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Gabrielle Bernstein & Brendon Burchard | Tips for Finding Your Unique Life Purpose

You Can Heal Your Life®

Today, we're excited to share the first of 4 preview lessons from the 2022 You Can Heal Your Life Summit, which starts on January 19! In this one-of-a-kind conversation, #1 New York Times best-selling authors Gabrielle Bernstein and Brendon Burchard discuss what it takes to find your purpose in life. Sign up for the full summit for free at hayhouse.com/summit. 


9 Jan 2022

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Gabrielle Bernstein | Empowering Women | You Have the Hidden Power

You Can Heal Your Life®

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Empowering Women series. Today, Gabrielle Bernstein will share an excerpt from her audiobook, The Universe Has Your Back. She shows you that you can find the power within by mindfully making shifts to connect with the power of your presence through meditations, prayer, and surrendering your will to the power of the Universe. If you enjoy today’s episode, we hope you’ll join us for a FREE 5-Day Empowering Women Event from October25-29. Visit hayhouse.com/empower to join for free! 


22 Oct 2021

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"Super Attractor" by Gabrielle Bernstein - Book Review

Master of Life Awareness

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, the #1 New York Times best-seller, lays out the essential steps for living in alignment with the Universe more fully than you've ever done before. This book is a journey of remembering where your true power lies. You'll learn how to co-create the life you want. You'll accept that life can flow, that attracting is fun, and that you don't have to work so hard to get what you want. Most important, you'll feel good. Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams "Super Attractor" by Gabrielle Bernstein - Book Review Book of the Week - BOTW - Season 4 Book 39 Buy the book on Amazon https://amzn.to/3DwKh2y GET IT. READ :) #manifesting #dream #loa FIND OUT which HUMAN NEED is driving all of your behavior http://6-human-needs.sfwalker.com/ Human Needs Psychology + Emotional Intelligence + Universal Laws of Nature = MASTER OF LIFE AWARENESS https://www.sfwalker.com/master-life-awareness--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sfwalker/message


13 Oct 2021

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The Universe has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Gratitude Insights

Todays episode is a takeaway from a book, The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein. Helps you trust the Universe and be happy. :)


23 Aug 2021

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Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Book Legion

Before she became a celebrated teacher and lecturer, Gabrielle Bernstein was going down a dangerous path. For years, Bernstein struggled with eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and constant self-doubt and self-loathing. That all changed when she discovered A Course in Miracles, which taught her that much of what she feared in life was not frightening at all and, in many cases, not even real.Now, Bernstein lives an empowered, healthy, and joyful life. In Spirit Junkie, Bernstein guides listeners through the life-changing lessons that shaped her spiritual journey: how we become accustomed to fearful ways of thinking, how to recognize and change those thought patterns to make way for bliss, and how to maintain our happiness and share it with the world. By understanding and changing our perceptions, hang-ups will melt away, resentments will release, and childlike faith in joy will be reignited. Buy the book here: https://amzn.to/3fke9p7Check out "A Course in Miracles": https://amzn.to/3ljeGeU+++++Subscribe to the Podcast!▶︎ PODCAST: https://bit.ly/3qpki6YFollow us on Social Media:▶︎ WEBSITE | https://thebooklegion.com▶︎ YOUTUBE  |  http://bit.ly/2MZJ3Io▶︎ INSTAGRAM  |  https://instagram.com/thebooklegion▶︎ FACEBOOK  |  https://facebook.com/thebooklegionCheck out Tyzer Evans' other Podcast, Grind Sell Elevate here: https://bit.ly/3bU6D3l


1 Aug 2021

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"Przestań się oceniać" Gabrielle Bernstein - fragment

Przestrzeń Miłości Ja - Born to Be

Jak to jest, że wszyscy rodzimy się ze wspaniałym potencjałem - a potem jedni swobodnie go realizują w życiu a inni jakby "utknęli na mieliźnie". Powodów jest wiele i pochodzą one z różnych poziomów. Jednakże jednym z największych i najczęstszych "blokerów" naszego wspaniałego życia jest błędne koło oceniania, gdzieś "po drodze" zapominamy o miłości i wpadamy w kierat wszelkich odmian "muszę", "nie mogę", "powinnam", "nie wolno". Czucie i miłość do siebie odchodzą na drugi plan a stery przejmuje ocenianie i bycie ocenianym. Ta książka pomoże Ci zrozumieć ten mechanizm i wyrwać się z błędnego koła. 👉 Jeśli widzisz wartość w tym co robię i chcesz wesprzeć moją pracę - postaw mi kawę  🧡 Jeśli chcesz otworzyć się na wspierającą pracę ze sobą to zapraszam Cię do Kręgów Mocy w grupie Quantum Cudów 5D na fb, na spotkania indywidualne a także do sięgnięcia po wsparcie w Kronikach Akaszy. grupa Quantum Cudów 5D na facebooku i na insta Zapraszam na mój kanał na youtubie #gabriellebernstein #przestańsięoceniać #wsparcieduchowe #przewodnikduchowy #mówcaduchowy #przebudzenie #przebudzenieświadomości #przebudzenieksiążki #psychologia #rozwójduchowy #rozwójosobisty #przekazyduchowe #przestrzenmiłościja #kochamsiebie--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/przestrzenmiloscija/message


9 Jun 2021

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Episode 391: Relieving Anxiety Through EFT and Meditation with Gabrielle Bernstein

Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Gabrielle Bernstein is on the show this week. For over fifteen years, Gabrielle has been transforming lives—including her own. She is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, having penned eight books including The Universe Has Your Back, Super Attractor and the latest, her first Audible Original, You Are the Guru. She joined me to discuss some of the tools and practices she uses to relieve anxiety and restore energy, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and cord-cutting meditation. I love it when conversations organically move in their own direction and this one did not disappoint.  In this episode you’ll hear:  Cord-cutting meditation - what it is and how it can be used to help someone get some closure. (6:10) Gabby walks people through the steps of judgment detox using a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique. (11:04) Methods or tools for relieving anxiety. (17:07) Postpartum depression, time and place for psychiatric support, and why you can’t spiritually override it. Get medicated support to get back to safeline and feel safe enough to live. (20:07) Manifesting is not about getting things, it is about feeling good. (22:55) http://andreaowen.com/391


2 Jun 2021

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Episode 3 - How to life a fearless life (Learnings from The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein)

Gurleen's Podcast

Episode 3 - How to life a fearless lifeHello Everyone, welcome to my channel, today I share some of my learnings from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, “The Universe has your back” on how we can stop fear from ruling our life and impacting our decisions – the ideas of being aware of the habitual resistance within, holding an intention to choose a different reality, releasing judgement and surrendering have helped me in letting go of the grip of fear in my life and I hope these ideas benefit you too. Best wishes with love, Gurleen


30 May 2021

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Do you have Gabrielle Bernstein Complex?

Soul Sessions with Rianne

Do you want to be like Gabby Bernstein? Or maybe Marie Forleo or Tony Robbins? Great! They are all awesome! But wanting to be like someone who is already super duper famous, rich and successful can also work against you. In this episode I explain; - What GB Complex is. - In what way this can sabotages your succes. - How to shift back into a mindset that moves you forward to your dreams. Enjoy!


28 May 2021

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Gabrielle Bernstein on removing stigma around medical intervention and spiritual motherhood - Episode 11

The Artipoppe Podcast

In this episode we talk to Gabrielle Bernstein, a thought-provoking motivational speaker, spiritual leader and bestselling author of nine books (one in the works) including The Universe Has Your Back. She co-hosted the Guinness World Records’ largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, she is on Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list and she just launched her very own podcast called Dear Gabby. Gabrielle had a spiritual upbringing but lost her connection to spirit at some point in her adolescence. It was actually through connecting back to that spiritual place within herself that she was able to heal from addiction and – as she later found out – sexual abuse as a child.For over fifteen years now, Gabrielle has been a guiding light for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. She has always been extremely open about the challenges she faces, amongst them also infertility and postpartum depression. During our conversation she touches on her spiritual journey and the collective and spirituality. She strongly believes that we should resolve stigma and shame around postpartum depression and medication. Stating that for our mental health, especially as mothers, it is crucial to not be ‘too black and white’. She talks about her fertility journey, hypnobirthing (also sharing her own hypnobirthing affirmations), the process of IVF and being a mom to her now two-year-old baby boy Oliver. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 May 2021