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1941: Valleys, Green? (feat. Olav Rokne)

Academy Vs Audience

It's 1941: the valleys are green, the accent work is shoddy, and nobody's cast age-appropriate. Erin, Claire, Dan, and special guest Olav Rokne (co-runner of the Hugo Book Club blog) take on How Green Was My Valley, one of the more infamous Best Picture winners, to figure out if Film History gives it more hate than it deserves. Some find simple beauty, some find subtle anti-capitalist themes, Dan tells us which scene he could watch on a loop for two hours, all agree that casting choices make it impossible to judge time. Then we jump across the pond to another green valley to see where 1941 America's head was at vis-a-vis war in the propaganda biopic Sergeant York, the war movie that almost forgets to have a war in it. Is How Green over-hated? Is York over-praised? Listen and find out!

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14 Jul 2022

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UNLOCKED: The New Mutants with Olav Rokne

Kino Lefter

Here's a free sample of some of the episodes behind the paywall! Back in October Olav Rokne from the Hugo Award Book Club joined me to discuss the widely-panned and long-delayed The New Mutants. There were audio issues with this episode, but it's still listenable and it was a lot of fun! Read Olav's work on the Hugo Book Club Blog ReComradationsOlav: Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ [Trailer]Evan: With Gourley and Rust [Patreon]Join the Kino Lefter DiscordJoin the Kino Lefter Facebook group "Kino Lefter VIP Cinema Experience"Get access to Primo Lefter, our weekly bonus show on our Patreon for just $3 per month. 

1hr 20mins

8 Feb 2021

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Episode 421 - Untraditional Christmas Movies with Olav Rokne

The Movie Jerks

Bringing in the Christmas season, we bring back our yearly Christmas guest Olav Rokne. This time we explore good Christmas movies that don't get the recognition they deserve. And be sure to check out Olav's up coming "Future Talks" Science fiction discussion at https://www.futureconsf.com/futuretalks?fbclid=IwAR3buE4Lc2dZGNPVUJVILZlIvyCkpS5yCAR4VStSllbyxrAVIsGAWI8uwBU#h.pd54u1xsx3ss .

1hr 24mins

3 Dec 2020

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PREVIEW: The New Mutants Postmortem with Olav Rokne

Kino Lefter

The audio for this episode was corrupted but our brilliant producer Jamar was able to recover it as much as possible. Olav Rokne from the Hugo Book Club joins for this episode on The New Mutants, the final Fox X-Men film. The film, which comes straight from the mind of the director of The Fault in our Stars and one of the writers of Jackass, turns out to be a really tepid last gasp of this franchise with a healthy dose of anti-Indigenous prejudice. The movie literally starts with "there are two bears inside you."This is a preview of Primo Lefter, our weekly premium show. You can visit our Patreon to get access to this episode, our archive, and a new episode every week. 


1 Oct 2020

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Episode 398 - Olav Rokne, Blindspotting, and Black Cop

The Movie Jerks

We talk to returning guest Olav Rokne about the state of journalism, in respect to the recent protests all around the world about Black Lives matter.  We look at two independent films, "Blindspotting" and "Black Cop".  

1hr 18mins

11 Jun 2020