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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Paulette Perhach. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Paulette Perhach, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Paulette Perhach. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Paulette Perhach, often where they are interviewed.

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When a Child of Financial Chaos Stumbles into Adulthood - with Paulette Perhach

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#173: Paulette Perhach is a journalist who has been published in The New York Times, Slate, ELLE, Marie Claire, and Cosmo.

But we’re not going to talk about that today. We’re going to talk about the fact that she’s made every decision by putting her life first, and then forcing her career to follow.

She’s hiked through jungles and watched eclipses and volunteered with the Peace Corps. She’s been on crazy adventures in far-flung places. She endured unimaginable pain and it’s because of those challenges -- not despite them, but because of them -- that she knows her one precious, wild life is too short to spend in a cubicle.

Many people who pursue financial independence are looking for a fully-funded lifestyle change. But Paulette made an unfunded change. She lives her life, and then figures out how the money follows.

What can we learn from her resourcefulness? Find out in this episode.

For more information, visit the show notes at https://affordanything.com/episode173 

Jan 21 2019 · 1hr 26mins
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174 Why You Need a F*** Off Fund - Paulette Perhach, Author of Welcome to the Writer's Life

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Do you have a f*** off fund? You know, a bit of money you've got in a savings account for emergencies. But I'm not just talking about when your car breaks down or you lose your job. I'm talking about when you need to quit your job because you're being harassed by your boss. Or when you need to leave your abusive boyfriend and need a place to stay. I talk with the woman who coined the term for this episode, and you are definitely going to want to set up a f*** off fund after this.

Long description:

Before you even listen to this episode of the show, please read my guest Paulette Perhach’s article that went mega-viral — A Story of a Fuck Off Fund. As I mention in this episode, I had a very emotional reaction to her article. It was just such an amazing visual story of why we all need to take care of ourselves by having an emergency fund, so I highly recommend you read it, then listen to our chat together. I know myself and any other personal finance experts out there talk about the importance of having an emergency fund all the time, but her story really can show you how it can be a life-changer.

Besides having an article that went viral, Paulette is also the new author of the book Welcome to the Writer’s Life. She writes for all kinds of major publications like the New York Times, Elle and Cosmo, and she knows first-hand how difficult it is to crack into this business as a new writer. So, if you’ve ever thought about being a professional writer, this is literally the playbook on how to get started!

For full episode show notes, visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/174.

Oct 31 2018 · 42mins

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Personal Finances & The Fuck Off Fund With Paulette Perhach - Ep. 55

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What would you be able to accomplish and do if you had a fuck off fund? What even is a fuck off fund? I'm talking to Paulette Perhack, the author behind the famous and wildly popular essay "The Fuck Off Fund", on how she built her's and changed her life, plus how you can do it too. 

You can find full show notes at: http://www.amandaabella.com/podcast55/

Sep 11 2018 · 55mins
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Accepting your Financial Reality with Paulette Perhach

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journalist, and now published author, Paulette Perhach, shares her honest and sometimes cringe-worthy journey from writing the viral fuck-off fund post to having no fuck-off fund at all.

She shares why she wanted to write a book for writers that’s not just about how to make money writing.

It’s a great conversation with lots of learning lessons.

For more information, visit the show notes at http://financially-blonde.com/accepting-your-financial-reality-with-paulette-perhach/

Aug 17 2018 · 1hr 6mins

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Lemonade and getting paid with Paulette Perhach

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Writer Paulette Perhach, known for her F*** Off Fund articles and website, has been featured in Cosmo and Glamour, but collecting cash from her writing clients was killing her ability to be a financial grownup.

Paulette also shares her secret to free stuff- including haircuts. 

For more information, visit the show notes at http://www.bobbirebell.com/podcast/pauletteperhach

Jun 06 2018 · 15mins
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Talking to Paulette Perhach About Taking Your Writing Seriously

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I interview special guest Paulette Perhach about how she got started as a writer, how she handles the financial side of writing, and what people will learn from her forthcoming book, Welcome to the Writer's Life.

Learn more about Paulette at pauletteperhach.com and fuckofffund.com.

Pre-order Welcome to the Writer's Life here.

Apr 02 2018 · 26mins
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#9 Paulette Perhach - Talking Money & What It's Like To Go Viral

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An essay went viral earlier this year: a moving story about a woman and the money she may need at any given moment to escape from a job, a sleazy colleague or an abusive partner - it was called A Story Of The Fuck Off Fund. Did you read it? You probably did. It was published on the Billfold, it got retweeted and picked up by Jezebel, Stylist, Refinery 29, the Observer and Salon - some publications even wrote Think Pieces in response, questioning it, praising it, you name it. You know something has really gone viral when old friends from school start posting it on Facebook. I’m here today with the author of this piece Paulette Perhach, a wonderful writer and thinker from Seattle.

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May 17 2016 · 33mins