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EP176 Joan Baker & Rudy Gaskins: SOVAS Awards

Tsunami Healing

Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins, Founders of the Society of the Voice Arts and Science Award Show and That’s Voiceover Career Expo, join us on EP176! Joan and Rudy break it down for us about the journey they have been on, answer your burning questions about the voice over industry, how they continue to bring these Amazing events to us in major cities, what inspires them to put so many resources out for people including their Podcast “Get Out There Series” and Joan’s Book “Secrets of Voice Over Success,” how they first met and so much more! Follow them on social media @societyvoicearts and find all the details at the link below: HOME


23 Mar 2020

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Rudy Gaskins

The Go Get It Podcast With Corey Dissin

In this episode of The Go Get It Podcast With Corey Dissin. . .the branding knowledge bombs are being dropped with the Chairman and CEO of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences . . .the one and only RUDY GASKINS! Rudy walks us through his definition of “branding,” the importance of objective help developing your brand, the 4 stages of having a brand, and what it means to “brand consciously.” https://www.sovas.org Sponsored by Ineedademo.com  Your home for custom voice over audio demos and now video demos.  From Commercial, Promo, Trailer, to Affiliate and Radio Imaging demos.   Ineedademo.com  You've heard the rest, now come to the best.  I NEED A DEMO dot com. Intro announcer Mark Peeples: www.markpeeples.com Featured voice talent Heather Foster: https://www.heatherfostervoice.com Audio production courtesy of Christopher Dissin: soundcloud.com/distanceproductions COREY DISSIN'S VOICEOVER MARKETING STRENGTH PROGRAM: https://coreydissin.com/coaching/ Are you looking to achieve the dream of a career in voiceovers but you don’t know where to begin? Whether you’re starting from scratch, or if you already have a toe in the water, this ebook is a must-read. 5 STEPS TO HELP ACHIEVE THE VOICEOVER D.R.E.A.M. https://coreydissin.com/product/the-voiceover-d-r-e-a-m/ Corey Dissin - Media Manager. Motivator. Mentor. Website: www.coreydissin.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/coreydissin Twitter: www.twitter.com/bigdaddydissin Instagram: www.instagram.com/888.corey.84/ Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCu4lSk5FJ2NB2Vr4X_-3D9w


25 Jun 2019

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Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins are “Disrupting our Ears”

Disruptor Series

From Siri to Alexa to the proliferation of animated shows and podcasts, the human voice is having a moment. And no one is relishing this moment more than the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences. Founded by actor and writer Joan Baker and Film and TV director Rudy Gaskins the Society of Voice Arts is on a mission to educate and celebrate the power and potential of speech and verbal communication for people, entertainment and brands. Listen in as Rob Schwartz, host of the Disruptor Series Podcast, unpacks this very vocal phenomenon.Credits Host - Rob Schwartz  Intro/Outro Voiced by Theresa Howard/Sophia Barnett Executive Producer - Dan Bradbury Audio Engineer/Sound Design - Corey Bauman


14 Mar 2018

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Episode 20 - Diversity with Doug Melville Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins

VO School Podcast

This week on the VO School podcast we are celebrating our 20th episode by honoring Black History Month with a show devoted to the founders of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS), which boast the longest running and most prolific voice over conference in the world.This episode is guest hosted by chief diversity officer for international advertising agency TBWA, Doug Melville. Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to this episode. He is intimately familiar with the SOVAS mission, and he matches that mission as a vocal proponent of diversity in all its forms both in his day-to-day role within TBWA, and via his personal outreach on social media and public appearances.Joining us this week on the podcast are power couple, Joan Baker (voice actor and author of Secrets of Voiceover Success) and Rudy Gaskins (Emmy Award-winning producer and creative director). Joan and Rudy are the founders of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, a Not-for-Profit organization that brings education, job training and award recognition to the global voiceover community. They organize and present professional networking events, workshops, presentations, job opportunities and learning opportunities across America, and curate That’s Voiceover! Career Expo and The Voice Arts® Awards.In this episode we learn how Joan and Rudy established themselves in the industry, how they advocate for the concerted inclusion of talent from diverse backgrounds, where they believe the industry is heading, the importance of the human voice and how the collaboration of technology and voiceover presents new and exciting opportunities for voice actors.

1hr 4mins

14 Feb 2018

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Episode 1 - The Voiceover Industry with Amanda Rose Smith & Rudy Gaskins

VO School Podcast

Is the voiceover industry growing? Contracting? Has it plateaued? And where is it going next? How does a new talent break in? And is age a barrier to entry?Presented by Jamie Muffett and with special guests Amanda Rose Smith and Rudy Gaskins, this first episode takes a broad look at the VO industry.


6 Sep 2017

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053 - Rudy Gaskins Interview

Mike Lenz Voice - A Journey Into Voice Acting

Emmy-winning producer Rudy Gaskins is CEO and Executive Creative Director of Push Creative, Inc., a full-service branding agency providing strategic marketing, graphic design and video/film production. Clients include Lexus, FOX News Channel, BET, American Express, Spike TV, ABC Television, Actors Federal Credit Union, History Channel, MSNBC, and NBC Sports. Drawing on his former experience as a filmmaker and writer/producer/director for PBS, Gaskins has recently expanded Push Creative’s production scope to include program development and is actively developing TV and web series in several genres. In an admirable gesture to elevate the quality and perception of the voiceover industry, Gaskins conceived and initiated the creation of two innovations that have had a very special impact on the TV marketing and promotions community: 1) In 2007, Gaskins created what has become Promax/BDA’s tri-annual event called “Speed Dating for Clients and Vendors.” The process, which is not unlike speed dating in the personal relationship world, has greased the rusted practices of how vendors and clients discern and create partnerships to achieve outsourcing objectives. 2) In 2009, Gaskins brought to Promax/BDA an idea to create and award category that, for the first time in TV history, would recognize the contribution of voiceover actors to the success of a multi-billion dollar advertising and marketing industries. With the passing of the legendary Don Lafontaine, Gaskins engaged Promax/BDA to inaugurate the annual Don LaFontaine Legacy Award which Gaskins presented to Don’s wife at the 2009 Promax/BDA conference. The Don LaFontaine Legacy Award is given annually to a voiceover actor who demonstrates humanitarianism in his or her life. Gaskins began his professional career after graduating from NYU’s Film and Television program. He wrote, directed and produced several award-winning short films before signing on as an apprentice film editor on Francis Coppola’s The Cotton Club. From there Gaskins went on to work with some of the most influential filmmakers of our time, including Jonathan Demme, Brian DePalma, Milos Forman, Spike Lee, and Alan Pakula. Having never lost his original passion for creating and directing, Gaskins joined PBS where he produced over 12 hours of programming spanning dozens of countries and cultures around the world. The PBS journalistic tradition was indeed fertile ground and a perfect complement to Gaskins’ next challenge as writer/producer/director with ABC News advertising and promotion. Here he oversaw the writing and production of on-air advertising for World News Tonight featuring the legendary Peter Jennings, 20/20 with Barbara Walters and Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer. Gaskins also produced and directed behind-the-scenes press package for ABC News and its national affiliates. Seeking to broaden his challenges, Gaskins took advantage of an entirely new challenge when he was tapped by Court TV to develop an in-house department for creative services and on-air branding strategy. As vice president of Court TV’s creative services department Gaskins managed two successful re-launches of Court TV’s network identity as it moved from a news network to an entertainment venue — overseeing an award-winning re-branding campaign forged in partnership with Lee Hunt. Gaskins would go on to produce similar results as an executive producer for Food Network before launching Push Creative. Among many awards won before and since, Gaskins’ first Emmy Award was for Push Creative’s work on the Olympic Games. Gaskins continues to look forward, focusing on the integration and proliferation of new media development across all platforms. Over the past 5 years he has guided Push Creative to the edge of the digital revolution, exploiting the social networking phenomenon, developing web sites, iPhone/Pad applications, widgets and web games for a variety of high profile companies like Spike TV, Lexus, JP Morgan and others. As a brand guru and creative director, Rudy has been able to grow Push Creative into a full service integrated creative agency with its greatest assets being new ideas and innovation. Gaskins currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and business partner, Joan Baker. For more info on this and other episodes head over to mikelenzvoice.com


13 Feb 2017

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The Sound Architect Interview With Rudy Gaskins

The Sound Architect

The Sound Architect had the pleasure of speaking to Emmy-Award Winning Director/Producer Rudy Gaskins.Rudy Gaskins is the co-founder of Push Creative. Rudy has been working professionally for nearly 20 years. His experience covers film and TV, cable and broadcast, radio and theater. He is a seasoned DGA director, and an accomplished writer in the WGAE.Rudy’s a years of experience at PBS, ABC News, Court TV, NBC, and Food Network.Rudy has also been a great supporter of the voiceover world, working with Joan Baker to create amazing events such as That'sVO! and more recently the amazing Voice Arts Awards!We discuss Rudy's career, these amazing events as well as gain some great insight for aspiring voice artists.


6 Jul 2014