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77: Daria Tsvenger recovered from depression and at 23 years old she became a mindset expert

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Immigrant Entrepreneur: Daria Tsvenger Daria always wanted to work for the Russian government and never imagined that she would end up living in the United States. But 5 years ago, she and her husband decided that it was a good move to come to Silicon Valley. Daria's husband is a tech entrepreneur and had started several startups.  Moving to United States, Daria didn't know what she was getting herself into. She didn't know that she was going to be all alone, fall into depression and experience immense self doubt. Through her journey and experiences she went looking for answers. She discovered neuroscience that was offered at Stanford. She was finally able to be set free and find her inner joy.  With her experiences she went on to produce 2 amazing communities in the neuroscience industry with a cofounder. She connected amazing people with well known doctors in the neuroscience industry. She's worked with Dr. Adam Gazzaley, and Dr. David Eagleman to name the few. Daria launched a successful program, The Dream Sprint, where she coached and mentored people who wanted to get more connected with people, live out their dreams and get clarity for their life.  Daria launched her entrepreneurship journey when she was only 23 years. Daria is a mindset expert who has helped hundreds of people tap into the power of their brain to gain clarity and make their dreams come true.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/immigrantentrepreneurs/support


19 Jun 2021

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The Dream Sprint | Daria Tsvenger

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

Meet Daria Tsvenger, speaker, advisor, angel investor, and founder of the Dream Sprint, a personal growth challenge aimed to motivate and inspire people to fulfill their goals. Listen in as Daria shares her incredible journey as the founder of one of the largest wellness communities for women in San Francisco. Timestamped show notes 03:07 - Serendipities 04:41 - Marriage is the second most stressful event after losing a family member 05:31 - Use our willpower and dedication 07:08 - Daria shares her experience with depression 09:18 - Studying the brain at Stanford 13:24 - Neuroscience at Stanford 17:01 - Angel investing 20:29 - Two types of trauma, big and small 22:05 - Intense trauma, partial amnesia 25:59 - Returning to joy and gratitude 29:56 - The first and second arrow 31:22 - Daria shares some of her entrepreneurship tools and tips 34:35 - Advice for women entrepreneurs 36:36 - How has COVID changed your behavior? 39:01 - Daria shares some of her free resources from her website Links The Dream Sprint: https://www.thedreamsprint.com/ Daria’s Website: https://dariatsvenger.com/


24 Mar 2021

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Building Emotional Resilience, Fulfilment, and Overcoming Depression with Daria Tsvenger

Finding My Fit

Today I am joined by Daria Tsvenger, a Forbes-featured Mindset and Life Coach, who shares with us her methods to create emotional resilience, challenge the assumptions that we make of ourselves, and how we can cultivate happiness and fulfilment. She also touches on her past experience with depression, and how she has overcome this. Find Daria's website here, and her instagram @daria_tsvenger here. Contact me through my website https://finding-my-fit.com, via instagram @athinacrilley or @findingmyfitpodcast, or through email findingmyfitpodcast@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/athinacrilley/ https://www.instagram.com/findingmyfitpodcast/ For health and fitness, or eating disorder recovery coaching, please see my website for more details or send me an email. To download my organisation and podcast planners, and self-love or gratitude journals, see my Etsy store 'Finding My Fit Store' here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FindingMyFitStore To read about my journey and recovery from an eating disorder, Diaries of An Anorexic: A Recovery Journey, click here https://amzn.to/2FwshNu--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


4 Feb 2021

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Manifesting your Dreams with Daria Tsvenger

Journeys Untold

Robin and Daria talk about manifesting your dreams. Daria Tsvenger is a Forbes-featured mindset expert and host & creator of the top personal growth program "The Dream Sprint". Her work has helped 1000+ people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity and define the next steps in life.Daria shared her expertise on TV shows such as "Good Morning LA-LA-LAND", "Simulation" and the major publications like "Vogue", "ThriveGlobal", "Forbes". She is also a mentor at 500 Startups, where she helps entrepreneurs manage stress, increase confidence and supercharge productivity. More than 30,000 passionate dreamers are following Daria's work.Daria completed a Cognitive Neuroscience Stanford University extension program and had a chance to learn from top experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Dr. David Eagleman, Marisa Peer, and Dr. Loretta Breuning.***The Dream Spring Program: https://www.thedreamsprint.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daria_tsvenger/ Links: https://www.dariatsvenger.com/links *** Frantastic Stories book by Robin Who: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VMH8YY6


26 Jan 2021

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Running from Achieving Your 2021 Goals: Interview with Daria Tsvenger (featured in Forbes, Vogue)

Resiliency in Running

Massive thank you to Daria and her publicist for reaching out to come on the show! If you're stuck in a rut, this episode is for you! Daria brings a strong neuroscience background that allows her to present a unique methodology to combat anxiety, fear, and procrastination!  __________________________________________________________________________________ Daria Tsvenger: dariatsvenger.com/links Instagram: @daria_tsvenger  __________________________________________________________________________________ Questions? Comments? Shoot me a DM!  Instagram: @resiliencyinrunning linktr.ee/resiliencyinrunning I'm running for the Boston Children's Hospital for the London 2021 Marathon! Please consider donating! https://secure.childrenshospital.org/site/TR/ActiveEvents/ActiveEvents?px=2051217&pg=personal&fr_id=2076 This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/resiliencyinrunning/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/resiliencyinrunning/support


11 Jan 2021

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Priming Your Brain For Success with Daria Tsvenger

Coffee N. 5 with Lara Schmoisman

Did you know that maybe what’s keeping you from reaching your dreams and goals is probably your own brain? Today’s guest, Daria Tsvenger, is here to tell you all about it! Daria is  a Forbes-featured mindset and life coach and founder of a self-discovery program called “The Dream Sprint.” Her work has helped 1000+ people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity and turn their dreams into reality. Daria will shine a light on the fact that rewiring and priming your brain for success is totally possible!Highlights:Daria describes from her personal experience how she managed to get out of a dark place by recognizing that she was not achieving her goals and dreams. She started to think about her fears and how they impacted her mindset, and that’s how she entered the world of understanding how the brain works.The importance of understanding that our mind is not designed to keep us happy, it’s designed to keep us safe. That’s why we feel a big resistance when trying to reach out to challenging dreams or generally risky situations. Some people are genetically predisposed to be more negative than others. However, it is possible to get rid of that negativity and change your way of thinking.Daria discusses how to reframe envy and jealousy by thinking of these emotions as resources that help you find out more about your desires.Daria explains how her self-discovery program “The Dream Sprint” works and how it can impact your career.To learn more about Daria, make sure to visit her website or follow her on Instagram.Want to learn more about ALL things marketing? Join our Facebook Group Marketing Small Talk.Support the show (http://www.laraschmoisman.com)


25 Nov 2020

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121. How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness with Daria Tsvenger

The BossBabe Podcast

Did you know that our brains don’t want us to be happy? Our default mode is to be constantly on the lookout for danger. This is how the evolutionary process shaped our brains and how our ancestors physically survived. Today, we’re joined by special guest, Daria Tsvenger, Mindset Expert and Life Coach for entrepreneurs. Daria has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, and so much more for her expertise in science-based personal development.  Tune in to learn how you can rewire your brain for happiness and success. Daria is diving deep into the neuroscience of achieving goals and sharing actionable tips on how to shift your mindset to overcome anxiety, fear, and procrastination. Blending the best of spirituality and science, Daria is teaching us how to use our brainpower to take inspired action beyond manifestation and visualization.  If you’re ready to learn how to deconstruct your brain and reprogram it for a stronger, more positive mindset, then get ready to take notes because this episode is for you!  Join Daria’s FREE 10-Day Dream Spring Challenge starting October 7th: https://www.thedreamsprint.com/ 


23 Sep 2020

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Become a Master Manifester by Tapping into Serendipity and Loving What you Do with Daria Tsvenger


Daria Tsvenger, Forbes-featured mindset expert and life coach, joins me in chatting about creating your ideal reality, loving what you do rather than doing what you love, understanding that the future is another present moment, and the flow of spiritual energy across one's personal and professional life. Connect with Daria: thedreamsprint.com IG: @daria_tsvenger --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


18 Sep 2020

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Episode #73 S2-EP31 The Dream Sprint with Daria Tsvenger

SESSIONS by Monster Chats

On Today's episode, we are going to be talking with Daria Tsvenger. Daria and I are going to be talking about her self-discovery program and her journey entrepreneurship.  Daria is a mindset expert and creator of a self-discovery program called “The Dream Sprint”. Her work has helped hundreds of people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity, develop emotional resilience, and define the next steps in life. Daria also prides herself on providing top-notch mindset coaching for executives & entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured on TV shows such as “Good Morning LA-LA-LAND”, “Simulation” and the major publications like “Vogue”, “ThriveGlobal”, “Forbes”. More than 30,000 passionate dreamers are following her work. Daria completed the Cognitive Neuroscience Stanford University extension program, CBT certification, 500 hours YTT and has had a chance to learn from top experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Dr. David Eagleman, Marisa Peer, and Dr. Loretta Breuning.  Monster VoIP | Your #1 VoIP Provider Website www.monstervoip.com Address 1730 E Holly Ave #749, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States Phone Phone: +1 877-818-9696 Email hello@monstervoip.com Hours:    Open 24 hours


28 Aug 2020

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Living Inspired Action with Daria Tsvenger

Guru Please

Being stuck sucks. It’s the same limiting thoughts and beliefs on repeat and you don’t know how to move forward. It’s time to start making things happen and going after what you truly desire. Learn how to get unstuck by tapping into the power of your brain. Daria is a mindset expert and founder of The Dream Sprint, a personal growth challenge that helps people find fulfillment and manifest their true desires. After moving to the U.S. from Russia and feeling disconnected, lonely, and depressed, she took back control of her own life by studying cognitive neuroscience and personal development. Now she helps others do the same in their lives.Quotes to remember: “You can look at truth from different angles.”“We should never ignore our negative feelings.”Takeaways:Change is very scary for our brainsUncovering our limiting beliefs and stories will help us become happierUse confirmation bias to your advantage by looking for evidence for positive beliefsYour largest potential is in the least balanced spokes of your life wheel Awareness of the local culture can help you weed out false desiresYour body knows best about what you wantThe purpose of doing this work is to live from a place of inspiration and inspired actionIt’s important to formulate your desires in the right way to your brainWhat you’ll learn:About Daria’s existential crisis and when she realized that she didn’t want to stay in that place anymoreThe steps to create change in your lifeHow to work with lonelinessHow to uncover our true desiresWhy envy and jealousy are useful feelingsHow to build your confidence through making promises to yourself and keeping themMentioned on the podcast: https://www.thedreamsprint.com/https://dariatsvenger.com/Links:InstagramLinkedInTwitter


24 Aug 2020