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Square Dance Caller Kenard & Amy Swift from Woodbine, IA

Team BC Square Dance Underground

Kenard  started dancing in 1968 but had a lapse for a little over 20 years. He decided to get back into Square Dancing in 1989. He started calling in 1994 and has been to a number of caller clinics and schools including GSI He was asked to start Square Dance lessons in 2018, so he accepted the challenge. He currently calls and his wife Amy cues for the Loess Hills Square Dance Club in Missouri Valley, IA. He teaches an accelerated class in which all 72 calls are taught in 7 weeks at 4 hours per week. (712) 592-0074 swfsmeng@yahoo.com


8 Oct 2020

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Amy Swift Crosby - NurseMARK - Episode 24


Amy Swift Crosby is the co-founder of BDY SQD, a growing recovery studio in Boston focused on aligning and detoxing the body and mind through dedicated reset experiences. BDY SQD offers assisted stretching, infrared sauna and NormaTec compression boots, as well as special events focused on wellness. Amy comes to BDY SQD as a brand strategist and copywriter who has positioned or voiced messaging across the commercial spectrum. From iconic brands like Ford, Pepsico, BVLGARI, Pottery Barn, Pantene and Virgin Atlantic, to smaller cult brands like Barre3, the class by Taryn Toomey, B&H and Bodhi Tree, she is known for her ability to distill complex themes and craft relatable narratives rooted in the human experience. Her popular blog, www.smartypeople.com, explores “the human side of business,” and features essays that weave the worlds of marketing, metaphysics, design and most importantly, words. She is relentless in uncovering the power of messages and how they impact our lives. Takeaways:Modes of recovery for active peopleHealth and Wellness IndustryDifferent modalities of creating a healthy lifeLiving outside the normal constraints of human “being”Links/Info:@amyswiftcrosby@bdysqdwww.gobodysquad.com


7 Feb 2020

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05: The Power of Branding: How Amy Swift Crosby Built Her Career on Leveraging Courage, Intuition, and Branding!

20 Seconds of Insane Courage

Today’s guest is Amy Swift Crosby, a fellow brand strategist who directly helped your host, Amy Selbach, launch her very first business! And today, they’re discussing all things branding. A lot of times, branding is misunderstood — and Amy’s mission is to end these misconceptions and misunderstandings! As a brand strategist and copywriter, she is leveraging her expertise to help entrepreneurs and business owners hone their skills, mission and message, all while uncovering their own “voice.”  Amy has helped shape so many brands through memorable campaigns; strong, recognizable voices; and concept-driven positioning. She has worked with startups, fortune 500 companies, boutique lifestyle brands, and personalities across a wide range of different industries! Some of her notable clients include Cindy Crawford, Dr. Phil, Pantene, Ford, and BVLGARI. Her blog, SmartyPeople.com, explores the less recognized but inherently human side of creativity, work, and modern life. In this episode, Amy Swift shares some of her amazing stories; her moments of 20 seconds of insane courage, the fantastic learning opportunities throughout her career, and how her inner guidance and intuition has guided her throughout it all. She also provides tips on how to overcome fear, how to make courageous decisions for your business, and how to take your first steps in creating a successful brand! You won’t want to miss this one! Key Takeaways [:45] About today’s awesome guest, Amy Swift Crosby! [2:52] Amy welcomes on Amy Crosby to her podcast! [5:02] Amy gives her brief life story and explains how she came to pursue a writing career and become a brand strategist. [8:08] Amy goes through the moment when she first volunteered to be a PA (Production Assistant). [9:49] What was going through Amy’s mind when she was offered an opportunity to work with Christy Turlington? [11:06] A time that Christy has experienced 20 seconds of insane courage and how it changed her trajectory! [14:46] Amy provides some expert tips on constructive brand criticism — starting with acknowledging what the brand does right! [16:43] In moments where Amy feels like she needs to access courage, how does she react? [22:40] How Amy describes the role inner guidance plays in her life. [23:43] When is Amy really able to tune in to her inner guidance and intuition? [25:50] Amy speaks about a time when she had made a brave (or potentially unpopular) decision based on her inner guidance. [29:11] Amy’s relationship with fear and how she overcomes it. [32:12] Why focus on branding? Amy talks about all the advantages of branding in somebody’s business as an entrepreneur. [35:48] Amy’s tips for entrepreneurs on evaluating the work they need to do on their branding, the driving forces behind branding, and how to express your brand and what you stand for. [40:44] About Amy and her husband’s new company, BDY SQD, and the 20 seconds of insane courage it took to start it! [43:50] The first step Amy and her husband, Josh, took when they took a leap of faith to restart their business venture, BDY SQD, and completely rebrand. [47:13] When building their brand for BDY SQD, how did Amy and Josh look at the competition and decide what was going to set them apart? [50:53] What’s next for BDY SQD! [56:10] How have Amy and Josh began targeting corporations with BDQ SQD? Key Highlights: How Amy expertly critiques a brand to yield positive results and change. Amy gives her tips on how your inner guidance and intuition can be honed. Amy provides some amazing examples of her 20 seconds of insane courage! How to overcome fear and make brave, courageous decisions! The importance of branding and where to start with getting it right. Mentioned in this Episode: SmartyPeople.com Ladies Who Launch Ladies Who Launch: An Innovative Program That Will Help You Get Your Dreams Off the Ground, by Victoria Colligan, Beth Schoenfeldt, and Amy Swift Hilary Laffer BDY SQDTrigger Point Therapy LogMeIn Connect with my Guest! Amy Swift Crosby’s Website: SmartyPeople.com Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Hey listeners! Do you want to get your story out into the world in a really big way? Visit AmySelbach.com/BrandStory to access my free, one-hour brand story planner! In under an hour, you can have a beautifully crafted brand story to use everywhere! Your brand story should be on your website, your packaging, and at the beginning of any presentation you give. A brand story is crucial for pitches to the media, brand deals, podcasts, and investor decks. Not only that, this formula can be used for brand case studies, testimonials, and ad copy. Follow-up with Me! If you want to get more resources on marketing, branding, content strategy and building a business, you can follow me over on Instagram @AmySelbach or at AmySelbach.com! For more episodes, visit our Libsyn page or listen on iTunes!

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10 Apr 2019

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What You’re Selling is Not What They’re Buying: Amy Swift

LIBERTY ROAD with Nada Jones

Amy Swift is a Brand Strategist, Copy Writer and Founder of AmySwift.com as well as the Founder of SMARTY. Her secret sauce lies in helping brands to unpack and restructure their messaging. Amy has been cultivating community and conversations around female entrepreneurship long before it was popular. First through Ladies Who Launch, where she co-authored a book and ran the West Coast region. Eventually, Amy pivoted to launch SMARTY a community platform that supported female-owned small businesses.While working hard to grow SMARTY, and continuing her work as a brand strategist, Amy decided that her family needed a change. They transplanted to Manchester by the Sea to slow down, but life had other plans. Amy became severely ill and surviving became the only goal. During Amy’s time of healing, she was able to step back and redefine how she wanted to structure her life and work.The wisdom that emerged from that season of life is evident. Amy’s insight and advice is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the booming conversations surrounding female entrepreneurship. She surprises us with advice not to “follow your passion” but rather, “pay attention to what interests you.”Please follow Amy at @SMARTYAmy on Twitter. Also, go to www.AmySwift.com to see Amy’s portfolio and ways to work with her. You can read her blog at www.SmartyPeople.com.Don't forget to follow us at @libertyforher on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Please let us know your thoughts about this episode by using the hashtag #libertysessions and please rate and review us—it helps to know if this podcast is inspiring and equipping you to launch and grow your ventures.

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22 Nov 2017

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199 Amy Swift Crosby, Blogger, Copy Writer, Brand Strategist, Entrepreneur, Founder SmartyPeople.com,

Inspired Conversations with Amy Schuber

Amy Swift Crosby & I talk about how she's brilliant at putting words in people's mouths, stepping up your game to being mind-blowing, a tiny bit of entrepreneurship and a lot a bit about being true to you! www.InspiredConversations.net


2 Aug 2016