectors Club

WET HOT ALIEN SUMMER heats up! Actress TONI TRUCKS (SEAL Team, Twilight: Breaking Dawn) recently moved into a house with a lot of histroy... and maybe some previous occupants? She chats with the guys about theater ghosts, haunted photos, the time she saw a UFO! Then, Michael shares the terrifying alien encounter of KELLY CAHILL! -- EPISODE LINKS More on Kelly Cahill Cahill TV Interview -- SHOW INFORMATION Bigfoot Collectors Club is produced by Riley Bray. Listener-Files Submissions: BigfootCollectorsClub@gmail.com Bigfoot Collectors Club Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/campfiremedia/albums/43248-bigfoot-collectors-club Instagram: @BigfootCollectorsClub Twitter: @Bigfoot_CClub To support the show and unlock new bonus episodes every month, check out BCC: THE OTHER SIDE on Patreon. Our theme song is “Come Alone” by Suneaters, courtesy of Lotuspool Records.

1hr 14mins

15 Jul 2020

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#18 Thr Kelly Cahill Encounter

Alien Strand

The true story of Kelly Calhill encounter of a huge UFO over Austrailia on the way home. Detailed information of triangular marks left on body and effects of visitation. In which shw wrote a book "Encounter" on incident.Visit: www.alienstrand.com /Alien Strand- FacebookMusic by: Savfk


4 Oct 2019

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Ep 50: Leonarda Cianciulli and the Abduction of Kelly Cahill

Kills and Chills Podcast

Welcome to our 50th episode! We've got lots of chattiness, a long ass intro as well as plenty of laughs. Today we've got Dan telling us all about Leonarda Cianciulli, the lady that made blood cookies and people soaps and shared it with her friends. While Ken will take us on a journey through the alleged alien abduction of Kelly Cahill and her husband Andrew. It's some pretty good stuff, and we hope you enjoy it.   PS: thank you for sticking around! 💕 If you are digging what we're doing, please don't forget to subscribe to us on all major podcasting platforms and if you're on iTunes, be sure to leave us a 5 star review. It would mean the world!    Additionally, hit up our Patreon! We switched up a few things to give you guys more goodies if you decide to spend your money on us. https://www.patreon.com/kills_chills Want to be our friend? (Hopefully) Be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram @kills_chills, and talk to us! We love hearing from you.    If you're feeling particularly daring and want to suggest a topic or just want to say you think we're rad, shoot us an email at killsnchills@gmail.com   Intro music by Fatherthiccmas aka @mikeinasuitcase--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kills-and-chills-podcast/support

1hr 4mins

15 Jul 2019

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UFO Abduction Files - The Kelly Cahill Case Podcast

Paranormal Thoughts Podcast

August 1993, Kelly Cahill and her husband find themselves in a situation they could never have conceived. On a car ride home through Victoria Australia the couple come face to face with 7 foot tall alien beings. Join me as we look into one of the most interesting alien abduction cases to come out of Australia.Paranormal Thoughts Links - https://linktr.ee/paranormalthoughtspodcast


28 Mar 2019

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Board Procedures - presented by Kelly Cahill

Illinois Local Government Law Podcast

The latest episode of the Illinois Local Government Law Podcast features a segment from our recent newly elected official seminar. Specifically, this episode features a presentation on Board Procedures by Kelly Cahill.


19 May 2017