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475: Jeremy Reeves of Cornell & Diehl. Tobacco Use from Over 12,000 Years Ago.

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Podcast

Our featured interview tonight is with Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the Head Blender at Cornell & Diehl, which is one of the most popular boutique pipe tobacco companies in the USA. Jeremy has been a pipe smoker for over a decade and is passionate about pipes, pipe tobacco, and blending tobacco. He will be talking about the launch of Small Batch Carolina Red Flake with Perique. It launches tonight at midnight! (Eastern US time) At the top of the show Brian will go over an article with evidence of tobacco use from over 12,000 years ago. There's lots of tobacco talk with Jeremy, plus the article at the top of the show makes for a tobacco packed hour.

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20 Oct 2021

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[76] - Tonight we have Jeremy Reeves from Cornell and Diehl

Great Lakes Smoke Show

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15 Nov 2020

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Jeremy Reeves of Cornell & Diehl

Pipe and Tamper

EP75 - On this episode of the podcast, Mike takes a look at a handful of tampers sent in by Larry Blackett aka "buttons for your britches". The featured guest is Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the head blender at Cornell & Diehl. And the final segment is Behind the Pipe featuring musician and pipe smoker John Coltrane. As a reminder, you can help Pipe and Tamper with the costs to produce the show twice per month by visiting the Pipe and Tamper Patreon Page and joining.

1hr 26mins

15 Aug 2020

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Leadership with Jeremy Reeves

HOME Collective

Jesus’ leadership is often backwards + gentle, while the worlds leadership is often forceful + exclusive. Pastor Jeremy Reeves shares with us biblical truths on how us as followers of Jesus should view leadership.

1hr 8mins

24 Feb 2019

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Episode 373: How to Tell Stories, Teach Lessons, and Sell Products. With Jeremy Reeves.

Sales Enablement Podcast

Jeremy Reeves, the CEO of Kaizen Marketing, and host of the marketing podcast, Sales Funnel Mastery.


4 Feb 2017

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TAGP473 Jeremy Reeves : Never Stop Marketing Is My Biggest Tip

App Guy:

Jeremy Reeves is the CEO of Kaizen Marketing Inc. He is a sales funnel specialist. They specialize in building strategic, automated sales funnels and uncovering new, untapped profit centers within your business. Resources: Website / Twitter / LinkedinSponsored By:


12 Jul 2016

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079: Built for Trust – The Evolution of Marketing Funnels [with Jeremy Reeves]

The Heart Of Marketing

Marketing funnels are not dead, contrary to what many think. Our guest today, Jeremy Reeves, is a direct-response copywriter who writes for the sales funnel. He has been so successful that in his career he has generated some $50 million for his clients...wowza. He is a podcaster, guest blogger, social media pro, and as stated an expert in funnels. How can you not listen? John Gregory Olson tries really hard to get Jeremy's secret so The Heart of Marketing can be as successful, or perhaps just a smidgeon of that success, and he does succeed in getting Jeremy to spill: Jeremy knows something about building trust to get the customer to tap into the funnel and the product at the narrow bottom. Jeremy says that funnels need to be transparent or the intention needs to be such. Funnels should add value, and customers should trust you and want to click deeper because everything you present and position needs to work hand-in-hand with the pillars of heart marketing (OK, maybe that's what Jayme Soulati said). There is so much more Jeremy covers in today's episode on The Heart of Marketing podcast.  If you have a question about funnels and whether you have to do one for your business, then this episode is for you. And, as you listen, please don't miss The Wizard of Oz connection, courtesy of John Gregory Olson! It's his fault this episode is chock full of laughs (but only in the middle and end, heh).


28 Jun 2016

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28: How Jeremy Reeves Generated More Than $120,000 With a Single Guest Post

Agency Advantage - Actionable advice to help digital agency owners, consultants, and freelancers be more successful

Today I’m talking with Jeremy Reeves, who helps businesses grow their revenue with more automation, stability, and consistency using sales funnels. In this episode, Jeremy explains what most copywriters get wrong and details how he built his own audience from scratch using podcasts and guest posts. He shares what he does to capture prospects’ attention,... The post Agency Advantage 28: How Jeremy Reeves Generated More Than $120,000 With a Single Guest Post appeared first on Hubstaff Blog.

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15 Jun 2016

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Jeremy Reeves


Hi, my name is Jeremy Reeves. Through my various products and services, I help business owners increase profits, gain more time freedom and get more consistent cash flow (among dozens of other benefits) by building sales funnels. I've worked with the worlds leading entrepreneurs, adding literally tens of millions to their bottom lines... I've been asked to speak at private, "invite-only" marketing events for industry leaders... I've written for the top blogs in the marketing industry such as Visual Website Optimizer, KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg, Social Triggers and countless others... But but before we get into that, let's start at the beginning... On the day after I asked my wife to marry me, I sat next to her and made a promise. I promised her that no matter how hard I had to work... no matter what it took or what we had to go through... I was going to become successful enough to support her so she could raise our future children. At this point - I had NO idea how I would do it. We were flat broke. We could barely afford to put food on the table, let alone have kids and let her stay at home to raise them. But I made her a promise... and I keep my promises. She's worth every second of struggle we went through in the early days... Since I had a degree in human psychology, I realized that wouldn't cut it. I've always been fascinated by how the mind works and why people make certain decisions, so wrapping my life around that strength seemed like a good idea. So I Became A Direct Response Copywriter...My typical day looked like this: Get up at 5:30 a.m., working on my business until I had to leave around 7:30 for work.Work all day, bringing salesletters with me so I could edit them during down timesGet out of work, shower, and leave for job #2Work until about 10 p.m., again working on my business during down times at my day jobEventually I left my job and made the leap to making my business full-time. Within my first full year as a direct response copywriter, I was outperforming people charging 5x what I was. Within 2 years I was outperforming people charging $15,000, plus royalties, for a single salesletter. Needless to say, I fulfilled my promise to her. She's able to stay home and raise these amazing little boys below (and the crazy dogs) and focus on THEM, with zero money worries But Becoming A "Copywriter" Was Just Step 1...One day after analyzing my strengths and weaknesses - it clicked. I realized that my strength wasn’t just keeping people glued to my writing, it was combining innovative marketing strategies and positioning tactics (like building a sales funnel) with world-class copy. While most "copywriters" focus on writing - I focused on the things that made more of an impact. The big ideas. The positioning. The congruency between products. The back-end. Simple followup systems. Today, I'm considered one of the worlds leading authorities on building sales funnels. Some most well-known marketing blogs in the world ask me to write for them about building sales funnels. A few of them include Visual Website Optimizer, KissMetrics, CrazyEgg, BidSketch, Social Triggers and many others. I've been asked to speak for private, "invite-only" marketing events... I've worked with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs (listed below) and have a blast doing it. I run my own side business - www.Kinowear.com - which gets over 500k visitors per year and is ranked 1 of the top 10 websites in the industry by one of my own competitors. So the question is... can I help YOU grow your business? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 May 2016

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Master Blender: A Chat With Cornell and Diehl’s Jeremy Reeves

Country Squire Radio

JD is joined by Jeremy Reeves, the Production Manager & Head Blender for Cornell & Diehl. Subscribe: iTunes – Satchel – YouTube – RSS Social: @SquireRadio – Facebook Support: Patreon – Buy Us A Beer Shop: Country Squire Online Sponsor: Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation – Missouri Meerschaum – Scandinavian Tobacco Group Sponsored Products:


11 May 2016