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Working with Fear - Daily Meditation by Dawn Mauricio

iBme - Inward Bound Mindful Education

It can be really difficult and overwhelming trying to deal with fear and anxiety. iBme teacher Dawn Mauricio leads this calming 10-minute guided meditation to help us work with our fears more skillfully. So find a quiet space, close your eyes, and listen to Dawn's instructions. This was part of a live, virtual "Daily Meditation" series offered by iBme in Spring 2020.


1 Jun 2021

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Mindfulness Meditation in Your Wellness Toolkit with Dawn Mauricio

Live Well Dream Big

Suzanne is joined by Dawn Mauricio, a mindfulness teacher and guide. Dawn has been practicing meditation since 2005, and is the co-founder of the Yoga Mala Foundation in Montreal.Topics Include:- Dawn's journey to becoming a mindfulness teacher- Differences between mindfulness, meditation, and vipassana- Benefits to developing a mindfulness practice- Various mindfulness techniques- How we can support others in adopting a mindfulness practice- And other topics...[03:58] - Dawn shares how she got started on her mindfulness journey and where it has led her to today.[06:52] - What is mindfulness meditation? What is Vipassana?[11:46] - Why do mindfulness and meditation practices often feel so elusive, even for dedicated practitioners?[20:28] - What specific benefits can having a mindfulness practice bring to our lives?[27:02] - The “dig doing the dishes” practice.[31:50] - How can we be mindful of being mindful? How can we bring mindfulness into our moment to moment experience?[37:14] - How can we encourage others to adopt a mindfulness practice when we see that it could benefit them?[42:26] - Dawn takes listeners through a short mindfulness exercise.[48:00] - Misconceptions about quieting the mind. The mind as a sixth sense.RESOURCES MENTIONED:To learn about Dawn and her book dawnmauricio.com/book. To experience a complimentary guided meditation with Dawn, visit https://bit.ly/sinkintozzz


6 Jan 2021

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076 Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners with Dawn Mauricio

The Body Nerd Show

Dawn Mauricio is not only the kindest, most compassionate person you’ll ever meet, but she’s also a genius when it comes to meditation. So when I saw that she had a new book for meditation beginners, I knew I had to sit down with her. Enjoy our conversation and learn: The difference between mindfulness and meditation If meditating with your eyes open is a thing And how to tell if you’re doing it right (it’s not what you think!) All the links: - Dawn’s website - dawnmauricio.com - @dawnmauricio on IG - Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners: 50 Meditations to Practice Awareness, Acceptance, and Peace by Dawn Mauricio - Insight Timer App - www.aewellness.com/podcast - Show notes, links and more. - Join the free Body Nerds FB community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aewbodynerds/ - Come hang out with me on Instagram @hollaformala : https://instagram.com/hollaformala/ - Bodywork Starter Guide - learn the 6 places you need to roll right now for quick-relief, plus the reason why what you’ve tried so far has only given you a temporary fix. Download the guide for free now at www.aewellness.com/bodywork - 818-396-6501 is the Body Nerd Hotline - how do you build consistency and/or where are you getting stuck? Drop me a line and let me know your body nerd hacks - you might just hear your voice on a future episode!


20 Aug 2020

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Discussion avec Dawn Mauricio : vivre en pleine conscience

Le podcast Infuse magazine

Pour l’épisode 29 du podcast de Blond Story, Virginie et Sarah rencontre Dawn Mauricio pour parler de pleine conscience au quotidien. Ensemble, elles parleront de : la définition de la pleine conscience; méditation au quotidien; l'accessibilité à ce concept; la bienveillance. De plus, on vous invite à écouter l'autre épisode du podcast avec Dawn, ainsi que ses méditations guidées sur le magazine. // + Pour vous assurez de ne manquer aucun des épisodes du podcast, en plus de recevoir, chaque semaine, un compte rendu des contenus publiés sur le magazine en ligne, abonnez-vous à l’infolettre de Blond Story.


11 Feb 2020

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Dawn Mauricio: Bringing the feminine to the spiritual

Her Story - Son Histoire à Elle

When I sat down with Dawn Mauricio, I thought: ''wow, I could just hang out with this woman forever.''  She's the type of woman with boundless energy but knows exactly where to direct it and how to harness it.  From a basketball playing bigger brother pleasing little girl to a woman who has built a business teaching yoga and meditation pretty much all over the world, sitting down with Dawn was like spending time with a wise, compassionate, cool best friend.  She tells us how she got to where she is now studying at the historic Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in California and in the spirit of the podcast she delves into what it means to bring the feminine into meditation practice.  You will love her true blue honesty about her own spiritual practice and the way that she explains it might even encourage you to practice meditation yourself.  We can all agree that Dawn brings a fresh perspective to meditation anchored in inclusivity, diversity, patience and compassion.  You're going to love this one! www.dawnmauricio.com www.spiritrock.org instagram: @dawnmauricio


6 Sep 2019

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Dawn Mauricio: Awakening Presence on Family Vacation, Technology, and in Communication

The OHMazing® Way with Beth Reese, PhD

“At first at the end of the day I would ask myself, ‘was I mindful today? And loving and kind?’ And it’s virtually impossible to be either of those two things 100% of the time.” ~Dawn Mauricio Join The OHMazing® Way podcast creator, producer and host, Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP, and guest Dawn Mauricio in a conversation about cultivating mindfulness with family, technology, and within our communications. In the second half Dawn shares a practical tool to help us awaken presence that takes as little as 10 seconds! “The moments of contraction or of closing is our body telling us that it needs something. But often it’s society, marketing, whatever telling us, ‘no, no, it’s all about being pleasant and open all of the time.’ And so we tend to override the system that’s telling us I need to rest or I need something.” ~Dawn Mauricio One of the tools Dawn uses to support herself and awaken her presence throughout each day is STOP: Stop Take a breath Observe what is attracting our attention Proceed Dawn is a meditation teacher with a playful, dynamic, and centered approach. She is known for her boundless energy, and smiling personality that are both contagious, and motivating. Teaching since 2006, she has received certifications from Spirit Rock Meditation Center, True North Insight, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, Naada Yoga, and Yoga Tune Up®. Dawn has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005, and has completed numerous silent residential retreats in Canada, the US, Thailand, and Burma, including a 3-month silent retreat at Insight Meditation Society. She has completed several programs of meditation studies from True North Insight (2-year teaching mentorship), and Spirit Rock Meditation Center (18-month Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training, 2-year Dedicated Practitioners' Program). Currently, Dawn is a student in a multi-year teacher training program to enable her to lead silent residential retreats for adults with Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In 2007 she co-founded the Yoga Mala Foundation, a Montreal-based non-profit organization that supports the development of yoga programs in underserved communities. Dawn continues to be involved as a board member. She is also a board member for True North Insight, a charitable organization offering a full schedule of Buddhist Insight (Vipassana) meditation retreats and courses in English and French. Drawing from her deep experience in yoga and meditation, she delivers an effective balance of clear, precise instruction and mental reflection. Dawn firmly believes that how we offer ourselves in practice reflects how we offer ourselves in life, inspiring her to find new ways to extend her practice beyond the yoga mat and meditation cushion - and encouraging her students to do the same. Connect with Dawn: IG: http://instagram.com/dawnmauricio FB: http://facebook.com/dawnmauricio TW: http://twitter.com/dawnmauricio Web: http://dawnmauricio.com Dawn is also on Insight Timer. Connect with Beth: Email: elizabeth@yoginos.com Web: www.yoginos.com Cell: +1 361 563 7448 Facebook: personal: www.facebook.com/elizreese Facebook: Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®: www.facebook.com/yoginos/ Instagram: yoginosyogaforyouth: www.instagram.com/yoginosyogaforyouth Twitter: @yoginos: twitter.com/Yoginos LinkedIn: Beth Reese, PhD


3 Jul 2019

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Dawn Mauricio

Conscious Conversations

Dawn is a meditation teacher with a playful and dynamic approach. She is known for her smiling personality and effective balance of clear, precise instruction and mental reflection. Dawn has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005 and teaching yoga since 2006. Currently, she is a student in Spirit Rock Meditation Center's four year Dharma Retreat Teacher Training.   She firmly believes that how we offer ourselves in practice reflects how we offer ourselves in life, inspiring her to find new ways to extend her practice beyond the yoga mat and meditation cushion - and encouraging her students to do the same.

28 Feb 2019

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#11: Dawn Mauricio - With Insight

The SpiritBros Podcast

Have you ever thought of practicing meditation. Perhaps taking the next step and teaching it?Today on the show we welcome Dawn Mauricio. Dawn is a long time yoga teacher turned full time meditation instructor. Vivacious, fun, and insightful, she shares with us some highlights of her path. This includes stories about playing basketball, surviving intensive retreats and finding wisdom within them, and how she dealt with spending over 150 days away from home last year.


9 Nov 2018

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Western Insight Meditation with Dawn Mauricio

intelligent edge yoga

Western Insight Meditation and yoga teacher Dawn Mauricio brings her light, introspective approach to sincere meditation. We chat about personal practice and teaching, cultural appropriation in spiritual communities and spiritual bypassing. We talk about the limitations of social media for authentic shares, and how/when to share your personal processes with your community. Dawn talks about her history with meditation and why she prefers to refer to Insight Meditation as "Western Insight", which leads to a chat about cultural appropriation in the Buddhist and yoga spiritual communities. We finally touch on spiritual bypassing - the avoidance of personal pain and interpersonal exploration for spiritual "heights" - and how doing interpersonal work is a required component of spiritual practice. From Montreal, Dawn teaches and practices internationally, and you can join her in person or in her free 21 Day Meditation course, offered in partnership with Lole. See the show notes for details! Show Notes

1hr 18mins

8 Apr 2018

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Dawn Mauricio on Cultivating Relationships, Being Professional & Growing Your Yoga Business

Mastering the Business of Yoga

On today's episode of the podcast, Dawn Mauricio is joining me from Montreal, Quebec to share her journey as a yoga and meditation teacher. Dawn came to yoga after a painful break up while she was working in marketing in a corporate setting. After having a really powerful healing experience through yoga, Dawn decided to do a yoga teacher training, and quickly became a teacher. Dawn shares how she went from teaching upwards of 20 classes a week to teaching workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and at festivals. We chat about her biggest learnings as a yoga teacher, how she has grown her yoga business, the power of a great mentor and cultivating relationships, and how professionalism can help you take your yoga career to the next level. Enjoy! This episode of the podcast is brought to you by bookyogaretreats.com! I used bookyogaretreats to book my very first retreat and loved it. It's a great platform for people who want to book a retreat or training and for yoga teachers who want to lead a retreat. Check it out here! I've also launched a private community on Facebook for yoga teachers who want to learn more about business. Join me here!


16 Oct 2017