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56 | Analyzing Dansby Swanson's defense

Sequence with Trevor Plouffe

https://www.foco.com/jomboy In today’s episode of Sequence, Plouffe will be analyzing and breaking down the elite defense of Dansby Swanson, showcasing a jaw-dropping play the 27-year-old made last week at shortstop. Follow Sequence on Twitter/Instagram: @SequenceJM


29 Apr 2021

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Is Dansby Swanson the Worst Baserunner in the World? Graham Clearly Thinks So

Atlanta's Own: An Atlanta Sports Podcast

This episode is very NSFW with an early season profanity laced rant from Graham about the fundamentals of baseball. Some would argue he went too far, but our users can be the judge of this. We dive into what has been tough start for a majority of the Braves not named Ronald Acuna, Pablo Sandoval or Luke Jackson (lol). Hawks talk focuses on the how impressive the team has been even without Trae Young and Nate McMillan's future with the Team. Atlanta United is mentioned in passing.

1hr 6mins

17 Apr 2021

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UCF Twitter Jerseys, Dansby Swanson, Matt Gaetz, #DaunteWright, Cancel or Consequence, Best of Social Media

Wrighster or Wrong with George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden

* Ralph moves to North Carolina* Digging up George’s old tweets leads to a story about a former teammate* UCF (University of Central Florida) won a major branding battle in recruiting by replacing players’ last names with their Twitter/Instagram handles. FSU responds with a branding video.* Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson does the right thing calling out fans who threw trash on the field after a controversial safe call of Alec Bohm at home.* Matt Gaetz is trying to turn his infamy into publicity* According to Police Chief of Brooklyn Center, Daunte Wright was shot by mistake. The officer meant to draw his taser.* Cancel or Consequence* Best of Social Media Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 24mins

12 Apr 2021

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Dansby Swanson Days Till Baseball Counts!!

Bedroom Radio

One week From Opening Day and Players are Dropping like Flies!Follow Sarah on Twitter, @sarahr7dSupport Sarah at www.patreon.com/easyoutpodcastVisit www.backhomemedia.com for more details.

1hr 18mins

30 Mar 2021

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Dansby Swanson Days Till Baseball Counts!!

Easy Out Podcast

One week From Opening Day and Players are Dropping like Flies!Follow Sarah on Twitter, @sarahr7dSupport Sarah at www.patreon.com/easyoutpodcastVisit www.backhomemedia.com for more details.

1hr 18mins

30 Mar 2021

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51. Dansby Swanson, The Best Shortstop In America

Mansplain Baseball Elsewhere

The girls chat about this week in baseball. Go over their AL teams, spring training highlights, and draft best off field style. Our Kick Ass Ladies of the Week are Kate Scott & Caley Chelios.

1hr 8mins

23 Mar 2021

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Dansby Swanson, Atlanta Braves SS

Chuck and Chernoff

He had a breakout season in 2020 and there is no reason to think he won't keep trending up!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Mar 2021

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Dansby Swanson on How to Improve Your Mental Approach

Game Changers with Molly Fletcher

Dansby Swanson is one of baseball’s brightest young stars. A former #1 draft pick, Dansby plays shortstop for his hometown team, the Atlanta Braves. In the shortened 2020 season, he put together the best stats of his career as the Braves fell just short of the World Series. Off the field, he is the founder of the lifestyle brand and movement, AllThingsLoyal, showcasing the culture of Atlanta. On this episode, we dig into the mindset of peak performance and the importance of mental health. Dansby shares the techniques like journaling, therapy and brainspotting that help him strengthen his mental game.


4 Mar 2021

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Dansby Swanson - Atlanta Braves Shortstop

Sports Spectrum Podcast

Dansby Swanson is entering his sixth season as the shortstop of the Atlanta Braves. He was originally the number one overall pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks back in 2015 before being traded in December 2015 to the Braves. In college at Vanderbilt, Dansby was named the 2014 College World Series Most Valuable Player after helping lead his club to the College Baseball World Series Championship. Last season, Swanson led the Braves to within a game of the World Series, and hit a NLCS Game 7 home run in a 3-2 loss to the eventual champion Los Angeles Dodgers. He finished the shortened 2020 season with 10 homers and hit a career high .274 in 60 games. Today on the podcast, we talk to Dansby about the shortened 2020 season, what its like to hit a home run in a Game 7, how he coped with fear and anxiety and why intentionality is his one word for 2021. --- If you enjoyed this podcast with Dansby, we know you'll love these conversations as well: Dansby Swanson interview from 2018 Annie F. Downs - Author/Speaker


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 63: Dansby Swanson

YNK: you know what I mean?

Dansby Swanson is the shortstop for the Atlanta Braves. He’s the former #1 overall pick in the 2015 MLB draft and a Georgia native. Mike connects with Dansby via video call. At the time of filming, the Braves were in first place in the NL East and on a path to clinching a high seed in the playoffs. Now Dansby and the Braves are playing the Dodgers for a World Series berth. Did the magic of Stevenson Ranch rub off on the great city of Atlanta? Probably.The two talk some of the parallels between baseball and life: how to get out of a slump, how to keep it real, and how to stay in the batter's box no matter what. There’s talk about therapy; how freeing it can be and how it builds confidence in one's own self. Dansby also shares how his childhood upbringing motivated him to give back more and help others in life. He loves spreading the love—and honestly, who doesn’t?LiquidIV is THE go-to hydration multiplier. Drink it while you’re hungover. Drink it while you’re sober. Heck, drink it while you’re drunk! One small packet dissolved into 12 fluid ounces of water will hydrate you 2-3 times more than a single bottle of water will. Feel better faster and save the environment at the same time. Want in? Go to http://www.liquid-iv.com and use our code “YNK” for 25% off your entire order.

1hr 13mins

14 Oct 2020