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Running A Global Franchise From Home, with Neel Parekh, Ep. 61

Yes, I Work From Home

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2 Sep 2021

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#0082 – Building a Remote Local Business with Neel Parekh

Deep Leadership

Today I’m joined by Neel Parekh. Neel is the Founder & CEO of MaidThis, a local cleaning company in California which helps homeowners and short-term rental hosts with their cleaning needs. What’s interesting is that he built this local business from the ground up remotely – in other words – completely on-line as he travelled in South America. You know I like to talk about “leaders being present” but can you lead a company and not be physically present? This interview answers that question. As always, if you are looking to support what I do on this show, purchase one of my books at jonsrennie.com or visit my sponsors bottomguncoffee.com and ihavethewatch.com. All my sponsors use the discount code “DEEP” at checkout. MaidThis Franchise website Neel Parekh website MaidThis on Twitter _____ Purchase my latest bestselling leadership book now All in the Same Boat - Lead Your Organization Like a Nuclear Submariner Visit our sponsor Bottom Gun Coffee Company use the discount code "DEEP" Become a leader worth following today with these powerful resources: Purchase my bestselling leadership book "I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following" use the discount code "DEEP" Subscribe to my leadership newsletter Follow Jon S Rennie on Twitter Follow Jon S Rennie on Instagram Follow Jon S Rennie on YouTube


28 Aug 2021

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The Secrets to Building a Successful Local Business | ft. Neel Parekh

Digital Marketing Fastlane

Some people think only big global companies generate lots of money. Well, let me tell you something: they are wrong. Having a local business is so much more profitable than some might think. But, being able to understand the global marketing tactics and bring them down to the local level is definitely something you need. So, what are the tactics? What are the secrets to building a thriving local business? In today’s episode, my guest is Neel Parekh, the Founder and CEO of MaidThis, a top-rated cleaning service in Los Angeles. He offers hassle-free house cleaning for busy individuals and vacation rental hosts, and has generated millions in revenue while having a fully remote team. Listen to this new episode to get his precious advice. 🔎 LEARN MORE + CONTACT NEEL PAREKH ► MaidThis: https://www.maidthis.com ► Neel Parekh: https://neelparekh.co ► LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neel-parekh-97914a31 🔎 STAY CONNECTED ► Website: https://voymedia.com/ ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KevinUrrutia ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voy_media/ ► LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/voy-media ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoyMedia ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoyMediaAgency ► Email: Team@voymedia.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/digitalmarketingfastlane/message


30 Jun 2021

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378: Launching MaidThis with Neel Parekh

The How of Business - How to start, run & grow a small business.

Launching and growing MaidThis, a fully remote cleaning business and franchise, with entrepreneur Neel Parekh. Neel shares the story of how he launched MaidThis – a business that specializes in cleaning services for residential homes and short-term/vacation rental properties – and grown it into a fully-remote local business and how he helps others do the same through franchising. Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business. (TheHowOfBusiness.com)


28 Jun 2021

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Getting Real with Neel Parekh — MaidThis

Scaling Up Business Podcast

In this week’s Getting Real episode, we have Neel Parekh, who is the founder of MaidThis Franchise, which helps homeowners and short-term rental hosts with their cleanings. We’ll learn why he quit his corporate job to start his own business and some of the biggest challenges he’s faced thus far. Neel had the idea of his business slightly over seven years ago. He wanted his business to be fully remote so that he could travel and see more of the world. Fast-forward to today, he has generated millions in revenue while having a fully remote team and wants to help other people achieve the same. Prior to starting his business, Neel worked in venture capital and private investing. However, he always had a travel bug in him and he wanted to create something that could fit more into his lifestyle. He also wanted to find a way to support his parents, or have them work with him on this business, remotely. These were his big two “whys” for starting the business. MaidThis now covers all of Greater Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and at the end of 2020, they launched their first branch location in Denver, Colorado. Neel is now focused on growing the franchise model out and getting branch owners to provide the same high-level quality he has been doing in California. Interview Links: Maidthis.com Neel on LinkedIn Sponsored by: Eonetwork.org Resources: Scaling Up Workshop: Interested in attending one of our workshops? We have a few $100 discounts for our loyal podcast listeners!Scaling Up for Business Growth Workshop: Take the first step to mastering the Rockefeller Habits by attending one of our workshops. Scaling Up Summits (Select Bill Gallagher as your coach during registration for a discount.)


20 Jun 2021

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The Secret Digital Marketing Life of Franchises with Neel Parekh

Agency Ahead by Traject

Ever wondered how your agency can start working with franchises? For many agencies, they're practically a "holy grail" client. Want the insider take on what it would require to impress someone who runs one?Well, listen to today's podcast and you'll get your wish. Today we're talking with Neel Parekh, Founder and CEO of MaidThis, a residential and Airbnb cleaning franchise that is rapidly expanding across the U.S.MaidThis is a tech-savvy up-and-comer that leverages every available digital technique to win and to help their franchisees win. That means Neel is also well-versed in the digital marketing world and has plenty of insights for agency owners and consultants. Check it out now:The highlights: [1:02] The business model. [2:15] Why franchise? [3:52] How MaidThis approaches digital marketing. [6:11] Educating franchisees. [10:46] The best way to get your foot in the door. [16:20] The best franchises to target. [19:05] Growing a remote culture. [20:46] Neel's cause. The insights:The MaidThis business modelThe MaidThis business model is fairly straightforward. It's a cleaning company that allows customers to schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings through their website. Everything is automated.The other niche is Airbnb cleaning for vacation rentals, which brings its own unique challenges."One guest checks in at 11, the next guest checks in at 3. There's a bunch of stuff which has to happen between them, like checking for damages, replacing supplies, things like that. So we just link up with the host's calendar and automatically schedule cleaning after the turn-around."Neel says he really likes approaching this business in what he calls a "new age way.""As opposed to the old-school cleaning model where you get an estimate, you don't really know if they're going to show up or not, and you have no phone notifications." Why franchise?Neel says franchising was a really big decision for his company.He offers some background."I started the company in 2013. I did a couple of years part-time when I was working in finance. Eventually, I wanted to travel. So I left for five years before Covid, just traveling the world. That's why I made the business remote. Because I had to."At MaidThis, the only people who don't work remotely are the cleaners."In 2020, we decided we wanted to expand. The question was: how do we do that? Do we do it ourselves, or do we do it with a franchise model? A franchise model can expand more rapidly because you can multiply your efforts. We had the system set up in such a way because I was working remotely. We had to be highly, highly systemized to make it work. So it was very conducive to the franchise model."He says this approach is giving him a huge boost over other cleaning companies."I love that a lot of other cleaning companies in the franchise space are from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so their digital marketing is not the best. The way they're targeting customer interaction with the crowd they're targeting is not the best. That was the reason we decided franchising was the way to expand. And so we launched in late 2020, at the height of the pandemic. We awarded our first franchise in Denver in late 2020 and are just going to keep  going from there." How MaidThis approaches digital marketingNeel says he really loves local marketing, and that love is helping him dominate the competition. "I think cleaning companies are two years behind the curve in terms of marketing and digital marketing. They're late with everything. As long as you're on pace with the way digital marketing is going, you're already ahead of the competition. It's not that hard in my opinion to beat most of the competition just by doing base, foundational stuff. A lot of local companies don't know what they're doing. If you're a marketer and you know what you're doing, you're ahead of the competition." Neel says it's critical for the success of his franchisees."Having an optimized website. Doing email capture. Actually doing email marketing. You'd be surprised. Most local companies don't do it. 45% of local companies don't even have a website."This is one area where Neel offers his franchisees a great deal of support."We provide the actual playbook of what can work. Here's how you set up a profile. Here's the ad copy you can use for your AdWords. It would be on the franchisee and maybe an approved vendor of ours to actually get that done. A lot of stuff is proven out."He says that there are a lot of changes from market to market that are good to be aware of."For example in Los Angeles, Yelp is huge. Yelp is huge in California. In the midwest, it's not that big. They like Angi. We don't want to force what's happening in their local market." Educating FranchiseesNeel educates each of his franchisees from day one and focuses on two key areas of digital marketing.The first is filling the funnel through SEO and email marketing."Afterwards, the number one key for us is Google reviews. I don't care where in the country you are, Google is key. We have a lot of tools to help the franchisee get reviews, and we provide them like, hey, here's the copy you can use, here's the system you can use to follow up with customers." Neel's franchisees do manage themselves in terms of replying to reviews, but they've systemized them in a way that automatically gets them notified to leave a review on Google."I don't think a lot of local companies realize how important Google reviews are. It's a highly competitive market. Local companies don't know what they're doing though, so if you have good Google reviews you're just going to dominate." Neel says he does a ton of handholding."We marry our success with how well franchisees are doing. So digital marketing evolves rapidly. There's stuff we do for them. There's stuff we're in charge of doing. The cool part is I still run our corporate locations in California. So we're testing new marketing tactics always. We want to be the most high-tech new-age marketing tactic company in the cleaning industry. Because we're able to test that out we can then roll it out to the franchisees. And the cool part is, after a while, when you have enough franchisees, one location where it's working really well, we can say: here's the playbook, and we can distribute that to everyone. It's a hivemind."Neel offers an example from the Denver location."They started using Bark, a quoting engine. For them, it's working very well. They figured out how to systemize it. So now, I can say great. I can bring that to Los Angeles. At the same time, we just rolled out a new reputation management system. Now we're going to roll that out to Denver. We know that works and how to systemize it. You don't have to spend two budgets on tweaking. One company could just test things out and then just share the knowledge and the resources with other companies. That hivemind mentality is going to allow us to leapfrog our competition, because it's unfair, right? You just have 50 cleaning companies in theory in the future, working on marketing. They can all test out different tactics and roll it out instantly to anyone else." The best way to get your foot in the doorAfter giving this background, Neel and Garrett pivoted to talking about how agencies who are seeking to do business with franchises can win."Think about it this way. I am like the Mama Bear for our franchisees. I'm not going to give them something which is not proven out because that makes me look bad. If you said: hey, I'd be willing to test this out on your operations, and then if you like it you can add me as a preferred vendor so your franchisees can use them? I'd say: great, as long as I'm not forcing my franchisees to use you because I'm not sure how you're going to be doing. We can test this out. If you're trying to approach a franchise, you go to the corporation and say: let me prove myself first. If you like it, just add me as a preferred vendor."Franchisors can dictate who their franchisees are allowed to work with."So if they say hey, I want to do Facebook ads, I'd say okay you have to go to one of our approved vendors because they know brand standards already. I would not let them just go with any Facebook ads vendor. Franchisees are not allowed to do that for most brands because it might ruin the brand." Thus, the goal for most agencies is going to be to get listed on the approved vendor list.If you want to try, though, you're going to need to come in with some proof that you're the right company for that franchise to work with."I want to see you've done it for someone in my industry. Realize we get pitched by people all the time. Unless you've done it for a cleaning company and you can tell me what your ROI stats are, I'm not going to listen. It's too much time to invest if you do not know how this is going to work out. I don't want to educate myself on what you're doing before you do it." Neel has an example, a company that offers marketing through NextDoor.Their pitch?"Hey, we've done this for other cleaning companies. I'm going to charge you a small amount on a per-lead basis."There was no commitment, no set-up, and no need to "hop on a call."It was a no-brainer. "Cool. Set this up. You look reputable. Let me test it up."Six months later, they're still working together, and he's given franchisees permission to work with this vendor."The only reason I signed on with them is they didn't take up too much of my time. I'm not going to hop on a call with anyone who says: hey, can I have a minute of your time? I don't know what you're doing. The easier you can make it, the less I need to think about it, the higher the chances I'm going to say less." He says the specific technique may not be charging per lead, but a low-ask to get started."Once you're in the door, I honestly just want to make things easy for my franchisees. If I know you're good, if I've tested it out, it would be so easy to say: go talk to my Denver franchisee, go talk to the Kansas franchisee, let's get them going." He admits some industries might have a harder time proving their worth upfront."SEO is a tough one."Not just because SEO is a long game, but because in his company's case they already have an SEO vendor. You'd be displacing someone and that's a tougher sale.Yet if Neel didn't already have an SEO vendor?"I'd say great. That's awesome. Prove it out to me first, and I would absolutely sign up with you." The best franchises to target Do you think you have that low-ask offer ready to go? Here's who you target."Emerging franchises."Neel explains the lay of the land."There's lots of franchisors which are coming up. New brands. Maybe they're not great at digital marketing. They just have a great local service. They know they need to provide their franchisees with SEO at some point. That's what everyone does."You might win though because there are many large agencies that won't target smaller franchisees. Instead, they're going after companies that have a minimum of 20 units."At the lower end, there are people who say, yeah we work with one franchise here and there. But there's not really anyone in the middle, I would say. I would say if you're going for emerging franchisors, you would be able to find people who don't have an existing vendor if they're not too marketing-forward."Neel stresses that this is an ideal time to target these companies."You're getting them while they're growing. They're willing to talk to you. They might not have someone already. You can pitch them: hey, we work with franchisors to proof it out and then with their franchisees. We specifically work with emerging brands to help you grow. We want to grow as you grow. Those are words an emerging franchisor would love to hear." Growing a remote cultureSince so many teams are remote and are unlikely to return to in-office work, Garrett asked Neel about processes and communications for remote teams. "Slack is huge for us. We try to make as much of a Slack culture as we can."He says he works hard to build a corporate culture. "We do something called DJ a Day every month. Everyone has a Spotify. We link it into a room and everyone shares their Spotify playlists."They also systemize everything."We run a system called the Entrepreneur Operating System from the book Traction." "Think about an operating system for your meetings and your organization where you have a set agenda. Work off that. Every department has set meetings and set agendas. You set quarterly rocks, which are goals, at annual meetings. That kind of keeps things on pace and allows people who work in remote places to just be aligned on the same goal. Having some sort of operating and meeting system has been huge for us." What's your right now cause?Neel would like to call the listener’s attention to the Covid situation in India."I think they had over 300,000 people get infected in one day."By contrast, California is seeing 10,000 infections a day.Neel is Indian-American, born and raised here by parents who are from India. "They can't social distance. It's not a privilege they have. Some people can't get access to masks. Some things we take for granted over here are just not possible over there." He says that he loves the fact that Covid is getting better here, but that it's in danger of desensitizing us to the fact that most of the world doesn't have access to the vaccine. He says that donating to any charity that offers Covid relief in India would be huge.Right now, WorldVision is working on that very cause. You can donate here.Learn More About Neel MaidThisFranchise.com - To learn more about starting your own MaidThis franchise. Neel does mention that people with a digital marketing background do very well with their franchises. NeelParekh.co - Neel's personal website. He invites listeners to send him a message, saying, "I see everything and answer everything."  Neel on LinkedIn


14 May 2021

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Start A House Cleaning Business Without Cleaning Any Houses with Neel Parekh

Successfully Unemployed Show with Entrepreneurs Investors and Side Hustle

Get my real estate investing course for free: https://masterpassiveincome.com/freecoursesuCleaning homes is a lot of work if you don't hire people to do the work for you. Neel Parekh shows us how he started a franchise house cleaning business.// WHAT TO WATCH NEXTStart a Podcast: https://youtu.be/YdKKwSSOnJAMake Money Online: https://youtu.be/WDkRHg3uxR0Flea Market Flipper: https://youtu.be/MYEoeQPT-5E//BEST BUSINESS COURSES I RECOMMENDStart Investing In Real Estate: https://masterpassiveincome.com/wealthbuildersStart an Online Business: https://successfullyunemployed.co/p24Start a podcast: https://successfullyunemployed.co/podcourseMake money on Etsy: https://successfullyunemployed.co/goldcityCreate a Facebook Ads Agency: https://successfullyunemployed.co/laptopempiresMake $ from nothing as a Flea Market Flipper: https://successfullyunemployed.co/fleamarketflipperLearn how to invest in land: https://successfullyunemployed.co/retipster//OTHER RESOURCES:Bank I use: https://successfullyunemployed.co/bankWebsite hosting I use: https://successfullyunemployed.co/sitegroundMembership Tools I Use for My Online Business: https://successfullyunemployed.co/kartraNOTE: This description may contains affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support!


27 Apr 2021

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Building and Running A Business Remotely – With Neel Parekh

Make Each Click Count Hosted By Andy Splichal

This episode features Neel Parekh of Maid This.com. Discover how he has created a business that enables him to travel the world living the lifestyle that he wants without being tied down to a specific location.Within the episode Building and Running A Business Remotely, Andy and Neel discuss how all business success comes down to marketing. Learn lessons from the founder of Maid This.com on how you can use your marketing to improve or create your own business and start living the life that works for you!Episode Action Items:If interested you can contact Neel at www.maidthisfranchise.com or through his email, neel@maidthis.com.ABOUT THE HOST:Andy Splichal, who was recently named to the Best of Los Angeles Awards’ 2021 Fascinating 100 List, is the founder and managing partner of True Online Presence, author of the Make Each Click Count book series and founder of Make Each Click Count University. He is a certified online marketing strategist with twenty plus years of experience and counting helping companies increase their online presence and profitable revenues. To find more information on Andy Splichal, visit www.trueonlinepresence.com or read The Full Story on his blog, blog.trueonlinepresence.com.New episodes of the Make Each Click Count Podcast, are released each Friday and can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and www.makeeachclickcount.com/podcast.


23 Apr 2021

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1830: Disrupting the Traditional Old School Cleaning Industry with Neel Parekh Founder and Owner of Maid This Franchise

The Entrepreneur Way

Neel Parekh is the CEO of MaidThis® Franchise, which helps homeowners and Airbnb® hosts with their turnover cleanings. Neel has scaled MaidThis to generate over $10 million in aggregate revenue, all while traveling the world and living the "nomad" lifestyle. He is now franchising this remote concept to select entrepreneurs. “as you are starting a business really understand that this is an extension of you and you can do whatever you want with it… Building a business and being an entrepreneur is more of an art as opposed to a science… So being very true to yourself and understanding what type of business you want I think is going to be huge to help guide you in a lot of the decisions that you make. As opposed to just following as opposed to just following a step formula online. This is your business you can do whatever you want with it”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to https://wp.me/p6Tf4b-8qJ


6 Feb 2021

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060 Neel Parekh - Location Freedom while running a Local Business

Entrepreneur Truths

Neel Parekh is a cool guy, a self-confessed digital nomad, a former venture capitalist, he chose to leave the corporate arena to create ‘Location freedom while running a Local Business’. Neel’s built an enviable business which has dominance in a local market, but yet operates with a global team. His operational efficiencies, company culture, 24 hr happiness guarantee, all fits together so well to form such a seductive offering for his target market. Listen in, so many tips passed on, real substance on tap!

1hr 4mins

10 Dec 2020