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Designing for Cognitive Bias – David Dylan Thomas

The Product Experience

Monika Turska defines the job of a Product Manager as someone who helps make better decisions, faster. But making the right decisions—whether it’s the ones that we’re actively making, or the ones we’re empowering our algorithms to make—requires a real understanding of the environment they’re being made in. We asked Design for Cognitive Bias author, [...] Read more » The post Designing for Cognitive Bias – David Dylan Thomas appeared first on Mind the Product.


28 Apr 2021

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How to Read Dylan Thomas

Open Book

Readings and analysis of the three best-known poems by the Anglo-Welsh poet: “The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower,” “Fern Hill,” and “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night.” For my annotation and analysis of “In My Craft or Sullen Art,” see this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/JsSgPNoCQUM?t=279


20 Mar 2021

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Season 2 | Episode 4 | David Dylan Thomas

Design Together

In the first episode of season two, I talk with David Dylan Thomas, author of "Design for Cognitive Bias." Learn how to avoid the bandwagon effect and what mechanisms we can all use to improve collaboration. This episode is great for both those new to design as well as seasoned designers! 


3 Mar 2021

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JKS 43 Poly-Morph with Dylan Thomas

Just Keep Swinging

JKS 43 Poly-Morph with Dylan ThomasThis episode marks our most extravagant show and took almost 4 years, about $400 in production fees and an entire year of editing to create....Please try not to fall asleep listening to it!I sat down on a lazy, rainy Sunday back in the beginning of 2020 & had a man-to-man chat with Dylan Thomas of Life on the Swingset Podcast Fame.Dylan graciously answered my questions about when people & relationships morph from swinging to a more polyamorous identity.As you may know, I lean toward the Poly end of the spectrum but have questions & doubts about how I would navigate it and how that would work in my life.Sit back, relax and enjoy a Letterkenny (on HULU) themed flashback and Dylan's ASMR contribution to our show.You can find Dylan on most Socials as Dylan the Thomas or search Life on the Swingset.You can reach Mr.Sting at @JKSwingingPod on Twitter, email at JustKeepSwingingPod@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at 707-68SWING.If you like our show and the perspective we provide, PLEASE give us a positive review on iTunes.If you don't like us, say nothing and just move along .LOLThank You for listening, and "Just Keep Swinging"!Curious about the Swinger Dating site DOUBLE DATE NATION? Get a free trial ! Use promo code STINGERS.https://app.doubledatenation.com/register?coupon=StingersPLEASE HELP spread THE EUPHORIA EFFECT by visiting their site Toledo Adult Parties or better yet, becoming a Patreon member at Patreon.com/ClubEuphoria. Follow them on Twitter  @ClubEuphoria1  #TheEuphoriaEffectFascinated about swinging and other kinds of open or sex positive relationships? Go listen to our friends at ...Normalizing Non Monogamy podcast. and...Bawdy Storytelling podcastOther notes: We recommend watching Embarrassing Bodies & Big Mouth on Netflix for relaxing the grip of stigma, fear and poor sexual & relationship education. Other resources to consider...American Sexual Health association- ASHAsexualhealth.org @infoASHAThe- nationalcoalitionforsexualhealth.org @NCSH_stdcheck.com @STDcheckmylabbox.com  letsgetchecked.comgettested.cdc.govDo you or a loved one have Herpes or another STI and are looking for resources on coping with your diagnosis? Search IG for Courtney Brame from the Podcast & Non-Profit "Something Positive for Positive People". A resource for fighting stigma and shame, while finding community & emotional healing for people living with Herpes & other STIs.visit https://www.spfpp.org/


28 Feb 2021

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EP41 - Questioning Our Assumptions with David Dylan Thomas

Stacking the Bricks: Creators and Entrepreneurs You Can Relate To

This week I'm stopping by The Cognitive Bias Podcast with David Dylan Thomas to riff on a topic we're both very passionate about: the intersection of ethics and capitalism.Dave is one of the best people I can think of to talk to about this because as a designer and a strategist, He spent a lot of his career thinking about the implications of bias on our work as creators.And one of the things I've heard Dave talk about over and over and over is how so many of the ethical problems we face in business today might actually be designed problems that we can better solve. And in some cases only solve. If we first understand to the cognitive biases that those problems are rooted in.Dave has spent so much time thinking about bias that he literally wrote a book about it called Design for Cognitive Bias, about how to understand the impact of biases on our customers, our teams, even ourselves. The book is amazing. Everyone who makes things should absolutely read it.Back to ethics and capitalism. Seemingly opposing forces. Right? Well, in this episode, we're going to be talking about: the impact of survivorship bias on the kinds of businesses that people start and growthe relationships that exist between money and power and a very unexpected segue into an episode of the nineties TV show dinosaurs that I promise is more relevant than you could possibly imagine.If you enjoy this conversation, I highly recommend going and checking out. Dave's aptly named Cognitive Bias Podcast for other similar in-depth discussions with industry experts, and then go back and check out these super bingeable back catalog of his 5 to 10 minute episodes where he explores one bias in each one. It's truly a treasure trove of how our we're human brains work. But now, and here, I hope you enjoy this wide ranging discussion about the get rich quick scheme that we call America with David Dylan Thomas. Here we go. 


29 Oct 2020

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On the Trail of... Dylan Thomas. Plus burgers, crisps, drugs and hangovers - all of life (S4, Ep10)

Deserter Pubcast

S4, Ep10.In this episode:What we did nextPints under coverNorfolk county linesElephant & Castle Shopping CentreBrockley Brewery beer launchOn trail of Dylan Thomas part one - FitzroviaTier 2 for LondonPub newsOther newsCrisp newsOn trail of Dylan Thomas part two - Herne HillBum DosserSocial Media SceneThanks to our sponsor Go Out London / London CarriagesExtract of Dylan Thomas reading "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" youtube.com/watch?v=1mRec3VbH3w

1hr 1min

22 Oct 2020

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#245 Cognitive bias with David Dylan Thomas

UX Podcast

We all have cognitive biases, flaws in our reasoning and judgement due to our personal beliefs and hidden pattens that we’ve subconsciously adopted over time. David Dylan Thomas joins us to discuss cognitive bias and how we can design for it and work with it.

10 Sep 2020

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429: Cognitive Bias with David Dylan Thomas


David Dylan Thomas stops by to talk about his new book, Design for Cognitive Bias, recently published by A Book Apart. We talk about the illusion of control, confirmation bias, capitalism as a bias, culture fit, bias blindspots, the myth of the self-made man, move fast and break things, dark patterns, and what can we takeaway from learning about bias?


7 Sep 2020

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David Dylan Thomas

Content Strategy Insights

David Dylan Thomas can help you tame the unconscious biases that can undermine your design decision-making. These biases are strong. You may never conquer them all. But recognizing them and accounting for them in your content strategy and design work can mitigate the hazards they present. You need to be on your toes at every turn to account for these cognitive biases. They can affect the products and experiences you design, your collaborations with your team, and your own behavior. Dave's book shows you how to deal with each of these challenges. https://ellessmedia.com/csi/david-dylan-thomas-2/


25 Aug 2020

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EP08 The Ghost of Dylan Thomas, and his many haunts in Wales and the world

Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees

Does the ghost of Dylan Thomas visit his old haunts? Has he gone gently in that good night, or does his spirit rage, rage, against the dying of the light? Join MARK REES (Ghosts of Wales) as he investigates reports that the great Welsh poet is still active today, and that during his lifetime he was a believer in an afterlife and claimed to have seen a ghost himself. This is an epic journey which starts in Laugharne, takes in Swansea and Carmarthen, the English capital London, and even New York.


30 Jul 2020