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William Murray

Grandes Figuras de África


4 May 2022

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Main St. Vista and William Murray - Episode #117

North County Now

Good day, North County! Today we test out our newly expanded Beer(s) of the Week segment. Downtown Vista is hopping these days. Bill Murray gets a shout-out or two. And we kinda (not really) break down the Olympics. Enjoy! Check out our YouTube Channel : North County San Diego with Chris and Cassidy (that's the channel name) Cassidy - @cassidylewisre Chris - @i.am.chris.erickson Please subscribe and leave us a review. We love ya!

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28 Jul 2021

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House of Mystery Radio on NBC

God awakens from a deep hibernation. He has no memory. He does not know who He is. He is utterly alone. There exists only the light of His consciousness, for there is no Creation. Not yet.Having no resources other than His effulgent mind, the Almighty proceeds along a mysterious path––a path of self-discovery in which He undertakes to solve the greatest mystery, not only of all time, but of the time before time began.The eternal enigma of who God is and how He came to be....Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/houseofmysteryradio. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/houseofmysteryradio. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


4 Aug 2020

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Ep. 17 — A legendary CIA operative begins his career struggling with imposter syndrome / William Murray, Founder, Alphom Group and 38-year CIA Operations Officer.

When it Mattered

Ep. 17 — A legendary CIA operative begins his career struggling with imposter syndrome / William Murray, Founder, Alphom Group and 38-year CIA Operations Officer.When William Murray walked through the doors of the Central Intelligence Agency as a young recruit, he was instantly filled with trepidation.“Everybody that I met seemed to be better educated, better traveled, and have a better understanding of the world than me,” Murray remembers thinking.Murray fought his insecurities and over the next nearly 38 years, grew into a highly successful and impactful senior Operations Officer and a legendary figure in the CIA, serving in some of the most world's toughest hotspots, including Beirut, Tehran, Pakistan, the Balkans, and Syria.After his overseas tours of duty, Murray returned to Washington D.C. and reached the highest ranks of the Senior Executive Service, managing some of the most sensitive and vital intelligence collection programs in the Agency. Among other awards and accolades, Murray received the CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.Murray's stint in Syria during the Gulf War and his extensive postings in the Mideast gives him a deep perspective on the current mess in Syria. [Hear audio excerpt below]Despite his long and distinguished service, Murray says he left the Agency never quite fitting in.He's reconciled himself to having been a quintessential outsider.TranscriptDownload the PDFChitra Ragavan:   Hello everyone. I'm Chitra Ragavan and this is When it Mattered. When it Mattered is a podcast exploring how leaders are forged from critical moments and how they deal with and learn from adversity. My guest today is the legendary William Murray. He's a retired senior operations officer who spent nearly 38 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. During his tenure, Murray was posted to some of the most dangerous CIA stations in the world, often during war and civil unrest including Beirut, Tehran, Pakistan, Syria, and the Balkans. This episode is brought to you by Goodstory, an advisory firm helping technology startups find their narrative.Chitra Ragavan:   Murray also held senior management roles in Washington DC and was seconded in the US Senate to help create the intelligence reform and terrorism prevention act of 2004, which resulted in the largest change in US government structures since the end of World War II. Murray has received numerous awards including the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. He currently is founder of the Alphom group. A business intelligence and risk management consulting firm. Bill, welcome to the podcast.William Murray:   Hi Chitra, how are you this afternoon?Chitra Ragavan:   I'm good. How are you?William Murray:   I'm fine. Thank you.Chitra Ragavan:   You come from a humble working class, Irish Catholic family in Boston. In some ways, you were an unlikely candidate for the CIA.William Murray:   That's true. At the time I joined virtually everybody who had come in before me and the people were still coming in were all Ivy League, sort of East Coast big families, long established families, et cetera. I was a shot in the dark. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out.Chitra Ragavan:   What was your background?William Murray:   My father was in the Navy during World War II. And then used the GI bill after the war. Got an education as a design draftsman. Worked on a lot of really interesting large engineering projects like the Polaris submarine and the B-58 Hustler and a whole host of missile systems for Raytheon and Honeywell and various other companies around the Boston area. I was always fascinated with what he did, the technology, et cetera. But he had a very large family. There were eight of us. I was the oldest. So trying to feed a family like that and house us et cetera. He wound up working a lot of times, two jobs.William Murray:   It was not particularly a struggle for us to exist.


28 Oct 2019

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Ep 4: Honesty Shapes Your Sons Future with Guest William Murray

Mothers With Sons

Mothers With Sons: Honesty Shapes Your Sons FutureIn this episode, I took a journey to Fort Greene Brooklyn, to be joined by William Murray, husband and father. Will shared that honesty and accountability are the pillars that keep his relationship with his mother thriving, flourishing, and open. Prior to losing his dad in 1992, Will was a daddy’s boy and didn’t have a relationship with his mother. After the unexpected loss, his mom, Ms. Olive, established honesty as the pathway for the two of them to be accountable to one other and get out of their funk. Will shares how he and his mom moved past the loss of his dad, a blended family, and how critique has sculpted his character and values. Will discusses how he obtained the masculine skills that his mom didn’t have to offer.

1hr 15mins

15 Oct 2019

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SRRG: Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes - Today's Guest: William Murray

Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes

SRRG: Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes - Today's Guest: William Murray


15 Jun 2019

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Finding Your Inner Strength and Resilience in a Royal Family Business with William Murray, Viscount Stormont

Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo

William is a talented Next Generation Family Business owner. As the son and heir of the Earl of Mansfield, William has developed from a young age an innate understanding of the multi-generational family business and has firsthand experience of the many and complex difficulties wealthy families face.Previously he worked as a Management Consultant in New York with Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC. Promoted to lead the Family Run Business division, William fast acquired expert technical business management skills consulting business families across the USA. His mandate extended from advising families upon their current business activities, to the creation of family boards and offices, to estate and legacy planning and generation transfer. William was educated at Eton College and Durham University, before working in Rome as the Aide-de-Camp to Fra’ Matthew Festing, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta (a multi-national charity). William is a highly motivated and articulate individual with a passion for helping others and making a valued contribution in all areas of his life, whether that be in business, through volunteering, or on a personal level. Learn More at: http://scone-palace.co.uk/


27 Feb 2019

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James Kavanagh & William Murray

Róisín Meets...

In five years selling at farmers' markets and hosting dining events, James Kavanagh and William Murray's food business Currabinny has grown a huge fanbase. The pair are boyfriends as well as business partners and in this podcast they talk Róisín about their meeting on Grindr, why James has William to thank for his 'influencer' status, how their mothers have influenced their love of food and their gorgeous debut publication, The Currabinny Cookbook.


26 Oct 2018

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Seek Reality – William Murray Talks About Maintaining His Marriage After His Wife’s Death

Seek Reality - Roberta Grimes

It was the third marriage for Bill and the third marriage for Irene, and sometimes the third one is the charm! When Irene died last year, Bill was at first distraught, but he began to get signs and messages from her almost at once; and over months he built an extraordinary new relationship with the love of his life that happily continues to grow! Their beautiful story will cheer everyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Death is not the end at all!The post Seek Reality – William Murray Talks About Maintaining His Marriage After His Wife’s Death appeared first on WebTalkRadio.net.


5 Feb 2018

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Cumberland Mayor William Murray

The Dan Yorke Show

William Murray joins the Dan Yorke Show to discuss his resolution to ban cell phone use by town council members during meetings.​


27 Mar 2017