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#06 Greg Meade - $10M+ Per Year, CEO of CROSSNET On Inventing A Sport And Scaling an 8-figure brand

The Next Generation

On today's episode Giovanni and Connor sit down with Greg Meade, the CEO of CROSSNET. The worlds first first 4-square volleyball set. Greg is also the cofounder of Glunt, a glass blunt product company. Today we talk through how Greg started CROSSNET, how they hire their team, and how they've been scaling their company to a $10+ million company in only 3 years. We hope you enjoy!


17 Feb 2021

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Let's Eat with Mark Samuel, Episode 76 with Greg Meade from CROSSNET and Caleb Sisk from Shipware

Let's Eat with Mark Samuel

We talk volleyball with a twist, Alibaba, growth through Covid, supply chain issues, and shipping opportunities. 


9 Feb 2021

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The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Today we are talking to the CEO of CROSSNET, Greg Meade! Gregory Meade is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CROSSNET. Greg manages all aspects of the company from marketing, finances, legal to employee and contractor relations. He helps generate daily ideas that will lead the business down the path of success.


21 Jan 2021

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The Entrepreneurial Journey of Going from an Idea to a Multi-million Dollar Company W/ Greg Meade Founder and CEO of Crossnet

Inside the Feed | Podcast

Greg Meade was just nominated for the Forbes 30 under 30, and who is the founder and CEO of Crossnet which is now a multi-million dollar company. We bring it back to the basics on how he embarked on this journey, how and why he began, and all the way through to how he is scaling Crossnet. A lot to learn if you are interested in what it looks and feels like to become an entrepreneur. 


13 Jan 2021

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S1 EP46: CROSSNET CEO and Co-Founder Greg Meade on What it Takes to Turn an Idea into a Multimillion-Dollar Business

The Free Retiree Show

BUSINESS AND THOUGHT LEADER EDITION CROSSNET CEO and Co-Founder Greg Meade has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Even after graduating from college, Greg decided not to pursue the traditional college graduate path and take a 9 to 5 role. He wanted to pursue entrepreneurship, and he decided to take an idea and create something incredible. His dream turned into a reality in less than two years. This week on The Free Retiree Show, Lee Michael Murphy, Sergio Patterson, and Matthew McElroy sit down with Greg to learn more about his journey and how he turned an idea into a multimillion-dollar business.  To get the episode, show notes, and share links, please go to our podcast page. Thank you for sharing our podcast. The Free Retiree Show Podcast Page Honor to be mentioned in the FeedSpot TOP 20 RETIREMENT PODCAST OF 2020


6 Jan 2021

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Ep. #002: Greg Meade, Co-founder of CROSSNET

Willing To Fail

Greg Meade, his older brother Chris, and their childhood friend Mike created a new sport called CROSSNET, that's sweeping the nation. In their first year (2017), they did $75,000 in sales. Year 2, over $2 million. And now in year 3, they're on pace for $10-15 million in sales. Here's their story, told by Greg.


27 Oct 2020

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Greg Meade - Co-founder & CEO, CrossNet - Inventing a New Sport and Hockey Stick Growth

TrepTalks with Sushant

Greg Meade, CEO of CrossNet shares the story of inventing a new sport, building awareness, and driving a hockey stick growth going from Zero to Seven figures within a matter of 3 years through Ecommerce and Retail sales. This is the kind of success story that every entrepreneur inventor wants to have on his/her resume. 


19 Aug 2020

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Greg Meade: Co-Founder of CROSSNET

What's The Word?

Greg Meade is the co-founder and CEO of CROSSNET.The product is a volleyball court divided into four quadrants, merging traditional volleyball with four square.After creating a prototype, they invited their friends to come play. Their friends’ excitement made it clear that they were onto something. Their product is carried in retail and online stores like Amazon, Target.Greg manages all aspects in the company from marketing, finances, etc.They have been featured in media outlets including Shopify podcast, Honest Commerce.com, and Forbes.Website: www.crossnetgame.comTwitter: @crossnetgameYouTube: @crossnet


1 Aug 2020

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Episode #188: Nothing but CROSSNET with Greg Meade

Intentionally Inspirational

In this episode, Brandy and I get to chat with Greg Meade of CROSSNET. A truly innovative idea. They have combined four-square and volleyball to create a brand new game. The timing of this episode is great too as so many of us are stuck at home and many stuck in a rut. With everything happening in the world currently it is easy to lose your motivation. Something like this gives you a great opportunity to get up, get outside and maybe stir up some nostalgic childhood memories. Enjoy!Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/intentionallyinspirational. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


8 Apr 2020

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Episode 92: Greg Meade, Co-Founder and CEO of Crossnet

Off The Dome Radio

Show Description: Greg Meade (@lifeofmeade) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Crossnet (@crossnetgame), a game that combines the concept of Four Square and Volleyball. Formed in 2018 with his brother Chris and childhood friend Mike Delpapa, the business has quickly become popular across the country and is on track for $2 million in sales this year. It is currently sold in sporting goods stores, online, and through physical education programs. In this interview, Greg talks about how the idea formed and the motivations behind creating the game, the biggest challenges to overcome during the entrepreneurial journey, and the lessons he has learned while growing the company. To learn more about Crossnet, you can visit: https://www.crossnetgame.com/ Show Highlights: 3:30-8:30: Greg talks about the motivations behind creating Crossnet, how to play the game, and how the idea came to life. 8:30-17:00: We ask Greg about the toughest challenges the founders have had to overcome, projections for this coming year, and the long-term goals for the company. 17:00-22:15: Greg talks about the small improvements the company had to make with the initial product, legal aspects, and how they were able to fund their own business. 22:15-28:15: Greg discusses life before Crossnet and the important lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur. 28:15-33:30: We end the show by asking Greg about his final advice to anyone starting a business and why he thinks Crossnet is unique and will be successful.Special Guest: Greg Meade.


17 Oct 2019