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Cyrus Sutton

The QuiverCast

Today I sit down with surfer/filmmaker Cyrus Sutton @Cyrus_Sutton all the way up in the PNW! We talk about when he started surfing and how that led him into filmmaking. He produced and starred in one of my favorite movies Stoked and Broke! He tells us how his passion for living a sustainable life led him to the Portland area. And how did a puppy lead us back to meet up? Find out! @apeelstudios | @manda | @kourduroy | @island.earthIf you like the QuiverCast here are some ways to help us keep going!I always like Coffee!Buy me a Coffee!Become a Patreon for as little as a Buck a Month!PatreonFind Us:Website: https://quiverbuilder.com/thequivercast/Instagram: @quiver_castFacebook: The QuiverCastTwitter: @The_QuiverCastSound Editing by: The Steele CollectiveSupport the showIf you like the QuiverCast here are some ways to help us keep going! I always like Coffee! Buy me a Coffee! Become a Patreon for as little as a Buck a Month! Patreon Find Us: Website: thequivercast.com Instagram: ...


7 Sep 2021

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Cyrus Sutton: Perceiving Pattern

Waterpeople Podcast

How do we apply pattern literacy learned from ocean life to the land? What have we learned from our historically colonial approach to surf culture? How do we move ourselves and our culture forward in regenerative ways that favour meaningful relationship within our own community and the living world?  Homesteading surfer, filmmaker and entrepreneur Cyrus Sutton invites us to engage with these questions, and more, in our omnivorous conversation about leaving pro surfing and Southern California, cultivating mentorships, permaculture, intergenerational relationship, questioning the assumptions of the environmental movement and the value of B Corps. Cyrus Sutton is best known  for his skill across diverse wave crafts and his creative reflections of surf culture via movies like Riding Waves, Under the Sun and Stoked and Broke. Cyrus is founder of Kordouroy.tv  and Manda Organic Skincare.  .....Listen with Lauren L. Hill & Dave RastovichSound Engineer & Music By: Shannon Sol Carroll Additional music: ‘Evergreen’ by Band of Frequencies:  Men of Wood & Foam album  www.bandoffreqs.bandcamp.comJoin the conversation: @Waterpeoplepodcast Waterpeoplepodcast.com

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21 Jun 2021

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Ep. 4 | Cyrus Sutton | Fear is the Gatekeeper of the Magic

The Thought Room

Cyrus Sutton is a professional surfer, award-winning filmmaker, and co-founder of the reef-safe, organic sunscreen brand Manda. He has created numerous social and environmental impact films and his projects have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Scientific American, Condé Naste, and Huffington Post.  As a dedicated environmental activist, Cyrus is passionate about working with B-corps and conscious businesses: some of his notable clients include Patagonia, Dr. Bronners, Adidas, GoPro, and Teva.  Topics explored: Sadness as a catalyst for creative expression Guilt, creativity and resistance  Interpreting our pain A confusing time to be a man: toxic masculinity, shame, and why blame is not the answer ‘Our fear is the gatekeeper of the magic’  Is success subjective?  Law of Attraction & ‘manifesting muffins’  Are our thoughts on autopilot?: People as pattern-makers Manipulation, politics, media, globalism Is your sunscreen damaging the ocean? Climate change & replenishing Earth’s ecosystems and creating a sustainable future Resources: Film: Riding Waves by Cyrus Sutton Film: I AM THIS Preview by Cyrus Sutton Book: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron Book: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield Book: Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity by David Lynch  Book: The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther & Jerry Hicks Audiobook: Nonviolent Communication: Create Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your World in Harmony with Your Values (Audiobook) by Marshall B. Rosenberg Book: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (Paperback) by Marshall B. Rosenberg Website: Guayaki Presents: www.cometolife.com Cyrus’s Reef-Safe, Organic Sunscreen Brand MANDA: MANDA Organic Sun Paste - SPF 50 Sunscreen  MANDA Organic Sun Creme - SPF 50 Sunscreen Connect with Cyrus Sutton IG | https://www.instagram.com/cyrus_sutton/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/cyrussuttonarts/ Website | http://www.cyrussutton.com/ Connect with Hallie Rose: Thought Room IG | https://www.instagram.com/thoughtroompodcast/ Hallie Rose IG | https://www.instagram.com/hallie_rosebud/ Website | www.thoughtroompodcast.com Email | thoughtroompodcast@gmail.com Subscribe to The Thought Room:  iTunes | https://tinyurl.com/qp3mqnp Spotify | https://tinyurl.com/wxyzmdw Stitcher | https://tinyurl.com/wrxv39g Sign up for the TRP Newsletter | www.thoughtroompodcast.com Patreon | https://www.patreon.com/thoughtroom The Thought Room is offered freely and funded entirely by listener support. All interviews are done in-person for better chemistry, more intimacy, and more powerful storytelling. Donations to this podcast support travel expenses and pay for the fees of our podcast hosting platform.  Click here to support The Thought Room on Patreon so we can keep alchemizing epic magic for thine ears! Your support really makes a difference.  Special thanks to Emmy-Award winning composer Kodomo (Chris Child) for allowing us to use his brilliant track Concept 1 as our theme song. ---------------------------- The Thought Room is a combination of edge-of-your-seat storytelling and groundbreaking interviews with celebrated thought-leaders like Erick Godsey and many more from around the world. Recorded everywhere from hotel rooms in New York City, to a camper van in Maine; from the coastal forests of Costa Rica, to a picnic blanket amongst grapes in a vineyard in Sedona—host Hallie Rose captures rich, face-to-face interviews and intimate storytelling in a variety of eccentric locations. From musicians to mathematicians, life coaches to psychonauts, PhDs to professional athletes—we’ll invite them all to step into the Thought Room to spill their stories and share their most distilled wisdom. The show covers a breadth of topics including psychology, spirituality, sex & relationships, psychedelics, ayahuasca, non-violent communication, law of attraction, bio-hacking, fitness, nutrition, alternative health, personal development, business & entrepreneurship, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Quotes from my guests on Psychedelics: “Psychedelics are like a direct portal to the Psyche” - Erick Godsey “What my experience with psychedelics has taught me is that all the magic is here!” - Kyle Buller “The medicines have a way of changing one's perspective powerfully and profoundly.” - Luke Storey “Psychedelics are not suppressed because they are dangerous to users; they’re suppressed because they provoke unconventional thought, which threatens any number of elites and institutions that would rather do our thinking for us.” - Dr. Dennis McKenna Quotes from my guests on Consciousness: “I’m a true believer that our lives are a product of our imagination.” - Ollie Ollerton “Never let those who lack belief in themselves rob you of yours.” - Dorian Yates “Your ability to feel good in any kind of environment is up to you.” - Dr. Craig Koniver Quotes from my guests on Ayahuasca: “And I am leaving, knowing — I don’t want my dharma revealed to me...I want to create it, I want to walk it, I want to dance it, moment by moment. Thank you, Ayahuasca.” - Erick Godsey “Ayahuasca is a symbiotic ally of the human species.” - Dennis McKenna Celebrated guests include Dr. Dennis McKenna, Justin Wren, Erick Godsey, Ollie Ollerton & Dorian Yates.  Hey, you! Yes, you! We need your support! Want to help us land some of our dream guests like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tara Brach, Rick Doblin, Marianne Williamson, Aubrey Marcus? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Leave us a short review on Apple to help us reach our goal of 200 written reviews! Your support really makes a difference. Leave your IG handle in your review to receive a personal thank you message from Hallie Rose.  Want to connect us with a guest for the show? Visit http://thoughtroompodcast.com/contact/ 

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20 Nov 2019

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10: Getting deep with environmental & surf filmmaker Cyrus Sutton

The Mercast | Plastic Free Mermaid talks Change Making

Today’s episode, Cyrus Sutton takes us back on the Hawaiian grounds and into surf filmmaking as we go deep into his life and work. Cyrus is an environmental and pro surf filmmaker. He is also the director of the award-winning surf film Riding Waves in 2003 and the filmmaker behind the documentary Island Earth. and he’s going to share his experience making the film as well as his learnings from documentary films like Ice on Fire and the indigenous culture of Hawaii! We touch a lot of topics on this episode, particularly about environmental films and surfing. And I can say that he is truly an artist! The way he describes and conveys as well as his adventures and explorations, makes you appreciate how beautiful life is! If you’ve watched the documentary film Island Earth then you will surely enjoy this episode! In this Episode, We Discuss: What is the documentary Island Earth all about? Cyrus experience on making the documentary Island Earth Learnings from the documentary film Ice on Fire How do we educate ourselves in order to contribute something good for the planet How Cyrus came across the indigenous culture in Hawaii Engaging and learning from different cultures in a way that honors and supports the people in it Cyrus’ thoughts in GMOs and his experience learning about it Being a surfer and having a relationship with the ocean Patterns for survival How Cyrus got into film making Living a purpose-driven life How the world is a mirror of what we’re showing from our life The freedom paradigm Get to know Cyrus Sutton Cyrus Sutton is an Emmy-winning filmmaker based near Portland, Oregon. He won an Emmy for his writing and cinematography on Next Wave at the age of 23. He currently serves as a director of media at Guayaki Yerba Mate and continues to pursue his documentary filmmaking career. Connect with Cyrus: Cyru Sutton website Instagram Mentioned from this Episode: Island Earth Riding Waves The World Without Us by Alan Weisman Ice on Fire Cliff Kapono Manda Naturals Guayaki Over Grow The System --- Did you enjoy today’s episode? Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app to get notified immediately when a new episode comes out! If you enjoyed the Mercast, please click here to leave a review and share this episode with a friend! I hope you spend some time in nature today! I'll catch you next time. Subscribe to The Mercast ++ Apple Podcasts ++ Spotify ++ Castbox


24 Jun 2019

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Vol. 35 - Cyrus Sutton

Bodega Boarder Crew Podcast - Surf Podcast

Now part of the Yew Podcast Network Let's get the summer started with an all new episode of the cast yo. This week we sit down with surfer/film maker Cyrus Sutton (@Cyrus_Sutton) and talk about film making, growing up in Cali, making environmentally safe products and getting the stoke back. We also discuss the sitch with the Waikiki beach boys and what we can do about it. Lastly we have some short takes having to do with the Duct Tape Invitational that went down in Spain, the Deus #9FtAndSingle event and the It Doesn't Not Work call for entries. We end this episode on a bit of a trippy steezo so make sure to stick around for it suckas. Make sure to check us out at https://www.instagram.com/bodegaboardercrew/ Merch available here http://www.bodegaboardercrewstore.com Sticker packs via bodegaboardergrew@gmail.com No need to bust a craze on some waves...there's always more during the next swell. TRACKS PLAYED THIS EPISODE 1. The Creator - Pete Rock & CL Smooth 2. Rite - Method Man & Redman 3. Blood Sweat and Tears - M.O.P. 4. Me or the Papes - Jeru the Damaja 5. UNKNOWN - The Dust Brothers 6. Whuteva - Remy Ma 7. The Champ - Ghostface Killah 8. Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers 9. Everybody Wanna Know - Charlie Baltimore 10. Extended Beat - Eric B & Rakim 11. Funky Dividends - Three Times Dope 12. Words I Manifest (Remix) - Gang Starr 13. Lyrics to Go - A Tribe Called Quest 14. Never No More - Souls of Mischief 15. Cowboys - Portishead 16. Unreal - Unkle 17. Exchange - Massive Attack Til next time suckas... keep those toes wet #JustTheTip #ToesBeforeHoes Merch available here http://www.bodegaboardercrewstore.com and follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bodegaboardercrew/ Cyrus Sutton links http://www.korduroy.tv/ https://www.reef.com/blog/van-life-cyrus-sutton.html https://mandanaturals.com/ https://vimeo.com/124110311 Waikiki Beachboys: Duct Tape Spain video http://www.khon2.com/news/local-news/waikiki-beach-boys-not-happy-with-a-new-company-taking-over-concession-stands/1179439021 https://eos.surf/entries/beachboys http://www.kitv.com/story/38177157/could-new-management-mean-the-end-of-the-waikiki-beach-boys Short Takes: Footage from the Duct Tape in Spain https://vimeo.com/272248176 The Deus 9ft and Single event in Bali https://www.facebook.com/DeusBali/ It Doesn't Not Work http://itdoesntnotwork.com/

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2 Jun 2018

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312 - Cyrus Sutton (Filmmaker and Surfer)

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Cyrus believes in creating films which promote curiosity and ecological literacy. He's been directing documentary films for fifteen years since his award-winning surf film Riding Waves in 2003. He won a Southwest regional EMMY when he was 23 and has directed hundreds of short films since. This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit chrisryan.substack.com/subscribe

1hr 34mins

21 Mar 2018

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Cyrus Sutton – Making Films That Explore How We Interact With Our Planet and Our Passions

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Cyrus’s Wild Idea: To continue to learn about our planet, people, and our passions by making films about these topics and sharing them with the world. To be interested instead of just interesting. Cyrus Sutton is an incredibly thoughtful and introspective person. A director, filmmaker, surfer, adventurer, and sought-after brand ambassador, Cyrus has produced Emmy Award-winning films, including Stoked and Broke, and is the founder of Korduroy TV, a website that explores creativity and sustainability in the outdoors. His latest film, Island Earth, documents how we grow our food, and explores the challenges between using conventional agricultural practices (including the use of science and chemical solutions) versus using ancient techniques to feed our population and our planet. Cyrus has travelled all over the globe, lived in California and even spent some time living and working out of a van. He now resides in the Pacific Northwest where he is working on growing his own food and enjoying documenting others who also live off the land and are interested in permaculture and sustainable ways of living. I’ve always been interested in Cyrus’s ideas and films, and enjoyed this conversation a lot. There are some true gems about following your dreams, the unique world of social media, the power of storytelling and the reality of what it takes to make a career around your passion. Listen to this episode if:  You are interested in pursuing your passion full-time. You care about organic, non-GMO food. You love adventure sports.  You like watching surf films or you are a surfer. You are a curious person who loves learning. You love Hawaiian culture. You want to know the pros and cons of living, working or traveling in a van. You grow your own food or want to learn how. You want to be a filmmaker. For full show notes, including guest links and books mentioned during the episode, visit: http://wildideasworthliving.com/31


5 Jul 2017

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#47 Documentary Filmmaker - Cyrus Sutton

The Kyle Thiermann Show

Cyrus Sutton (@cyrus_sutton) is an American director and professional surfer. Growing up in Southern California and dividing his time between the coast and mountains, Sutton's inventive approach to filmmaking became the basis of the outdoor surf website Korduroy.tv Growing up near the ocean and participating in water sports such as body surfing, bodyboarding and surfing, he sought to use cinematography to document the surf culture around him and on his travels. His commercial clients include Adidas, Apple, Corona, Reef, and Patagonia. His career has been well documented by various national publications such as Surfer Magazine and the New York Times.

1hr 43mins

20 Jun 2017

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160 – Cyrus Sutton: Island Earth

Surf Splendor

In today’s episode David chats with professional surfer turned filmmaker Cyrus Sutton about his new film “Island Earth”. The film takes a candid look at the agricultural industry in Hawaii and follows a young scientist’s struggle for truth between science and tradition as he enters an industry that many feel is threatening his homeland. Cyrus … Continue reading "160 – Cyrus Sutton: Island Earth" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 32mins

21 Apr 2017