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The Road to Emmaus - Lk. 24:13-53 Darla Smith

Pastor Eugene Smith

THE ROAD TO EMMAUS ~ LUKE 24:13-53 ~ Darla SmithCome on a journey down the Road to Emmaus with two disciples who were devastated, downhearted, disillusioned and set adrift by the tumultuous sea of events that they had witnessed during and after Jesus’ crucifixion. They were sad, their hopes were shattered and they were stuck in unbelief! BUT THEN…


29 Sep 2019

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Bearing Much Fruit - by Darla Smith

Pastor Eugene Smith

Darla draws from the teaching of Jesus in John 15 about the way to abundant fruitfulness. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches and our heavenly Father is the vinedresser. He is the One with the qualifications for doing the necessary work of developing both quantity and quality of fruit in our lives. Branches who ABIDE bear much fruit.


19 May 2019

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Ep. 20 // Momma Trucker: Darla Smith

Terminal Exchange

IntroBeing a woman on the road is unique but being a Trucker Mamato two of her own children and hundreds of trainee children is all in a day’swork for Darla Smith. She’s sweet, strong, and full of advice to keep her girlssafe on the road each day. Darla is bound to delight you in this episode of TerminalExchange.Trading Dress Skirtsfor Trailer SkirtsShe traded in her heels for a steering wheel in the ’90s andhasn’t looked back. Darla Smith started driving out of necessity when herhusband became ill. And after he passed, she was equipped with the skills hehad taught her to make a living. “It was my way to grieve – was to be in that truck – that’s where I felt closest to Steve… so I stayed in the truck.”Passing the TorchMention “Mommy Darla” around Nussbaum, and you’re sure to begreeted with face-consuming grins and hours of stories. She’s trained manydrivers – from young guns at her previous job, to Nussbaum shining stars likeMaya Hernandez and Adrienne Riel (now trainers themselves!). She’s investingadvice, safety tips, and stories in the next generation, ensuring a legacy ofgreat women drivers for the future.“I’m Mommy Darla – everyone calls me Mommy Darla or their Trucker Mama!”Throwing ChainsSweet as pie and tough as nails, Darla will delight you withstories of wrestling chains on, scarring accidents, and perseverance throughchange. This is one episode you don’t want to miss out on.Quotes“I think he knew inside that he had a limitedtime to teach me everything.”“I went from a corporate board room dealing withphysicians and administrators… to being a truck driver.”“I trained a lot of the younger men, the 23- and24-year-olds, which made sense. Who’s going to tell their 40-year-old mother,‘No’?”“It was my way to grieve – was to be in thattruck – that’s where I felt closest to Steve… so I stayed in the truck.”“You have to grow, and you have to change withthe industry. If you don’t, you’re not going to make it.”“When you’re out there in your 60s, by yourself,it’s you. That’s it, sister!”“I’m Mommy Darla – everyone calls me Mommy Darlaor their Trucker Mama!”“That’s what I said! I said I’ll be 80 years old– Brent will be beating me with a stick trying to get me off the steeringwheel.” “They said, ‘You do realize this is a truckdriving school?’ And I said, ‘Yes! I thought we were going in a classroom forschool.’ And I had a skirt and suit on and heels and hose and… they sent mehome to change.” “She showed up with high heels on for truckdriving school!”Pictures


7 May 2019

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The Welly (Rubber) Boot Exchange - Darla Smith

Pastor Eugene Smith

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seems like a mass of endless miry clay that threatens to swallow you up? Listen as Darla tells personal testimony of being rescued literally from the miry clay as a child and her application of Psalm 40:1-3 to our lives today. The Lord hears our cry and will act on our behalf. Isn't it time to exchange our ‘welly / rubber' boots for ... ?


29 Jan 2017

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Darla Smith - Rivers In The Desert

Pastor Eugene Smith

Do you find yourself standing in the middle of the desert... dry, thirsty and hungry? Isaiah 2:2 encourages us by saying, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord." Let's find out how mountains, valleys and deserts are connected. The Lord promises to bring rivers into our deserts... but we have a part to play. Enjoy, as we make this journey together.


28 Feb 2016

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Darla Smith: Blessing - How Much Do YOU Want?

Pastor Eugene Smith

Darla Smith from Dwelling Place Christian Fellowship speaks about how God has given us the KEY to unlock the door of His blessing in our lives. His desire is to see 100% of His will fulfilled. Join in and hear of the four possible responses to hearing God's Voice as seen in the life of Abraham. Enjoy true ministry stories of Darla & Eugene Smith woven throughout the Word of God concerning the KEY to BLESSING!


18 Oct 2015