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#26 - Daryl Chow / Hvordan bli en bedre terapeut? Om første møter, deliberate practice og lærende omgivelser.

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olk får det bedre, og hvordan fagfolk på best mulig måte kan bistå med det. Han var den første som gjorde en doktorgradsstudie i det vi omtaler som deliberate practice, eller bevisst målrettet trening. Altså, hvordan skal terapeuter forbedre seg, og hva er det de beste egentlig gjør? Det er rett og slett noe annet enn det de fleste av oss lærer på studiet.

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27 May 2022

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Dr. Daryl Chow - Deliberate Practice in Psychotherapy

Thoughts on Record: Podcast of the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Following registration as an autonomous professional, a psychotherapist could potentially go decades providing service to clients in the privacy of their office without another professional ever directly evaluating their work. Clinical psychologist, researcher and consultant, Dr. Daryl Chow, joins us for an important discussion around clinician perceptions of competency and the promise of deliberate practice for not only improving clinical outcomes, but also clinician confidence and quality of worklife.  In this discussion we cover:  the accuracy of clinicians' perceptions of their own competencyhow perceptions of competency vary from early career, mid-career & late careerhow actual clinical effectiveness varies from early career, mid-career & late careerthe importance of selecting vs. training of clinicians the factors that can contribute to clinicians having trouble accessing an accurate perception around one’s own competencythe definition of deliberate practice a conceptual framework for deliberate practice structuring deliberate practice at early career, mid-career & late career (time commitment, logistics etc.)the most effective way to structure, frame and provide feedback to a clinicianDr. Chow's thoughts on the the value proposition associated with deliberate practice with respect to clinical outcomes, clinician quality of life, etc.  balancing deliberate practice with the demands of day-to-day clinical life through habit formationthe usual modalities by which clinicians can undertake deliberate practiceDr. Chow's thoughts on why there is not more of a culture of ongoing deliberate practice within psychotherapy and why this may be changingFeedback or comments?  Email the show at: oicbtpodcast@gmail.comDr. Daryl Chow is a senior associate of the International Center for Clinical Excellence. He conducts research and workshops on the development of highly effective psychotherapists, and ways practitioners can accelerate learning. He was a featured keynote speaker at the Achieving Clinical Excellence (ACE) Conference, Sweden, 2018,  Daryl is a co-author of a new book, Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes. He is also co-author of many articles and co-editor and contributing author of The Write to Recovery: Personal Stories & Lessons about Recovery from Mental Health Concerns,and the author of The First Kiss: Undoing the Intake Model and Igniting First Sessions in Psychotherapy. His work is also featured in two recently edited books in 2017. Daryl’s blog and podcast, Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development is aimed at inspiring and sustaining practitioner’s individualized professional development. Daryl maintains a private practice in Perth, Western Australia.www.darylchow.com


21 Mar 2022

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Episode 35: Interviewing Josh Cappel and Daryl Chow (In Too Deep)

Mentor Minutes, a Board Gaming Podcast

Mentor Minutes is a new podcast series based on the Meeple Mentor YouTube channel. Jared and Jay discuss board games, top 10's, and more.   In this episode, Jared talks with the designers of "In Too Deep," Josh Cappel and Daryl Chow.  It's a cyberpunk future where players hack into criminal's minds to control their activities and complete crimes.  Gather evidence, but don't go too deep! For the video version, or for game tutorials, unboxing vids, and more, head to the Meeple Mentor YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/MeepleMentor Visit our website at: http://www.meeplementor.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/meeplementor/support


22 Feb 2022

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Will it Game? Episode 63 with Josh Cappel & Daryl Chow

Will It Game? Podcast

This week we have Josh Cappel and Daryl Chow as our guest judging duo. In this episode Ric and Ryan do their best to pitch board games around the topic of puppets. Can Ric sing his way to victory with his classic movie throwback? Will Ryan’s game pitch ruin the idea of felt puppets for children around the globe? Josh and Daryl are the designers behind In Too Deep, a game currently being funded through Kickstarter. Ric enjoyed his time with the digital demo of the game in his preview that you can read here. You can find Josh Cappel’s work at Burnt Island Games and Kids Table Board Gaming. You can find Daryl Chow’s work at Origame. Like the content that is filing your ears? Consider giving to our Patreon and connect with One Board Family even more. https://www.patreon.com/oneboardfamily The track “Balkana” was created by 4bstr4ck3r. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/4bstr4ck3r/ The post Will it Game? Episode 63 with Josh Cappel & Daryl Chow appeared first on One Board Family.


24 Sep 2020

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Episode 119: Daryl Chow & Josh Cappel

Board Game Gumbo Live!

The Krewe of Board Game Gumbo chats with Daryl Chow (from Origame) and Josh Cappel (from Burnt Island Games) during their big Kickstarter for In Too Deep. BJ digs the theme: players will "hack" into the minds of cyber enhanced criminals and try to bring down The Syndicate. But if they get too corrupted -- "in too deep" -- they risk losing it all. It is out on Kickstarter from Burnt Island Games. They also chat about some of the recent hot games Daryl and BJ have played: Remember Our Trip Kopi King Plantopia: The Card Game Crazy Octopus Smartphone Inc. Status Update 1.1 Finally, the Name Father is back and only 22% distracted by the Islanders deep run into the playoffs. Steve is focused tonight on The Envie Game -- Daryl & Josh have picked one game together that they have the envie to play. Had Steve and BJ done their usual homework, instead of worrying about hockey and hurricanes, they might have picked this one up pretty easily, but instead, there is a shocking twist ending!  Thanks for listening!   Board Game Gumbo is a proud member of Punchboard Media Gumbo Live! Tuesdays at 8:30 PM CST / 9:30 PM EST hosted by Board Game Gumbo www.facebook.com/boardgamegumbo @boardgamegumbo on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook www.boardgamegumbo.com ← our written reviews, news, and convention recaps

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17 Sep 2020

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Daryl Chow on getting better results

The Science of Psychotherapy

Daryl Chow has worked with Scott D. Miller, is an author, trainer, supervisor. Daryl provides outpatient and inpatient psychological services, clinical supervision, psychotherapy research, clinical training and workshops. We were able to catch up with Daryl and have a general conversation about psychotherapy and getting better results. For more about Daryl please go to the landing page for this episode HERE. Please leave a review! (Reviews are fabulously important to us! On your podcast player you should find an option to review at the bottom of the main page for the podcast - after the list of available episodes) - Here's a link for iTunes. Thanks for listening! Support this show by subscribing to The Science of Psychotherapy (You can support us by subscribing to our magazine for less than a $1/week) Please leave an honest review on iTunes and please subscribe to our show.  You can also find our podcast at: The Science of Psychotherapy Podcast Homepage If you want more great science of Psychotherapy please visit our website thescienceofpsychotherapy.com


18 May 2020

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45. VBT in Focus: Dr. Scott Miller and Dr. Daryl Chow on Deliberate Practice

Very Bad Therapy

Scott Miller and Daryl Chow return to the podcast to discuss their new book, Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Effectiveness.  Topics include the importance of targeting individual strengths and deficits in a system of learning, how to get out of the performance zone, the significance of a coach, and ideas for changing the ways in which psychotherapy is taught. VBT in Focus is a series of sporadic episodes in which Carrie and Ben have the privilege of chatting with their favorite thinkers in the field of psychotherapy. Thank you for listening. Support the show by becoming a monthly subscriber on Patreon to receive access to bonus episodes or by making a one-time contribution via PayPal. Show Notes: Better Results: Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Therapeutic Effectiveness The Heart & Soul of Change: Delivering What Works in Therapy Very Bad Therapy: Website / Facebook / Tell Us Your Story


23 Mar 2020

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#1. Introduction to Frontiers Radio by Daryl Chow, Ph.D.

Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development Podcast by Daryl Chow, Ph.D.

Frontiers Radio is a podcast for psychotherapists who value deep learning and individualized development that translates to better results with the people you aspire to improve. On the show, you'd acquire cutting edge knowledge that pushes beyond the edge of your development. Deliberate practice principles are pulled together from the studies of expertise and expert performance in a variety of professional fields, including cognitive sciences about how we learn, behavioral economics, aesthetic arts, social, counselling and clinical psychology and of course, latest updates and relevant tips from the front-lines of psychotherapy research. Episodes include short bitesize pieces to help you raise the bar of your game interviews with practitioners and leading figures in the field latest book and research publication recommendations that are relevant specificially for you. It's my job to help you stay at the bleeding edge, so that your client's reap the benefits as you become a deep learner. Be sure to subscribe to Frontiers Radio on Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher or whenever you get your podcast.


11 Dec 2019

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11. The Intake Process is a Mess (with Dr. Daryl Chow)

Very Bad Therapy

Gathering client information: good. Transcribing client responses into a computer while facing a wall: not good. It is estimated that 34% of clients don’t return after their first session, a strong indication that the traditional intake model is in need of repair. Dr. Daryl Chow joins us to discuss our guest Bryan’s bad intake experience, the importance of focusing intakes on giving rather than taking, and we explore how psychotherapists can achieve better outcomes over the long-term future. Show Notes: Is Dropout After a First Psychotherapy Visit Always a Bad Outcome? The First Kiss: Undoing the Intake Model and Igniting First Sessions in Psychotherapy Beyond Measures and Monitoring: Realizing the Potential of Feedback-Informed Treatment Daryl's Website Daryl's Blog: Frontiers of Psychotherapist Development Very Bad Therapy: Website / Facebook

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29 Jul 2019