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Acres: A Real Estate Conversation between Kendra Barnes and Kim Cameron.

Entrepreneurial Appetite's Black Book Discussions

In this edition of Entrepreneurial Appetite's Black Book discussions, we feature a conversation with real estate entrepreneur and influencer Kedra Barnes, founder of the Key Resource and author of Acres: Inspiring Stories of 25 Real Estate Investors Who Are Normalizing Black Wealth One Acre at a Time. This conversation will also feature a special guest host, Kim Cameron, Executive Director of the North Carolina A&T Real Estate Foundation.Please consider supporting the show as one of our Founding 55 patrons. For five dollars a month, you can access our live monthly conversations. Your patronage will help us meet our goal of hiring an intern to help with the show's production. See the link below:https://www.patreon.com/EA_BookClubSupport the show


4 Jul 2022

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48 - Financial Independence One Acre at a Time Inspiring Real Estate Stories with Author Kendra Barnes

The Real Estate Law Podcast

Meet Kendra Barnes, the Founder and Creator of The Key Resource - a community of aspiring and experienced Real Estate Investors, building wealth together.Kendra is a wife, a mom, and a full-time Real Estate Investor. Her real estate investments afforded Kendra the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32.Along with her portfolio that generates over $150k of annual income, Kendra is a reach estate coach, helping beginner Real Estate Investors learn how to make passive income with Real Estate (even if they don't want to be a Landlord!)Kendra's latest project is a book entitled Acres, Inspiring Stories of 25 Real Estate Investors Who Are Normalizing Black Wealth One Acre at a Time. Her goal is to normalize black wealth and inspire others with the stories of black real estate investors, how they have built their investments and overcome obstacles, by showcasing their stories in a beautiful coffee table book.Kendra has been featured on Black Enterprise, Side Hustle Pro, and Forbes, and now also on The Real Estate Law Podcast!In this episode, we discussed:- How playing the game CASHFLOW changed everything for Kendra- How Kendra was living comfortably, but didn't have income-generating assets- Switching strategies on her first duplex and going to short-term rental route- Leaving her stable government job to become a full-time real estate investor- Establishing goals and purpose with one's real estate investments- Creative ways to come up with down payments for properties- Location rental strategies (for photo shoots, back yard, etc.)- Shipping container and prefabricated homes- Normalizing real estate investing and ownership for Black AmericansGet in touch with Kendra:Website - https://thekeyresource.com/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thekeyresourceFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/241836009576155/Acres book - https://getyouracres.com/Join Jason Muth and Attorney / Broker Rory Gill of NextHome Titletown and UrbanVillage Legal in Boston, Massachusetts for another episode of The Real Estate Law Podcast!#realestatepodcast #nexthome #humansoverhouses #realestate #realestateinvesting #realestateinvestor #retiringearly #realestateinvesting #househacking #downpaymentassistance #firsttimehomebuyer___________________The Real Estate Law Podcast is hosted by Jason Muth and Attorney / Broker Rory Gill.This podcast and these show notes are not legal advice, but we hope you find both entertaining and informative.You can follow our sponsors here:NextHome Titletown Real Estate on InstagramNextHome Titletown Real Estate on FacebookNextHome Titletown Real Estate on LinkedInAttorney Rory Gill on LinkedInThe Real Estate Law Podca Support the showFollow us!NextHome Titletown Real Estate on InstagramNextHome Titletown Real Estate on FacebookNextHome Titletown Real Estate on LinkedInAttorney Rory Gill on LinkedIn


3 May 2022

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Kendra Barnes

Blue Dope

There are different ways to amass wealth, but real estate investment is one of the best routes to financial freedom. Although having an excellent income-debt ratio, good credit score, and enough money to make your downpayment is critical in real estate investment, having the right resources carries the day. As an investor, you must have the right mentors, read relevant books, attend real estate classes, and learn the best strategies in the field.In this week's episode, Blue sits down with Kendra Barnes. You may know her as the key resource. As a real estate investor, Kendra aims to connect investors to the resources they need to succeed in real estate.Join us for a Dope conversation on her journey from her undergraduate in Agricultural economics at Greensboro college in North Carolina, realizing that she hates her job to finding a way out of it. We also discuss her success strategies as a full-time real estate investor after quitting her 9-5 job.This episode is brought to you by ManscapedGet 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code BLUEDOPE at Manscaped.com* Follow Kendra Barnes:https://www.instagram.com/thekeyresource*Follow Blue Dope:https://www.instagram.com/bluedopetvwww.instagram.com/blue*Thank you so much for tuning into Blue Dope. Please don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe to the show if you enjoy the podcast.*Please visit us at Blue Dope. 


5 Apr 2022

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Using Real Estate to Retire at Age 32 w/ Kendra Barnes | Ep. 34

Dem Coins Finance

What I love discovering about financial independence is that there's more than one way to get there. Today's amazing guest Kendra Barnes, used real estate, more specifically short term rental sites like AirBnB, to speed track her way to financial independence at age 32! Come along with us as we talk about Kendra's journey, sacrifices, hard learned lessons, and how you can avoid some of the common mistakes made when investing in real estate. Connect with our guest, Kendra! Pre-order Kendra's Book: http://www.getyouracres.com/ www.thekeyresource.com https://www.instagram.com/thekeyresource WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, Let’s Connect! Website Instagram YouTube Email Us hello@demcoinsonline.com


29 Mar 2022

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Episode 95: How to make $150k a Year in Real Estate with Kendra Barnes

Stacks and the City

Hello wonderful people! Today's episode I interview Kendra Barnes of The Key Resource.  She's been able to retire from her traditional 9-5 job at the age of 32 to focus on whatever she wanted to focus on. It was such a pleasure to hear and speak on her life and how she was able to use real estate in a way that worked for her life. A couple of lessons I want to pay attention to: MAKE MISTAKES!!!! DO NOT be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to investing. Mistakes are inevitable but learning from them is paramount. DO NOT BE SCARED!  Work With Someone! Kendra has the partnership from her husband and as a person who's had most of her real estate endeavors alone, I can't express the importance of finding someone to work with to help mitigate risk and learn with along the way. Click here to sign up for my newsletter! Pre-order her book Acres here!


17 Feb 2022

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How She House Hacked Her Way to Leaving Her 9-5 Job with Kendra Barnes

The Real Estate InvestHER Show

“We were living well, but we weren’t building wealth.” This describes Kendra Barnes’s life before she took the plunge into real estate, house hacking, creating her business, and, yes, building that wealth. What started as a duplex in Washington, D.C. would become a well-rounded real estate portfolio and the founding of Kendra’s company, The Key Resource. Not only does Kendra generate income from rental properties, but she also offers coaching and course resources for beginner real estate investors trying to earn their own passive income. Kendra admits that house hacking was an adjustment when she and her husband started renting properties. But adjusting and refining are key characteristics that have allowed Kendra’s real estate know-how to grow over time. Whether learning about the right renovations for a property, navigating her family’s reactions to her real estate investments, or coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, staying adaptable has made Kendra a savvy and agile landlord and wealth builder. Tune into this week’s episode of the Real Estate InvestHER Show for a conversation with Kendra about how she built her business and portfolio. Learn invaluable tips for leaving your 9-5 job, how to pivot with life’s changes, and about the game night that changed it all for Kendra. Quotes • “I got into real estate investment super randomly. I do not come from a family of real estate investors, I do not come from a wealthy family. I come from a middle-class, military family.” (07:42-07:51) • “I played a game one day […] and I had a wake up call playing that game because I had never considered the idea of passive income.” (07:53-08:06) • “[House hacking] was really a struggle […] but what kept me together through it was once I started seeing the cash flow and I’d go into work on those really bad days—just the freedom knowing I could walk out of there if I wanted to.” (29:46-30:14) • “Now that I’m older and wiser, when I identify a property—whether it’s a shipping container home or any other kind of home—to mitigate risk, I make sure I can easily pivot with my rental strategy and can still be profitable.” (39:07-39:18) Connect with Kendra Barnes: Website: https://thekeyresource.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thekeyresource/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-zFxzQSDuJHXEtUmI5JLw/videos How To Join the InvestHER Movement 1) The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast - The weekly show details the journey of some of the most amazing women real estate investors around the world, who open up their lives and share practical and strategic tools for growing a rental portfolio, flipping houses and the mindset that allows them to run a successful investing business while taking care of their families and most importantly taking care of themselves. Subscribe via: • Apple Itunes  • Spotify • Amazon Music • Android • Stitcher 2) The Real Estate InvestHER Membership Our Membership focuses on three pillars: Real Estate Investing, Business Strategies, and Self-Care. We provide a financial freedom road map for women to create steady recurring income to live life on their own terms. Start today with our FREE membership level. 3) InvestHER Community on Facebook We have thousand of members in our Facebook InvestHER Community (and growing!) This is a safe place for women to ask real estate investing questions and gain the support they need to achieve their goals!  4) InvestHER Meetups Around the Globe We have Investher Meetup members attending in-person meetings across the country and Canada. Meetups are being held monthly by experienced InvestHER Leaders! Learn more about our InvestHER leaders, meetup locations, and how to become an InvestHER Leader HERE!  5) InvestHER™ eXp Team Our mission is to empower women in Real Estate to live a financially free and balanced life, and we are extending our support to Real Estate agents worldwide. We have created exclusive content and support for the InvestHER™ eXp Team: *Top skills and strategies to grow YOUR business *How to utilize your “real estate agent” advantage to become a real estate investor *Monthly live masterminds *Become part of Libertas Organization with top coaches, Tim and Julie Harris. Jonna Hall Weber is leading our team. If you have any questions or are ready to join our team, click here to schedule a call with her. Follow us on: Facebook: @therealestateinvesther Instagram: @therealestateinvesther YouTube: Watch our shows here See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


10 Sep 2021

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E14: Wealth Building through Real Estate with Kendra Barnes of The Key Resource

Dear Sister!

Join Theresa G. Kennedy, Creator and Host, for an exciting and informative conversation about Wealth Building through Real Estate with our guest, Kendra Barnes who is the Founder & Creator of The Key Resource. Kendra helps beginner Real Estate Investors learn how to make passive income with Real Estate (even if you don't want to be a Landlord!). Over the past four years, she has built a Real Estate portfolio that generates over $150,000 in rental income per year. By the age of 30, Kendra owned and managed 7 rental units. No, she did not hit the lottery nor was she left a hefty inheritance. She started out in Real Estate Investment with the goal of building wealth but she had no idea what she was doing. Kendra learned some hard lessons and had some major wins- but it wasn't easy. Her real estate investments afforded her the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32. Kendra is on a mission to change the perception of what a Real Estate Investor is supposed to look like by encouraging and empowering millennials to invest in Real Estate. #dearsisterpodcast #dearsister #thekeyresource #realestate #landlord #wealthbuilder This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


23 Aug 2021

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Ep: 61 - Kendra Barnes talks financial freedom through rental properties, retiring in her early 30’s, and buying in an expensive market with little money.

The Real Estate Blueprint Podcast

In this episode, today’s guest who is known for sharing her expertise on her platform The Key Resource, talks about her journey towards financial freedom through her rental properties. Kendra wasn’t living in a cheaper market and thus had to pull resources from different areas in order to come up with the down payment she needed to buy her first property. From there she learned about house hacking and started buying more - she was hooked. Definitely a show for anybody who wants to get their feet wet and learn about how to start building your portfolio!  Kendra Barnes is a full-time Real Estate Investor and founder of The Key Resource. Her real estate investments afforded her the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32. She created The Key Resource to inspire, empower and educate people about the power of home ownership and Real Estate investment.


25 May 2021

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You Don't Need to Be Rich To Invest in Real Estate Featuring Kendra Barnes

The Weekly Juice | Real Estate, Personal Finance, Investing

In Episode 57, Kendra Barnes from @thekeyresource joins the show to share her story of leaving a job she hated to becoming financially free at age 32. Kendra is full-time millionaire real-estate investor and the founder of the Key Resource. Through her educational platform, Kendra teaches people how to generate passive income, build wealth, and retire from their 9-5 jobs through real estate investing. Her current "small but mighty" portfolio of 8 units generates over $150,000 per year in income! If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to build wealth, this episode is for you.-We’re now using RentRedi to help manage our investment properties. RentRedi is an all-in-one property management software that assists with rent collection, maintenance, tenant screening, communication and more. Click HERE to learn more about RentRedi, and be sure to use promo code JUICEPOD to get 50% off. -🍊 SOCIAL MEDIA: @weeklyjuicepod▶️ SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube📸 FOLLOW us on Instagram🐥 TWEET with us on Twitter📚 EXPLORE our Book Recommendations🏠 PURCHASE your first Rental Property


12 May 2021

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Episode No. 118 So You Wanna Purchase Your First Income Property With Kendra Barnes

The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast

Have you been flirting around with the idea of buying an income property? Maybe a two-family flat or a small house that you can list on Airbnb for weekly rentals?  Well, in today's episode, Kendra Barnes is showing us how it is done! Kendra Barnes is a full-time Real Estate Investor and founder of The Key Resource. Her real estate investments afforded her the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32. Yep! You read that right-- she got to chuck up the deuces to her government job at 32. The gag? She started at the very bottom and worked her way up to the real estate top—no trust fund inheritance. No power realtor mentor to show her the ropes. She just rolled up her sleeves, saved some money, studied the industry, and did the work. And guess what? She got good at it! So good, thousands of people started reaching out, asking if she could show them how to get in the real estate game. That's when she decided to share the real estate wealth and create her online academy, The Key Resource. The Key Resouce helps inspire, empower and educate people about the power of homeownership and Real Estate investment. Transcripts of today's episode are available in the show notes. (Linked below)Show Notes | The Goal Getter Sessions | Instagram | Contact | Podcast Guest SubmissionSupport the showThanks for listening! Let's keep in touch:Instagram: @thesundayjumpstartEmail: hi@thesundayjumpstart.com


25 Apr 2021