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Meet Up With MeLa Episode #2 - Financial Facts with Christina Gatteri

Meetup with MeLa

#financetraining #financeinterviewquestions #financemanager MeLa (Melissa-Lauren Hooks) welcomes special guest, Christina Gatteri, Certified Financial Planner, to discuss an array of financial topics ranging from COVID relief options, to expected financial trends in 2021, and everything in between! Christina is the owner of the financial company called, “Me Next Year” (MeNextYear.com), where her focus remains on assisting clients with positive financial decision-making to reach their goals. For additional references after listening to this podcast, please check out the following links: Student loan relief information https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/loans/student-loans/student-loan-deferment-forbearance, mortgage relief information https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/loans/student-loans/student-loan-deferment-forbearance, credit card relief information https://www.consumerfinance.gov/about-us/blog/credit-card-debt-during-coronavirus-relief-options-tips/#:~:text=Lowering%20or%20deferring%20yo, and how relief options may affect your credit score https://www.experian.com/blogs/ask-experian/how-forbearance-affects-credit/. In addition, assistance and questions related to may also be directed to the United Way by calling 2-1-1. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Conversations that affect us all Grab a glass of wine and join in. It’s MeLa time. Like what you see? Give us a Thumbs Up and hit the subscribe button for more content! _________________________________________________________________________ Where else can you find us? Facebook - MJR Podcast Family Instagram - @meetupwithmela Check out our page, and support us if you’d like! - https://anchor.fm/meet-up-with-mela Listen on these platforms! Anchor : https://anchor.fm/meet-up-with-mela Breaker :https://www.breaker.audio/meet-up-with-mela Google Podcasts : https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy80NjUwM2ZhYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw== Overcast : https://overcast.fm/itunes1506356118/... Pocket Casts : https://pca.st/4owqzzpi RadioPublic : https://radiopublic.com/meet-up-with-mela-G1lAOB Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/show/5OBBUuW4szezGEbPVZ7SLh __________________________________________________________________________ Copyright: All rights to the published audio, video, graphics and textual materials belong to their respective owners. If you are the author or copyright owner of any information you use and would like to remove it, please contact us at: studspodcast2themax@gmail.com. This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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22 Jan 2021

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How Personal And Financial Self Care Can Set Your Teenager Up For Success | Christina Gatteri | Episode 134

Mighty Parenting | Raising Teens | Parenting Young Adults

Say the word budget and watch people cringe. Why is that? Why are budgets so difficult? Why don’t we stick to them? And how can we help our kids stay out of debt while still living a good life? Certified financial planner Christina Gatteri joins Mighty Parenting Podcast host Sandy Fowler to help us understand personal and financial self care and how it impacts our lives. She shares insights about money, why she doesn’t have her clients create budgets and what she does instead. She and Sandy describe important conversations to have with our teens and twenty somethings and discuss some of Sandy’s strategies for teaching her kids how to be responsible with their money while still enjoying it. Our Guest: Christina Gatteri Detailed Show Notes and Support at MightyParenting.com episode 134 Our Sponsor: iBme — Mindfulness courses and retreats for teens and adults 


20 Jul 2020

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Celebrating Small Wins with Christina Gatteri

Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business

We are in season 17 of the Balance Boldly Podcast for Ambitious Women In Business (and a few brave men) and it’s, 2020 the beginning of a fresh new decade. Do you hear me? So, if you are sitting in a place where you felt like there was the woulda-coulda-shoulda anvil hanging over your head because you get didn't get something done yesterday or last year, it's okay, breathe easy. Today is about how to celebrate small wins! Most of the high-achievers I speak with are feeling exactly like you, like there’s not enough time, the new year’s already flying so fast and there’s so much to do. It’s hard to turn it off, but you can turn it down. Give yourself a little permission to pause and appreciate what you did get finished or at least framed out. On this episode of the Balance Boldly Podcast with Naketa R. Thigpen sits down with Christina Gatteri, Certified Financial Planner and Advisor who loves spending time outdoors hiking, gardening, or at the beach when she’s not helping people plan smart for what they want most. Tune in and hear how Christina broke free from the traditional ways of the corporate machine and stepped out into a brave new adventure to be more human in how she helps! This podcast episode is chock full of work/life nuggets that can help you in your personal and professional life, if you’re willing…. More about Christina,For years, Christina and her partners worked under a terrible broker-dealer. After some tiring years, they decided they wanted to break out of the corporate machine as they disagreed with the policies and prices. By breaking out, they were able to do business with integrity and within the purview of their own system. Christina and her partners’ main goal is to put the ‘human’ back into financial planning. Since then, Christina is living the life she always wanted while still being true to herself and her clients. She is able to do a job she loves while still spending time with the people she loves.Christina’s passion is helping young families realize financial success – regardless of the unexpected turns, their life may take.Contact Christina:Christina M. Angelone-Gatteri, CFP®, CRPC®Financial Advisorhttps://myinnovativeplan.com/christina-gatteri/https://www.facebook.com/christinagatteri/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinaangelonegatteri/ https://www.instagram.com/christina.g_me.next.year/ http://www.menextyear.com Subscribe, Share & Balance BoldlyOn the Balance Boldly Podcast, host Naketa R. Thigpen talks with ambitious women in business (and a few brave men) from a wide array of industries about their pursuit of success, how they face business burnout and what work/life balance looks like for them. Not your conventional self-help podcast, Balance Boldly uncovers real solutions to real problems afflicting real people at home and in the workplace, daily.If you enjoyed this episode, head over to Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, or Google Play to subscribe to the show and leave your honest review. Be sure to check out our new weekly livestreams of #LetsTalkIntimacy @asknaketa on IG/YouTube/Facebook every Thursday at 11:30am EST. Connect with me, Naketa R. Thigpen @asknaketa on IG, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Now Go. Create Your Balance. Create Your Joy. But remember, do it, BOLDLY! Thank you for listening!


15 Jan 2020

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Taking Your Money Goals to the Next Level with Christina Gatteri

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks

Today we are going beyond your budget and talking about how to take your financial goals to the next level.  Our guest and Certified Financial Planner, Christina Gatteri talks with us about how and when to invest, how to make your savings work harder for you, and how you can plan for the bigger things in life. Get the app for working Christian moms!  It’s a free app with planning tools, free courses, and a lifestyle guide to help you grow in all 8 areas of life! Download iTunes Download Google Play Ready to create more balance in your life?  Join Life Balance Membership today!


8 Oct 2019

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Christina Gatteri: Certified Financial Planner

The Mom Enterprise

Welcome to The Mom Enterprise, a weekly podcast hosted by Kendra Martinez featuring working Moms who find a way to manage it all. Episode Guest: Christina Gatteri  "For nearly 15 years I have been helping women break the cycle of being overworked and underappreciated. I enjoy using my personal experience to help women focus on self-care and shifting their mindset to accomplish their goals, both personal and financial.  This is done through one on one coaching and speaking at events and women's associations. I studied Economics at the University of Tampa and received a Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University. I achieved my Certified Financial Planner designation in 2015.  I live in Rhode Island with my husband Luke and daughters Olivia and Lily." - Christina Gatteri Listen to hear more about Christina's story:  2:05 | Christina’s road to working in finance. 4:20 | Women in the finance workforce. 5:55 | The sometimes-unfortunate side effects of reaching out for help. 17:55 | When family is around for support. 21:05 | Asking mom to be home more. 24:45 | Talking to your kids when they are young about investing and finances. 34:50 | Balancing family time. 38:30 | Delegating household responsibilities. 41:25 | Lightening Round! 47:45 | Biggest Mom oops. 50:30 | What’s next for Christina. Links mentioned: www.menextyear.com, www.facebook.com/christinagatteri, www.linkedin.com/in/christinaangelonegatteri Follow this podcast: Instagram: @themomenterprise Website: www.themomenterprise.com Contact Us: themomenterprise@gmail.com Music: www.bensound.com Producer: Kendra Martinez Co-Producer/Editor: Lexi Burrows


21 Jul 2019

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How to find the right financial planner: Christina Gatteri: 134

Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

Have you ever thought about hiring a financial planner but just don't know where to start?Today we have financial planner Christina Gatteri on the show.  Christina walks us through the process of finding the right financial planner for you! She shares with us the red flags to look out for and why she doesn't love 529's for college savings.  We also talk about cash flow and what she prefers her clients to have for when it comes to having an emergency fund. One topic that she shared that stood out is what she wishes more parents were doing to help teach their kids about money. Hear what she says about this topic and more on the podcast.If you liked this episode,  make sure to check out the episode with Julie Lam on how to save for you kid's future: Saving for your kids futureResources mentioned in the show:Lean 7 week online weight loss program:I had the pleasure of doing a four-part series with Registered Dietitian Amanda Nighbert. On this first episode of the series you’ll  find out:What intermittent fasting is and how it worksHow intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and keep it offNutritional myths that could be keeping you from losing weightHow bulletproof coffee helps you burn fat (see recipe below)…And more!Click on the link below to get $20 off Amanda’s program and get ready to kick that slow metabolism into HIGH gear!Get Started*Discount is for first-time customers... If you’ve done this program before, we haven’t forgotten about you! Click here to get $10 off. Guest Info:Christina GatteriFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/christinagatteri/ .Website:https://myinnovativeplan.com/Note: This page contains some affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, we’ll receive a small commission — at no additional cost to you!


7 May 2019