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Overcoming Stagnation with Clifton Pettyjohn

Chapter X with Michael Kay

How do you discover your purpose? It’s a big (and important) question that we all must tackle to embrace our next chapter. According to today’s guest, finding purpose starts with getting out of your own head. After battling with identity struggles in his personal life and career, Clifton Pettyjohn discovered that taking a chance to follow your heart is the path to living your best life.  Today he’s a transformation specialist, entrepreneur, and author who teaches creators how to transform their lives through embracing their best selves. In this episode, Clifton will walk us through his journey of transitioning from stagnation to living each day with purpose. We discussed: Why Clifton struggled to embrace his true identity growing up The unintentional impact of role models on our individual identity How to use self awareness to sustain us through the fear of change The conversation we need to have with ourselves about values Why vulnerability is the path to experiencing real transformation    Links CliftonPettyjohn.com Text #bestself to 302-208-9440


25 Aug 2021

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Gifted Autonomy Episode 14 - Author and Transformation Coach Clifton Pettyjohn


If you're on the path to greatness for your business or creative journey, you'll definitely want to make a pit stop with us and listen to this episode featuring Author and Transformation Coach Clifton Pettyjohn. During this interview, we discussed: - Uniformity in defining intellectuality through our current education system- Modified behavior vs. actual transformation- A different level of professional effectiveness when transforming to a better version of yourself- How to be greater than temporary emotions and their power over you- Pushing yourself to counteract the barriers in life- Infectious identity that isn't your own - Seeing the value in yourself before being able to attract others that value your message - Self-discovery, enlightenment, overcoming fear and situationships- And much more

1hr 14mins

31 Jul 2021

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Smart Way To Record & Edit Your Podcast With Clifton Pettyjohn

Simple Podcast Cloud

Clifton will share with you most easiest and smartest way to record and edit your podcast. More Details: https://simplepodcastcloud.com/clifton-pettyjohn


13 Oct 2020

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Smart Way To Record & Edit Your Podcast With Clifton Pettyjohn

Mark Kumar Podcast

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3 Oct 2020

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Terry Dyer Joins Clifton Pettyjohn on TRANSFORMATION RADIO

Off The Chain

Terry’s professional career has been spent in Corporate America working in both for-profit and nonprofit environments. His passion to assist people has never wavered. Terry has helped organizations reach maximum potential and growth. His background consists of Talent Acquisition Management, Recruitment, Client Services, and Program Management with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. These companies have included San Francisco State University - Center for Research and Education on Gender Studies (CREGS), STOP AIDS Project, Robert Half International, Alluma, and XOJET to name a few. In 2010 POZ Health Magazine named him “African-American Person of the Month”.Additionally, Terry has volunteered his time to various organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento communities. Since 2007, he has served as a member of the San Francisco LGBTQ Speakers Bureau. He and the organization aim to dispel homophobic and transphobic violence by educating people about the everyday lives of those in the community. He continues to play competitive volleyball and tennis at high levels. Terry also has spent time in South America, China, and France. Terry DeWayne Dyer hails from Kansas City, Kansas, yet considers himself a California boy. Primarily growing up in Northern California, Young Terry competed in track and field, played volleyball and basketball, sang, and was active in the community. Terry was a high school All American track and field athlete and went to Chico State University on scholarship for athletics, academics, and music. After spending three years at Chico State University, studying Opera and Vocal Performance, Terry transferred to Sacramento State University where he received his degree in Communications, Emphasis in Public Relations. Currently, he resides in South Florida with his daughter Zola (dog) enjoying the tropical weather and performing in the local music scene.

1hr 23mins

29 Aug 2020

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JUICE Joins Clifton Pettyjohn on TRANSFORMATION RADIO!

Off The Chain

Justin Goode is a poet from Atlanta, GA raised in Clayton county GA. Performing poetry as a hobby at first Justin has taken it a step further and wrote his first novel Black Ribbon. A poetry book that reflects the mourning of toxic traits and embracing a clear and concise mind. His first book travels through the anxiety, compassion, and confusion of all people. The view of a Black Man, and the thoughts on his surrounding.

1hr 9mins

11 Jul 2020

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Chris Wiley Joins Clifton Pettyjohn on TRANSFORMATION RADIO

Encouraging Your Spirit

On June 5th, I was a guest on Transformation Radio. I talked with Apostle, Author, Strategist, Transformation Coach= Clifton PettyJohn. In case you missed the airing its enclosed in this podcast. It was a purposeful conversation and I enjoyed being a guest on the show.

1hr 16mins

10 Jun 2020

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King Mar Joins Clifton Pettyjohn on TRANSFORMATION RADIO

Off The Chain

I am King Mar, the host of the "2Sides" Podcast and the Co-Owner of F.E.A.R. Entertainment. I was raised in North Philly. I have made and learned from a lot of mistakes. Now I’m trying to be the change I want to see in my community by speaking my truth and experience.

1hr 13mins

30 May 2020

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Clifton Pettyjohn Encourages CREATIVES on TRANSFORMATION RADIO

Off The Chain

As a purpose strategist, radio host, transformation coach and spiritual leader; Clifton Pettyjohn provides tools and strategies to transition individuals from a life of merely existing to living a life full of purpose.

1hr 1min

28 Dec 2019

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Off The Chain

Clifton Pettyjohn has served as an essential factor in both the religious and education cultures for well over sixteen years and recently he has added influence in the culture of business to his summation. With guided passion, he meshes personal life lessons with practical and biblical principles to teach, train, and transform groups of divergent individuals. His unique skills, personality, delivery, and articulation serve at the foundation of the creation of a welcoming environment to those who are viewed as ne’er-do-wells (Jer. 30:17). Clifton is also the author of “From Stagnation to Transformation: A 21 Day Coaching Actuation Designed to Manumit PURPOSE” currently available in paperback, audiobook, and Kindle editions.Clifton’s view of ministry and purpose far exceeds the norm, this is expressed through execution; he firmly believes in a holistic approach; ministering equity to the total man. This is comprehensible in his teachings, coaching & consultation sessions, as well as his day to day conversations. He firmly stands on the conviction of urging people to live a symmetrical life through “wholeness” in all core areas of their lives.Clifton currently serves as the president of Clifton M. Pettyjohn Ministries, a prophetic ministry hub, which serves as his personal teaching, preaching, and outreach ministry, out of Kent County Delaware where he resides. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, Purpose Strategist and Coach at Pettyjohn Consulting Group, LLC, a wealth and affluence consulting and coaching company that provides tools and strategies to transition individuals, ministries and businesses from merely existing to moving with purpose.


22 Oct 2019