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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Knight. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Knight, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Knight. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Knight, often where they are interviewed.

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Interview with Nick Knight - Sports Podiatrist

The UKRunChat podcast.
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In this episode we speak with Nick Knight, Sports Podiatrist from the Southampton area.

Nick has a clinic in Romsey and specialises in helping people return from injury and keep them active.

In this episode we talk about (amongst other things):


Forefoot vs heel striking


Gate analysis 


Shin splints and much more! 

Have a listen and let us know what you think on our social channels.  Feel free to ask Nick any questions through Social media as well. 

Please see links below that are mentioned during the interview.

link to youtube video

Links to blogs

Link to youtube channel

Feb 13 2020



Retro Movie Review – Nick Knight

We Got The Geek
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Thanks to the fine folks of Rick and The NEWSflash, we obtained a dvd copy of Rick Springfield’s 1989 made for TV movie – Nick Knight. The tag line says it all – After two hundred years, This cop’s past … Continue reading →

Jan 13 2020

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The photographer discusses his collaborations, from Kanye West to Alexander McQueen and John Galliano as well as his ambivalence towards the fashion industry, why he believes technology can be a positive factor in pushing humankind forward; how he has fought throughout his career against people who live in the past and why he’s all for the democratisation of photography. He also talks about his work, from the origins of his 1980s book Skinhead, to how he achieved the dynamic effects in the Christian Dior ads, to his present-day passion for photographing flowers.

Dec 31 2019



Nick Knight meets David Chipperfield

Only Artists
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The photographer Nick Knight meets the architect David Chipperfield.

Over the last 30 years, Nick Knight has worked with many of the biggest names in fashion and music, including Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. Other commissions include a 90th birthday portrait of Her Majesty the Queen.

Sir David Chipperfield has created prize-winning buildings around the world. In Britain, his most notable works include the River and Rowing Museum in Henley, the Hepworth Wakefield gallery, and the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate. One of his earliest commissions was a house for Nick Knight – where they met for this conversation.

Producer: Clare Walker

Jun 19 2019



E 124 MSK Sports Podiatrist Nick Knight

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast
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Nick Knight Podiatrist talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast.
Deep dive into MSK sports podiatry with Nick
Knight. What is plantar plate injury, how do you treat MSK as a podiatrist,
clinical research, 3d gait analysis, zero gravity treadmills, and his love of
field hockey. A fresh look at what you can specialize in.
Podiatry was not his first idea for a profession but from being
excluded from the military and physical therapy Nick picked it.  Luckily, there is a whole aspect/ specialty
of sports based – MSK based podiatry and he just fell in love with that aspect
of the profession and now wouldn’t change his career.
He spent a lot of time shadowing MSK doctors during university and
purposing choose jobs that were musculoskeletal focused.  Knight and his wife are huge field hockey
players so he would much rather treat sport injuries than tackle diabetic
ulcers all day.
When are custom orthotics appropriate compared to a High Quality
over the counter version?
How long does he typically have people wear orthotics?
Nick Knight’s most common condition is forefoot pain, particularly
the plantar plate. I ask him to walk us through a typical treatment protocol.
Most podiatrists focus on the plantar fascia and heel area so tune in to the
forefoot answer.   Knight, DPM will also
discuss how he is publishing his findings for conservative treatment for
plantar plate injuries because for now the research is heavy on surgical
His research is finding that the techniques used can get people
back to running and not re-injuring the area.
Problem is about 40% can have a plantar plate injury and not have
symptoms. However 10 years later do they have issues like a hammer toe?
Nick, sports podiatrist, gives us 3 powerful stories of how his
treatment allowed patients to walk in their wedding after an Achilles’ rupture,
walk pain free on vacations and stroke recovery.
Reasons to talk more functional improvements instead of pain
focused with your patients. Realize that people expect to lose functional
mobility as they age and that doesn’t have to be the case. Also don’t
underestimate the need to handle realistic expectations.
What are his thoughts on weightless AlterG zero gravity Treadmills?  Who benefits from zero gravity treadmills?
A Few signs to look out for when getting a 3D foot and running
gait analysis to know if you are getting a good or bad assessment.  Watching the foot vs the foot and knee, do
they talk about over pronation, or do they immediately try to sell you an
insert to straighten you up.
Podiatry in the UK is working hard to produce more evidence based
research, why is that? How do we get more research outside of the NHS because
you miss a lot of types of patients if you don’t?
Once again we hear that hiring the right staff should focus on
personal skills and how they line up with your brand because the clinical or
office skills can all be taught.
His marketing is highly geared to talking to other doctors in his
area and facebook ads. In fact, he doesn’t even track the return on investment
of his facebook ads, find out why?
He and his wife love playing field hockey and he shares some
stories about how the passion for the sport has strengthened their marriage.
Twitter: @NKSportsPod
Facebook: NK Sports Podiatry
Gary Vaynerchuk, Lisa Sanders , Shoe Dog, Kiddiecare and Neville Wright
Show notes can be found at here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.
This episode is a part of the Six Weeks of Feet Podiatry Series 2019. Put your email for a quick Reference Guide.
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Full Transcript of the Interview (probably has some grammatical errors). Just Click to expand
Justin Trosclair 0:06
Episode 124 ms. k sports podiatrist.

May 21 2019



017 - Nick Knight Incorporating Rehabilitation Into Your Podiatry Practice

Podiatry Legends Podcast
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Nick Knight is the owner of NK Sports Podiatry based in the south of England, and he has spent several years refining his skills in the area of lower limb rehabilitation and incorporating this service into his highly successful podiatry practice.

Lower limb rehabilitation is not the domain of physiotherapy, and adding rehab to your treatment protocols is like adding another string to your treatment bow, but it's essential to know your limits and boundaries.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How Nick got started in rehabilitation 
  • Where to start if you want to have a rehabilitation practice 
  • Achilles Tendinopathy, Patella Femoral Pain and ankle rehab
  • Rehabilitation versus orthotic therapy
  • Custom and pre-made orthotics and when to use them in the rehab process
  • Nicks thinking on ultrasound, acupuncture and shockwave therapy 
  • Evidence-based practising 
  • Auditing your treatment and collecting data to become a better practitioner 
  • The benefits of doing independent data audits 

If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at, or you can contact Nick Knight at

You can also find Nick on Facebook at NK Sports Podiatry and Twitter @nksportspod 

LIVERPOOL Workshop October 10th 2019

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Episode 11: Nick Knight We All Benefit By Working Together 

Apr 17 2019



Nick Knight on why AI cannot simulate creativity

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Artificial intelligence is not yet good enough to simulate creativity, says British fashion photographer Nick Knight on the latest episode of the Innovators podcast by the Current Global.

Speaking live at a FashMash event in London, he explained that AI as it stands today, is a long way from what creativity is: "When you create a picture, it is done through desire, accident, failure, fear, love, and arousal. Predicting what I will do by how I did past steps is not a good way to create my next piece of art; it's not a good way to simulate creativity."

He was referring to the way in which AI looks back at past behavior in order to work out what is probable next. But that doesn't mean that it won't one day figure out how to do so, he noted, adding that he is working on new projects that will keep him on the frontline of it so as to have a say in what it could look like down the road.

Knight has built his career on pushing the boundaries of image making. He has photographed some of the world's biggest celebrities and models – from Lady Gaga and Bjork to Kate Moss and the late Alexander McQueen. Almost two decades ago, he launched SHOWstudio, an online platform celebrating fashion film, and changing the way fashion was consumed through the internet.

Now his next act is understanding how technologies like AI and robotics will impact creativity, and how he can become a part of such a movement.

During this conversation with guest host Rosanna Falconer, Knight explains what the smartphone has to do with Shakespeare; how SHOWstudio broke the internet but created history with the first ever live streamed fashion show for Alexander McQueen in late 2009; and why he is an eternal optimist about the future.

Mar 14 2019



011 - Nick Knight We All Benefit By Working Together

Podiatry Legends Podcast
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Nick Knight is the owner of NK Sports Podiatry based in the south of England. His business focus is on rehabilitation, gait analysis and orthoses, and he is on a mission to help the podiatry profession grow. Nick believes that all podiatrists benefit when they work together, not in opposition to one another. 

On this episode we discuss:

4:10 - His journey into podiatry. Initially, he was headed towards a military career, then physiotherapy, only because he did not know what a podiatrist was, but as soon as he did, podiatry was always going to be his career. 

7:12 - From day one Nick knew he wanted to go into the sports and musculoskeletal aspects of podiatry

9:30 - Being involved in the 2012 Para-Olympics lead to his first job in a private clinic with Trevor Prior. 

12:25 - Being a sports person is not about your age, it's about being active. NK Sports Podiatry motto, "Get Active, Stay Active."

14:20 - Your business name is important, but the brand that you attach to it is far more critical. 

15:12 - Get out to sporting events and offer your services. This is the best way to learn and to be seen. To improve your education use your holidays and visit other podiatry businesses. 

18:50 - Being involved in sports builds understanding. 

It's important to be active yourself if you want to work with sportspeople. You don't have to perform at the same level as your patients, but it helps you understand their thinking, the struggles they go through, and you will have more empathy.

21:50 - ANATOMY WORKSHOPS: With Emma Cowley and Tony Gavin from OSGO. Monday 8th July Southhampton

24:40 - Foot & Ankle Show

27:25 - Benefits of doing research in his own clinic and developing his own data. 

If you have any questions about this podcast, please email me directly at, or you can contact Nick at, or connect via Facebook and Twitter at NK Sports Podiatry. 

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I have set up a Podiatry Legends Facebook page, where I will be posting additional small business tips and information regarding podiatry events around the world. Check it out: Podiatry Legends Facebook Page

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Mar 06 2019



Inside The Future of Fashion Image Making with Nick Knight | Inside Fashion

The Business of Fashion Podcast
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In this latest episode of Inside Fashion, the photographer talks to Imran Amed about the evolutionary changes modernising the industry, as well as the threats the field of fashion photography is facing, including the decline of traditional print media and the recent reports of sexual abuse and physical bullying that have plagued the creative sectors.

As he prepares for the inaugural ShowStudio Fashion Film Awards later this year, listen to Knight talk about the power of technology and the future of the fashion show, discuss the fate of glossy fashion magazines and address fashion's culture of abuse and bullying.

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Mar 16 2018



032 “Fix My Computer!” with Nick Knight : Ahwatukee Uncensored with Howard Farran

Ahwatukee Uncensored with Howard Farran
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For most people, the journey from Los Angeles to Phoenix takes about eight hours. For Nick Knight, a California native, it took 13 years and a somewhat less direct route via Washington State and New York before landing in the Valley in 1984. Along the way he acquired one wife and two daughters. He has enjoyed successful careers as a professional photographer, award-winning audio-visual writer/producer, and graphic designer prior to finding his calling for the last 32 years as a computer whisperer.

During those last three decades, he owned an award-winning audio-visual production company, helped create a national publications center for Transamerica Real Estate Tax Service, created and managed a unified Information Technology infrastructure for a commercial mortgage banker with five offices in three states, and was part of an award-winning IT support team for GMAC Commercial Mortgage before starting his own technology services firm in 2004.

Nick began his company with the primary focus on providing a personalized level of service that he felt was missing from some of the big box and chain computer service shops. He describes his company mission statement as a cross between the Golden Rule and Boy Scouts – to treat his clients the way he wishes to be treated and always try to do his best. That formula has served him well as he recently celebrated his 13th year in business.

Nick found his way from Scottsdale to Ahwatukee courtesy of in 2008 and joined the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce in 2010 to immerse himself and become an active participant in this close-knit community. Active

might be an understatement. Since joining the Chamber, Nick has served as an Ambassador, networking leads group facilitator, event volunteer, helped develop and coordinate the Chamber’s Ahwatukee Business Development educational program, been a member and Silver Sponsor of the Public Policy Committee, facilitated and sponsored the Ahwatukee Chamber Computer Lab, maintained the Chamber’s computer systems, and helped charter Arizona’s first Chamber- associated Toastmasters Club. Nick currently chairs the Public Policy Committee and is President of the Ahwatukee Chamber Toastmasters.

Nick believes strongly in the obligation to give back to the community that has so warmly embraced him and his commitment to that principle extends beyond the Chamber. Nick and his wife, Angela, hosted for several years an annual “wine- luck” to benefit Child Crisis Center, and Nick has volunteered at Feed My Starving Children and several events at the Kyrene Foundation including the recent “Stuff the Bus” drive, where volunteers assembled packages of donated school items into more than 500 backpacks for disadvantaged children.

He was honored for his service as the inaugural Chamber Ambassador of the Year in 2012 and Volunteer of the Year in 2013, and has been nominated several times for Small Business of the Year.

Please welcome Owner and Chief Technologist of Nick’s Computer Guys, Nick Knight.


16002 South 7th Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85045

Dec 05 2017

1hr 5mins