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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jacqueline Hollows. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jacqueline Hollows, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jacqueline Hollows. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jacqueline Hollows, often where they are interviewed.

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Jacqueline Hollows

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Jacqueline is a social entrepreneur, and the founder of Beyond Recovery, a non-profit organisation with a mission to radically review the way we view and treat offending behaviour. Her programs have been evidenced by academic research, and Jacqueline is invited to speak about her work at conferences around the world. She is also currently writing a book about her journey witnessing transformations. The lads she works with call her Mama J.
*For more information on my coaching and mentoring packages please contact me at https://www.deladeyjones.com
Aug 25 2020 · 35mins
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Epiosde 91: What's The Worst That Could Happen with Jacqueline Hollows

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Today Jacqueline Hollows and I set out to talk about the work that she does with prisoners and the difference this conversation can make for those who are living in what many of us imagine would be one of the worst possible environments.

And instead, we ended up going somewhere completely different - and incredibly touching.

Was it a disaster that the call didn't go as we expected? No. And this podcast explains how life shows us how it rarely goes as planned and always takes us somewhere beautiful.

Jan 09 2020 · 55mins

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Freedom - Where it really comes from

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A great conversation with Jacqueline Hollows from Beyond Recovery who works with some awesome guys in the prison system in the UK on a misunderstanding of Freedom. Listening it’s clear that it gives Jacqueline a great perspective on the word free, which leads to a wonderful conversation on the perspective of life that makes such a difference and regardless of whether you are physically incarcerated or living your life, you can be in prison if you don’t see how your experience is created.

Things we discussed:

  • Where freedom really comes from
  • How we’re all in a prison of types
  • What being trapped is
  • Living a life in prison
  • Achieving more to get what you already have is pointless
  • What does everyone really want
  • What do decisions really consist of
  • Can we predict the future?
  • How much headspace we spend in the prison of our mind
  • How we miss the beauty and people in the world
  • What’s really on the table
  • Being mentored by mind vs your own thought
  • Knowing vs Not Knowing
  • Fresh Thought vs Insecurity
  • The intelligence behind life
  • How we protect our created reality
  • The way in to seeing the prison of your mind
  • Our perspective colours what we think about ourselves
  • Magical transformational stories

The post Freedom – Where it really comes from appeared first on Misunderstandings of the Mind.

Jul 22 2019 · 46mins
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We don't have to do anything until we have to do it | Wisdom Entrepreneurs | Jacqueline Hollows

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In this episode of BR Diaries, Jacqueline Hollows and her "Wisdom Entrepreneurs" explore how to deal with insecure thinking that comes up when preparing for a talk, writing a copy or showing up for a workshop. They share their latest insights around:

  • We're always learning
  • Hearing Your Own Wisdom 
  • How to write copy from a 3P place
  • Focus on what you know
  • We don't have to do anything until we have to do it
Jul 28 2017 · 1hr 7mins

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A Wisdom Inspired Business | Wisdom Entrepreneurs | Jacqueline Hollows

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Do you have a great idea for a business/charity/social enterprise/creative project but have yet to get it off the ground? Do you feel like you have the perfect solution for something but you don’t know how to get people to listen? What is holding you back from bringing your ‘baby’ to fruition? Is it the size of the task and fear of getting stuck along the way? Would you like some help in seeing what it actually takes? Jacqueline’s experience with Beyond Recovery showed her it is easier and more straight forward than we think.  In this podcast Jacqueline will share what it took to be a successful entrepreneur and how that can help you get your business/charity/social enterprise/creative project off the ground and flourishing. Join Jacqueline Hollows, a social entrepreneur and pioneer, who tells us her story and what enabled her to overcome procrastination, fear of public speaking and lack of experience in her chosen field to launch and run a ground breaking, successful and growing social enterprise and to speak on the topic around the world.

Jul 12 2017 · 37mins
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0002: Jacqueline Hollows - Social Enterprise Founder

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Through one2one coaching and group workshops, Beyond Recovery uses a psychosocial paradigm called the 3 Principles to create change and tap into the source of unlimited peace of mind and wellbeing.  Everything else, such as sustainable recovery; thriving businesses; happy relationships; and financial security, follows. Beyond Recovery work with people impacted (whether personally or professionally) by addictions, mental health issues, criminal justice system. Beyond Recovery's social mission is to challenge the way addiction and mental health is viewed and treated. 

Dec 23 2016 · 51mins