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S1E51 - Connecting Sport, Faith and Life with Dr. Chad Carlson and Dr. Brian Bolt

Pursuit of Gold with Laura Wilkinson

Joining Laura on the podcast this week are Dr. Chad Carlson and Dr. Brian Bolt, two guys from rival schools who came together with a common purpose: to think deeply about sport and faith. They both grew up as competitive athletes and are now coaches and sports scholars, Brian as the Dean of Education at Calvin University, and Chad as a Professor and Director of General Education at Hope College. They have also teamed up to create the ‘Sport. Faith. Life.’ podcast which they describe as ‘a conversation that meets at the intersection of sport and faith’. After hosting the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity at Calvin University in October 2019, our two guests made a commitment to continue to explore the athletic world through the lens of Christianity, and that is precisely what they do hear today. In today’s episode, Chad and Brian discuss the connection between sports and faith., concepts like forgiveness, and how sports can become a part of one’s identity. Together, they also delve into viewing sports as a form of play, how not everybody is drawn to the idea of competition, and how sports must be enjoyed at the moment. They conclude by exploring athletes’ mental health and the sense of loss they feel after certain events such as the Olympics, and by discussing how to view sports as a separate space from other things in life. Filled with ideas regarding how to lead with grace, call for truth, and be a light on a very diverse team, today’s conversation is enlightening, informative, and, above all, one you do not want to miss. Episode Highlights: Competition in sports: the good side and the bad side Comparisons that people make while playing sports Sports and their impact on one’s identity How human beings are meant to be playful Forgiveness and the concept of a community Selfishness in sports and attributions people make for their successes or failures Mental health and sports Redemption in sports Quotes: ‘‘And we see this, especially those who are in Olympic sports, where, you know, it’s not like you play Major League Baseball, where if you don’t do well, one day, you get a chance to the next day, right?” “And what’s so interesting about athletes or successful people in some ways is that they attribute failure to things outside themselves.’’ “And so, from a faith perspective, I think it’s a reminder to us that when we watch our heroes, we’re watching real people with skin and flesh and people who are dealing with real everyday issues. That’s important for us to remember in the midst of our heroism - the way in which we worship athletes at times, for sure.’’ “And then we also need to take a step back with someone we trust - a coach, a teammate, somebody - and logically look at what happened without the emotion and learn from it instead of just blaming all the time. Because I’ve had teammates who blame judges, who blame this, that, and the other all the time.’’ “If you use your energy to fix what you're doing wrong, instead of blaming other people, you might actually be a better athlete.” “There are experiences that we have on Earth, that may be glimpses of Heaven, and when we're at play, we're doing something because the joy of it is in the doing. We're experiencing that Kingdom at hand.” “I have parents that ask me all the time, like, ‘How can I make my kid more passionate?’ and, like, you’ve just got to let them fail. Like, if he fails and he wants to keep going, like, he’ll find the passion.’’ Show LinksThe Pursuit of Gold Homepage Life at 10 Meters: Lessons from an Olympic Champion 5 Smart Strategies to Confidence Conquer Your Fear in 5 Days              Laura’s Social Media:Laura's Instagram Laura's Facebook page Connect with Brian and Chad:Sport. Faith. Life. Homepage


3 Aug 2021

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64. One Stone with Chad Carlson

Education Evolution

Chad Carlson has been in the field of independent education for more than seventeen years, working with both middle and high school students in humanities, language arts, and Spanish. He recently returned to Boise after several years at an International Baccalaureate School in Bogotá, Colombia, and at an independent school in Sun Valley, Idaho. Chad received his B.A. in humanities from the University of Oregon and his M.A. in Latin American studies from UCSD and recently earned his Masters in Educational Leadership at Boise State University. Learn more about One Stone by following them on Facebook and Twitter.   Jump in the Conversation: [2:21] The origin story of One Stone, a student-founded high school [5:03] Benefits of student-driven learning [9:14] A student journey of discovery and redefinition [16:03] Living in Beta [22:22] Roadblocks to student-led and real-world, relevant learning [46:15] Chad’s Magic Wand: Getting rid of standardized tests and curriculum [47:26] Maureen’s Take-Aways   Links and Resources: Living in Beta Wayfinding Episode 47: Wayfinding Academy College Careers in a lifetime Episode 56: Learning About the Subconscious’ Impact on Our School Decisions Think Again by Adam Grant 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez All it Takes is Ten Minutes, TEDx by Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace Email Maureen The Education Evolution Facebook: Follow Education Evolution Twitter: Follow Education Evolution LinkedIn: Follow Education Evolution EdActive Collective Maureen’s book: Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids Micro-school feature on Good Morning America The Micro-School Coalition Facebook: The Micro-School Coalition LEADPrep


29 Jun 2021

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Dr. Chad Carlson from Stadia Sports Medicine

Ken, Colleen, & Kurt Podcast

Dr. Chad Carlson of Stadia Sports Medicine joined us on the show to talk about what precautions we, especially athletes, can take during this time.


16 Mar 2020

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2020 Portfolio Strategy with Chad Carlson CFA, CFP®

Mission Matters Money with Adam Torres

The market has been rising for a record amount of time. With investors questioning when the next big pullback will happen, what should they be doing? In this episode, Adam Torres and Chad Carlson CFA, CFP®, Owner, Wealth Manager & Director of Research at Balasa Dinverno Foltz, explore portfolio considerations going into 2020. Follow Adam on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/podcastguest


27 Feb 2020

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Chad Carlson CFA, CFP®, Owner, Wealth Manager & Director of Research at Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC

Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres

Chad Carlson CFA, CFP®, Owner, Wealth Manager & Director of Research at Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC is interviewed in this episode. Follow Adam on Instagram at Ask Adam Torres for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule. Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast: https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/podcastguest--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/moneymatters/support


12 Nov 2019

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Ep 59 - Dr. Brian R. Bolt & Dr. Chad Carlson | The Essence of Sport


Brian Bolt is a professor at Calvin University, a former college athlete, and the author of a new book called Sport. Faith. Life. Chad Carlson is a professor at Hope College and the author of a new book called The Early Years of the NCAA, NIT, and College Basketball Championship Tournaments, 1922–1951. Together they are co-directors of the Global Conference On Sport & Christianity – and together they bring their insights into the passionate, intersecting world of sports and faith.


16 Oct 2019

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Doing Rivalry Right with Brian Bolt and Chad Carlson

Bad Soccer Dad

This week I get to speak with Brian Bolt and Chad Carlson. Brian is a professor of Kinesiology and the men’s golf coach at Calvin University. Chad is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology/Director of General Education at Hope College. They are the co-hosts of the 2nd Global Congress on Sport and Christianity, which will be held this October at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI. They also host a podcast on sport, faith, and life called Dig Deep. Reflection: Chad said, “Anything we love deeply has the potential to move from a good thing to the ultimate thing. Then it moves into the area of an idol.” Here’s one question I’d love for you think about this week: How do keep sport in its lane? What decisions or conversations should we pursue to make sure it remains a good thing and doesn’t become the only thing?. Don’t forget to check out Brian and Chad’s podcast: Dig Deep on iTunes and take some time to register for the conference. You can learn more at: https://calvin.edu/events/2GCSC/


13 Aug 2019

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Episode 24: Chad Carlson - ME/AST (Ret.) - Helicopter Rescue Swimmer

They Had to Go Out

Maritime Enforcement Specialist and former Aviation Survival Technicial Chad Carlson (Ret.) talks an all volunteer mission into the worst of a tropical storm to save the crew of a tugboat grounded on a shoal and breaking apart in violent surf off the Georgia coast. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theyhadtogoout/support


15 Jun 2019

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A True Tale of Hope with Dr. Chad Carlson - Part 2

Tales of Hope

Part 2 of my conversation with Chad Carlson. This part, hear him talk about how he turned his education motivation around in graduate school and his time as a pro basketball player. Also, hear what he does as the Director of General Education and what went into writing his book on the early years of March Madness. Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor.fm/talesofhope/support


20 Nov 2018

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A True Tale of Hope with Dr. Chad Carlson - Part 1

Tales of Hope

Part 2 coming out either early next week (before Thanksgiving) or the following week. This interview lasted nearly an hour and a half, so I decided to cut it down to two parts. In part 1, Chad talks with me about growing up at Hope and in Holland. He talks about the role sports has played in his life even from a young age, and how a former Hope soccer player was his "superhero". He also talks about his time as a Hope student, and the type of student he was. Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor.fm/talesofhope/support


16 Nov 2018