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Amazon Union Vote With Mike Elk

Sojourner Truth Radio

Today on Sojourner Truth:Another night of protests follow the police shooting by a white female officer of Daunte Wright, a young Black father in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. This, as the prosecution wraps up its case against Derek Chauvin, the white police officer who killed George Floyd. Our guest is Minneapolis-based D.A. Bullock, an award-winning filmmaker and social practice artist in the field of story-based community organizing. D.A. Bullock is also involved with Reclaim the Block, a coalition to demand that Minneapolis divest from policing and invest in long-term alternatives.An update on the rising tensions in the Middle East, as the U.S. is in talks with Iran. Meanwhile, a nuclear facility in Iran was attacked and Iran claims it was an Israeli attack. It remains to be seen how this impacts the U.S.-Iran talks. We speak with Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis. Phyllis directs the New Internationalism Project at The Institute for Policy Studies, focusing on U.S. Middle East and war policy. She also serves on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace. Her most recent books include Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict."Amazon claims a victory as the vote to unionize one of its plants went down in defeat. But supporters of the union say "not so fast," adding that they intent to continue organizing. Our guest is Mike Elk, the senior labor reporter for PaydayReport.com. His latest piece is "Anti-Union Amazon Workers Explain How Mandatory Anti-Union Meetings Turned Them Against the RWDSU [Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union]."


13 Apr 2021

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April 11, 2021 - Pavel Felgenhauer | Adam Ramsay | Mike Elk

Background Briefing with Ian Masters

Putin Prepares a Knockout Blow to Defeat Ukraine's Military and Topple Its Government | The Tripod of Anglo-British Nationalism; TV, the Tabloids, and the Monarchy | Why the RWDSU Lost the Vote to Unionize Amazon in Alabamabackgroundbriefing.org/donate twitter.com/ianmastersmedia facebook.com/ianmastersmedia

1hr 2mins

11 Apr 2021

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G&R Episode 82: Mike Elk of Payday Report talks about Amazon and Alabama

Green & Red: Podcasts for Scrappy Radicals

In our second interview with Mike Elk in the past couple weeks, after he returned from a week in Alabama, we followed up on the Amazon union vote in Bessemer, of which the results are still out, possible outcomes and the future of union organizing at Amazon, and a recent Coal Mine strike outside Tuscaloosa at Warrior Met Coal, which has just been settled.  We also discussed a new Steel strike in Pittsburg. Mike Elk, longtime labor reporter who's written for The Guardian, The Nation, and Politico, is the founder and editor of Payday Report, which chronicles labor actions and strikes every week and provides information and news about labor and unions that you won't get elsewhere.   Read more// Payday Report: https://paydayreport.com/ Follow us on any of these social media channels// Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GreenRedPodcast Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PodcastGreenRed Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenredpodcast YouTube: https://bit.ly/GreenAndRedOnYouTube Please follow us on Medium! (https://medium.com/green-and-red-media). Donate to Green and Red Podcast// Become a recurring donor at  https://www.patreon.com/greenredpodcast Or make a one time donation here: https://bit.ly/DonateGandR This is a Green and Red Podcast  production. Produced by Bob (@bobbuzzanco) and Scott (@sparki1969).  “Green and Red Blues" by Moody. Editing by Scott


8 Apr 2021

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G&R Episode 78: BAmazon! The Amazon Union Drive in Alabama, w/ Mike Elk of "Payday Report"

Green & Red: Podcasts for Scrappy Radicals

One of the most important union organizing drives in recent history is playing out in the Birmingham-Bessemer, Alabama area as Amazon workers are holding a union vote due to end next Monday.  We spoke with Mike Elk, the creator and editor of "Payday Report," about the situation in Alabama, the impact of Joe Biden's endorsement, the intersection of Black Lives Matter and the union efforts, and Amazon's attempts to intimidate and defeat the organizing drive.  We also talked with Mike about his background, writing for The Nation, The Guardian, and Politico, among others, and the creation of Payday Report, https://paydayreport.com/, which covers labor actions all over the nation.  Read more//  Payday Report: https://paydayreport.com/ Follow us on any of these social media channels//  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GreenRedPodcast Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PodcastGreenRed Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenredpodcast YouTube: https://bit.ly/GreenAndRedOnYouTube Please follow us on Medium! (https://medium.com/green-and-red-media).  Donate to Green and Red Podcast//  Become a recurring donor at  https://www.patreon.com/greenredpodcast Or make a one time donation here: https://bit.ly/DonateGandR This is a Green and Red Podcast production. Produced by Bob (@bobbuzzanco) and Scott (@sparki1969). “Green and Red Blues" by Moody. Editing by Issac.


25 Mar 2021

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Sojourner Truth - Mike Elk, Unionizing Amazon - 3.16.21

Sojourner Truth Radio

As Jeff Bezos turns down Senator Bernie Sanders invitation to the Senate to discuss income inequality, we take a look at how Amazon policies are crushing labor unions and how workers are fighting back. Our guest is Mike Elk senior reporter at Payday Report.


16 Mar 2021

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Like It Or Not: Ft Mike Elk & David Sirota | #BreonnaTaylor & #GeorgeFloyd | KY “Public Safety” Bill

The Benjamin Dixon Show

Download the ad-free version: Patreon.com/thebpdshowOn today's edition of Like It Or Not w/ Benjamin Dixon and Rebecca Azor: Ahmed Baba joins us to discuss his work building independent media at Rantt Media, and Kamau Franklin & Kalonji Changa of Renegade Culture come through. Also, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton threatened to sue officials in Austin if they did not lift COVID restrictions and the investigation into the death of Kendrick Johnson is being reopened. Plus, according to Nigel Farage nobody in history has done more for people of color than the British Royal Family. All that and more on Like It Or Not!

1hr 38mins

15 Mar 2021

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4. Labor Journalist Mike Elk of Payday Report Discusses the State of Labor - Part 2

Empathy Media Lab

“When it came time to figure out what I wanted to do, I really wanted to report on worker struggles, which isn’t that easy to do in this country, apparently.” In Part 2, we sit down with Mike Elk, famed labor reporter and founder of Payday Report, as he discusses his experience with unions and labor reporting and the future of labor organizing. Music by Pete Seeger - Homestead Strike Song You can learn more about Mike’s work at www.paydayreport.com Watch Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPA8tYSkmaY&t=1s


20 Jul 2020

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3. Battle of Homestead Strike with labor reporter Mike Elk - Part 1

Empathy Media Lab

As part of our labor series that stretches from Pittsburgh to Chicago through Cleveland, Detroit, and Benton Harbor... I met with labor journalist Mike elk in his hometown of Pittsburgh.  Mike is founder of Paydayreport.com, which is a labor publication based in Pittsburgh, that is elevating a national conversation about workers. In part 1, Mike talks about Pittsburgh labor history as we visit the sites of the 1892 Battle of Homestead, the Henry K. Frick Car Museum, and Carnegie Mellon University.


17 Jul 2020

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Show: Labor Express for 5-31-2020, Mike Elk on COVID-19 Strike Wave Tracker and Interactive Map. Plus teachers respond to COVID-19.

Labor Express Radio

This is the full 5-31-2020 episode of the Labor Express Radio program. On this episode of Labor Express Radio, we continue our ongoing examination of how unions and social movements are responding to the COVID-19 crisis and how the working class has responded to this crisis with an historic level of self-activity, militancy and creativity.  Labor Journalist Mike Elk discusses his Payday Report website which hosts the COVID-19 Strike Wave Tracker and Interactive Map, which has so far documented over 230 strikes related to the COVID-19 crisis since early March.  We also take a look at how teachers are responding to the crisis.  Randi Weingarten discusses the situation in the U.S. and Fatima da Silva, the General Secretary of CNTE discusses the situation in Brazil.  The CTU sues Betsy DeVos over Special Education policy and Elijah Edwards, President AFSCME Local 2858, talks about what's in the ''HEROES Act'' passed by the House and now being considered in the U.S. Senate. Labor Express Radio is Chicago's only English language labor news and current affairs radio program. News for working people, by working people. Labor Express Radio airs every Sunday at 8:00 PM on WLPN in Chicago, 105.5 FM. For more information, see our Facebook page...   laborexpress.org and our homepage on Archive.org at: http://www.archive.org/details/LaborExpressRadio


1 Jun 2020

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'BradCast' 10/7/2019 (Nicole Sandler w/ Bayan Rahman, Mike Elk)

The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman

Independent investigative journalism, broadcasting, troublemaking and muckraking with Brad Friedman of BradBlog.com


7 Oct 2019