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2021-10-07 - Marking the feast of Our Lady of Victory with Joseph Pearce, Dr. Matthew Bunson, Liz Lev, and more!

Son Rise Morning Show

Happy feast of Our Lady of Victory! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Joseph Pearce to do a reading of G.K. Chesterton’s “Lepanto,” Dr. Matthew Bunson to discuss the history of the battle, and art historian Liz Lev to look at how the events of Lepanto have been portrayed in art. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more...


7 Oct 2021

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Introducing Shakespeare, and that's not all: an interview with Joseph Pearce

make joy normal: cozy homeschooling

Well if this isn't a podcasting career highlight for me.  Joseph Pearce is a beloved writer in the Catholic sphere and beyond, his particular area of passion is literature.  Our listener's benefit not only from his knowledge and love of Shakespeare, but his insights into suffering, the blessings of  home education and our life as the primary educators of our children.    2:14 - The influence of "Literary converts" and impact of literacy  7:35 -  What were your main reasons for choosing to homeschool?18:20 - Why read Shakespeare and where do we start? 26:50 - What age should you start reading Shakespeare to kids and how? 30:23 - Would you start by reading it or by watching a performance? 33:46 - Where would you go from after Romeo and Juliet and Julius Cesar?36:00 - How do you read a play aloud? 37:04 - How do we choose a quality performance of Shakespeare? 41:04 - Critical editions by Ignatius Press 41:49 - Are there any movie editions of Shakespeare that would be worth watching?Romeo and Juliet critical edition and study guideThe Quest for ShakespeareShakespeare on LoveJoseph's books at Ignatius PressThe Wagner Stories


20 Jun 2021

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Episode 49: Revealed Through Story (Joseph Pearce)


AMDG. We are thrilled to welcome the keynote speaker of our portable homeschool convention: Joseph Pearce. With clear enthusiasm for the subjects he teaches, Joseph describes how God conveys the greatest lessons to us--theological, philosophical, moral, and historical--in terms of story and literature. He explains how humility gives us a sense of gratitude, gratitude opens the eyes in wonder, wonder leads us to contemplation, and contemplation dilates the mind and soul into the fullness of reality. And he reassures parents who may not have a classical education themselves: don’t be daunted and think you’re not worthy to educate your children. Resources and opportunities abound for parents to learn themselves, which in turn unites children and parents and brings their family closer together. Ultimately, Joseph explains how to have an education in the humanities is to become more fully human.  Resources (Bolded text below denotes links.)  jpearce.co Classical Education and the Future of Civilization Graduation 2018: Reflections from a Kolbe Family Are Homeschools Serving as Newman Guide Prep Schools? 2018 Graduation Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know Have a question or suggestion for the Kolbecast team? Drop us a line at podcast@kolbe.org. Subscribe in your favorite podcast app for effortless episode delivery. 


9 Jun 2021

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More Christ Episode Ten: Joseph Pearce: GK Chesterton, Lewis, Tolkien and the True Myth

More Christ

Welcome to More Christ, where we seek to bring some of the world's most interesting and insightful guests to discuss life's central and abiding questions.  In this tenth episode in a series of discussions, I'm joined by the terrific Catholic writer, Joseph Pearce.  Joseph is Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative. A native of England, Mr. Pearce is Director of Book Publishing at the Augustine Institute, editor of the St. Austin Review, and series editor of the Ignatius Critical Editions.  He is the author of numerous books, which include The Quest for Shakespeare, Tolkien: Man and Myth,  The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis and The Catholic Church, Literary Converts, Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile, Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc, and Further Up & Further In: Understanding Narnia.


5 Jun 2021

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Mythic Mission #15: Chesterton and Tolkien on Myth, Imagination, and the Gospel with Joseph Pearce

Mythic Mission

For Mythic Mission's 15th episode, I interview Joseph Pearce, author of Frodo's Journey: Discovering the Hidden Meaning of the Lord of the Rings (among many other excellent books) about G.K. Chesterton's philosophy of myth, why the Christian story--and the Incarnation--is the "master key" to understanding reality, and Chesterton's influence on both Tolkien and Lewis. To learn more about Joseph Pearce, please visit his website here: https://jpearce.co/about/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/michael-t-jahosky/support


22 Mar 2021

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Brideshead Revisited with Joseph Pearce


Joseph Pearce and I discuss Evelyn Waugh masterful novel, Brideshead Revisited. Check out Bishop Sheen Rosaries.https://www.sheenrosaries.com/?ref=plotlines For a discount use PLOTLINES10.


5 Mar 2021

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Prof. Joseph Pearce presents on Teaching Literary Studies (February 8, 2021)

The Two Wings

In this episode of The Two Wings Seminar, Prof. Joseph Pearce presents on Teaching Literary Studies (February 8, 2021)

1hr 8mins

9 Feb 2021

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Race with the Devil – Joseph Pearce

Uncommon Sense

Joseph Pearce is a Catholic apologist who has written bestselling books on G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Shakespeare. In this episode, Joseph takes us on a journey through his past, his present and his future. The debt he owes to Chesterton plays a large part. We talk about everything from his knowledge on Shakespeare to his interview with Solzhenitsyn to how much he can bench press.


26 Jan 2021

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S2E1 - An Interview With Joseph Pearce, Author

The Table of Content

In this episode, Albert talks with Joseph Pearce, an author who has focused much of his attention on gathering the evidence that Shakespeare had a Catholic upbringing and reflected that in his writings.


9 Jan 2021

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Episode 2 – A Short Primer for the Unsettled Laymen – Fr. Joseph Fessio S.J., Vivian Dudro, and Joseph Pearce FBC Podcast

Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

What is human progress, and is it a good thing? How does it change how we see God? In the second part of the series, we face more confusing issues with the help of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s A Short Primer for Unsettled Laymen. You can find the book here Hans Urs von Balthasar addresses the critical issues that have been unsettling the Catholic laity since the Second Vatican Council. In a clear and readable manner, he focuses on the core elements of the faith: the Word of God; the life, death, and resurrection of Christ; the sacraments; the structure of the Church; and Mary. Speaking plainly about the polarization within the Catholic Church, he also discusses the various ideological trends—such as liberalism, progressivism, and traditionalism—that have undermined the confidence and the unity of the faithful. “In this Primer, Balthasar addresses today’s faithful laity who feel that [the] solidity of the Church is shifting beneath their feet. He speaks to those who fear that the Church has done what she ought not to do: that she is in fact relaxing her demands in order to win favor, not from God, but from man. Into this situation Balthasar re-proposes the ‘form’ of Jesus Christ as revealed in his Church. This form is ‘only the whole’: the whole, concrete reality of Christ, conveyed within Catholic tradition. This form is ‘spun from three strands’ of Word, sacrament, and ecclesial authority. These three provide the Church with the ability to remain on course despite the winds blowing through history.” — Angela Franks, Ph.D., From the Foreword Fr. Joseph Fessio S.J. Vivian Dudro Joseph Pearce The post Episode 2 – A Short Primer for the Unsettled Laymen – Fr. Joseph Fessio S.J., Vivian Dudro, and Joseph Pearce FBC Podcast appeared first on Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts.


24 Nov 2020