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Gabe Deem: Recovered Porn Addict & Founder of Reboot Nation

Questioning Pornography

This week I was so pleased to interview Gabe Deem, the founder of Reboot Nation, an online community and educational platform for porn addicts and their partners. Gabe shares his own story of suffering from severe porn-induced erectile dysfunction, and talks about how that motivated him to learn about the neuroscience behind porn's harms, and eventually educate many others on the topic. I encourage you to check out Reboot Nation's Youtube channel and website, and also consider supporting Gabe on Patreon. You may also support Questioning Pornography on Patreon if you wish to assist me in producing these episodes.  


26 Jun 2021

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Gabe Deem: Founder of Reboot Nation, Activist, & Former Porn Addict

Consider Before Consuming

Trigger Warning: During this conversation we discuss mainstream internet porn, porn addiction, porn-induced erectile dysfunction, sexuality, suicide ideation, and some graphic language is used. Listener discretion is advised.Like most adolescents in the world today, Gabe was exposed to hardcore porn well before the age of 18. What started as a habit driven by curiosity and a growing normalized culture around porn spiraled into a full-blown compulsive habit. Without expecting any sort of negative effects in his relationships as a result of his years-long porn habit, as a twenty-something, he started having trouble getting and maintaining an erection in real-life sexual encounters. Looking for answers, he found thousands of other young guys in online forums talking about the exact same issues he was having. Inspired to make a difference, change the conversation, and remove shame and secrecy among young people who struggled with porn and its proven negative effects, Gabe started Reboot Nation. It’s a site where anyone can go and join a supportive community while they “reboot” their brains and regain optimal sexual health by ditching porn for good. Listen to Gabe tell podcast host, Garrett Jonsson, about how pornography impacted his ability to be intimate with partners in real life, and how he’s since been able to create a supportive community of recovering porn addicts. Click here to learn more about the guest, and access the resources discussed in this episode.To learn more about the harms of pornography on consumers, relationships, and its larger societal impacts, visit FTND.org.To support this podcast, click here.As you go about your day we invite you to increase your self-awareness, look both ways, check your blindspots, and consider before consuming.Fight the New Drug collaborates with a variety of qualified organizations and individuals with varying personal beliefs, affiliations, and political persuasions. As FTND is a non-religious and non-legislative organization, the personal beliefs, affiliations, and persuasions of any of our team members or of those we collaborate with do not reflect or impact the mission of Fight the New Drug.


4 Nov 2020

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Gabe Deem Talks About The Dangers Of Online Porn Addiction

Room 104 With Cormac Moore and Saoirse Long

Since working remotely has began globally, adult sites have seen huge surges in traffic. But is there a serious downside to consuming too much online pornography? Gabe Deem was addicted to porn, it ruined his sex life and led to Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. He spoke to Cormac about his story and how he recovered.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Mar 2020

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014 - Internet Porn Is Destroying a Generation One Erection at A Time || Interview w/ Gabe Deem

Gaming the System

If you watch internet porn, it might be time to start rethinking. Regardless of whether you watch it once a week or 3 times a day, it can have long-lasting damaging effects. Effects that today's guest, Gabe Deem, knows all too well. He started watching internet porn at the ripe old age of 12, and from that, it spiralled into an uncontrollable addiction. It got so bad that he ended up developing erectile dysfunction at the age of 23. Since then, he's undertaken an incredible transformation to become the man he is today. His organization, Reboot Nation, offers advice to thousands of people on a regular basis. Not only that, but Gabe also speaks internationally in school, colleges, to professionals and even in Capitol Hill. It was a huge privilege to have him on the show, and it was one of my favourite episodes to record. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! As always, thanks for tuning in. If you liked the episode I'd really appreciate you taking the time to give us a rating. It helps out far more than you realise! Until next time. Music by Nordgroove from Fugue.

1hr 18mins

15 Nov 2019

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Understanding Millennials and Porn Addiction with Gabe Deem

Sex, Love, and Addiction

Gabe Deem is a strong voice when it comes to the issue of porn addiction, and his passion and drive helps offer encouragement, advice and support to both men and women during the recovery process. Today, Gabe shares his work and drive behind Reboot Nation, a free online community with over 11,000 members that helps addicts and their partners overcome problems related to porn use. He and Rob also talk about the ways that he educates himself to stay current on the subject, his own story of porn use and the dysfunction it led to, and interest in the neurochemical processes behind addiction. TAKEAWAYS: [1:32] Gabe became dependent on porn and developed porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) at the age of 23. [2:42] Early on in Gabe’s recovery, he wanted to go straight to the source and educate himself on porn addiction. He thought there was no better way than to go to those leading the discussions, hence why he attends conferences to get in the conversation in order to share awareness and help future generations. [3:46] When it’s articulated in a simple way, young men and women can see just how large an effect a stimulus like porn can have upon our sexuality. [5:07] Reboot Nation does have a separate section for women, and Gabe seeks to provide a safe space for women to meet their needs. [7:23] Gabe considers himself recovered, rather than an addict. [9:44] In his work, Gabe finds that most men that developed youthful sexual dysfunctions were exposed to porn at a very early age. He was looking at porn since age 8, and that was a crucial factor in his conditioned response to arousal. [12:09] What really started to change things for Gabe was when he dove into the neuroscience behind porn addiction and sexual conditioning. [14:12] Rob’s “cheesecake theory” explains that if you eat cheesecake everyday and come to expect it, your brain is going to wire itself to really not want broccoli, plain toast, or anything but cheesecake. [15:58] Gabe considers himself pro-education, not anti porn. He considers his message empowering, and gives people hope with the message that it is possible to regain their sexuality and steer themselves towards a healthy sex life. [22:41] Gabe and Rob seek to bring the two different populations of porn addicts and sex addicts together, and realize that although they require different treatment, one can help the other. [24:05] Although Gabe didn’t feel personal shame for watching porn, his chronic use through adolescence led to opportunity addiction, where he rewired his brain to a point that led to sexual dysfunction. [26:19] VR is going to bring a whole new experience into the world of porn and addiction. [26:38] Gabe shares his own personal story on his experience with porn dependency and dysfunction. [28:32] The porn induced ED test is an important gauge to gain clarity on where the dysfunction is rooted in. [30:48] Gabe encourages everyone to seek professional help if they think they need it, or if they are having trouble going through the Reboot. [34:13] Reboot Nation has a section for partners of porn addicts as well, and hopefully coming soon a section for professionals to learn more. RESOURCES Sex and Relationship Healing @RobWeissMSW Sex Addiction 101 Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency Reboot Nation @GabeDeem @Reboot_Nation Addicted to Internet Porn with Noah Church AASECT Your Brain On Porn Sexual Compulsives Anonymous Paula Hall Reboot Nation YouTube QUOTES: “I think people are responding to the practical information that we didn’t have growing up.” “When you bring people together that have a common problem, they are really motivated to support each other.” “The knowledge of the potential of rewiring your reward circuit at a young age is something I think everyone should know of.” “I found out that my pursuit of internet porn actually ended up taking the one thing I thought it would give me - sexual pleasure.” “The common misconception is that a porn addict is a 40 year old virgin in their mother’s basement. I was completely the opposite.”


18 Oct 2018

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6. Here's what porn is doing to you, with Gabe Deem

Love People Use Things

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8 Jan 2018

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How porn wrecks your brain: A conversation with Gabe Deem

Culture Wars with Jonathon Van Maren

Captivated by online porn as a child, Gabe consistently watched high-speed internet porn from the age of 12. Growing up in a time and culture where watching porn was normal, He had no idea that what he thought was pleasurable, fun and “sex-positive” could actually have a negative effect on him. As time went by he became dependent on porn and developed porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) at the age of 23. Now, fully recovered, with years of studying porn addiction and monitoring recovery forums, he runs RebootNation.org, a free online community to help addicts and their partners overcome problems related to porn use. With a passion for helping others and raising awareness, Gabe now speaks internationally, and has shared his story with Katie Couric, Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan UK among others. He joins Jonathon Van Maren to talk about the truth about porn.


13 Oct 2016

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Porn Myths with Gabe Deem

Girl Boner Radio

Porn has become the main source of sex ed, which presents problems. In some cases, excessive porn use wreaks havoc on people's lives and relationships. August explores myths perpetuated by adult films then interviews Gabe Deem, a former porn addict turned counselor, on a controversial new study that claims that porn-related dysfunction isn't legit.


9 Apr 2015