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Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney - Compound Performance

The PFCA Podcast

We are joined by 2 legends as we dive deep through cancel culture, programming and why they created a programming platform to better serve coaches in their service delivery. This is a proper juicy conversation. As always, If you love this please tag us on socials. @the.pfca @olliemarchon@coach_jenz @compoundperformance_@mattdomney


11 Apr 2022

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#054​: How To Thrive in the Fitness Industry Today ft. Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney | Daru Strong

The Daru Strong Podcast

Today on the Daru Strong Podcast we again welcome Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney. Kyle is the Founder and Owner of Compound Performance.  Formally a National Director of Services and Education, Training Director, District Manager, Facility Manager, and Coach based out of NYC. Matt not only coaches athletes but also serves as a mentor to a plethora of strength coaches around the globe through Compound Performance's mentorship program. Make sure you follow Kyle Dobbs 👉 https://www.instagram.com/compoundperformance_/Make sure you follow Matt Domney 👉 https://www.instagram.com/mattdomney/

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22 Apr 2021

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35. Matt Domney - Programming for Strength, Exercise Selection for Different Populations, Sensorimotor Training vs Loading, & Handling Criticism on Social Media

The Pinnacle Performance Podcast

Matt Domney is the head Strength Coach for Compound Performance


14 Nov 2020

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Episode 145 - Matt Domney

The Lifestyle Chase

Matt Domney @mattdomney is the training director as part of Compound Performance. He's dialed into progressing towards his goals. He's a big strong dude, who responds to King Potato, but he in no way actually resembles a potato.The thing with Matt Domney, is he went from martial arts into powerlifting where the story is often the complete reverse. In this episode, we tried to talk about things Matt doesn't always talk about. Dean Guedo's boat got a shout out, and we talked about how trainers don't really live a balanced life but the awareness of that helps us plan how to achieve one for our future self. If you aren't aware of what you life might end up at age 40, you won't put in the work to set yourself up differently at age 30.We highlighted the Compound Performance Group Mentorship which I have just completed, and as I've mentioned in several other episodes of The Lifestyle Chase, I highly recommend it. Go to www.compoundperformance.com for details.Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed this one, please share it in your story on social media and head over to wherever you rate and leave comments for podcasts. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit chrisliddle.substack.com


30 Sep 2020

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Matt Domney, Powerlifting, Biomechanics, Exercise Selection, Mental Variability || Episode #56 [EN]

Upside Strength Podcast

Matt Domney, Powerlifting, Biomechanics, Exercise Selection, Mental Variability || Episode #56 Matt is a strength and conditioning coach, educator and mentor with Compound Performance. Based out of Texas, he provides remote and in person coaching to anyone looking to reach their potential. Matt has competed in many sports including mixed martial arts and powerlifting.Matt Online: Website: https://www.compoundperformance.comIG: https://www.instagram.com/mattdomneyTopics:0:00 - Intro0:26 - Start0:44 - Background2:13 - Defining moments (as an athletes and as a coach)5:02 - Competing and coaching - finding the right balance7:08 - What did you change your mind about since you started coaching?9:03 - What is biomechanics and why is it so important?12:00 - How did you first get interested in biomechanics?23:35 - Accessory exercise selection around squat, deadlift, bench40:36 - Mental component of accessory lifting46:18 - Not being married to the gym51:23 - Mentorship 54:29 - What are you currently fascinated about in the S&C world?55:54 - What do you wish to see more often in the field?55:48 - Matt’s biggest influences?56:19 - One book for coaches59:36 - Where can people find out more about you? Full Video Interview: https://youtu.be/2dc0In3nv9o


29 Sep 2020

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Matt Domney: Powerlifting from Westside to Pokemon

The Pump

The boiz sit down with strength coach and powerlifting coach Matt Domney to talk about lifting in the age of social media. As a part of Compound Performance Matt not only coaches athletes but also serves as a mentor to a plethora of strength coaches around the globe through Compound Performance's mentorship program. From the changes that have occurred in the sport of powerlifting to how coaches approach strength, there are so many new things and so many that have begun to fade away. Matt is a super knowledgable and experienced coach in a variety of domains and doesn't shy away from taking on dogmatic approaches that neglect context. His arguments with Squat University on Instagram have gained a lot of viewers. You can find more about Matt at www.compoundperformaance.com and follow him on Instagram. 1:30 Intros 5:00 Mandatory Kyle Dobbs reference 10:00 Critical thinking vs fitness cronyism 14:00 Systems and principle based fitness 18:00 Dean overdoing it 22:00 Strength sports and ego inflation 31:00 Why we really got into lifting 35:00 When Dean subtly drops his 440 bench at Nationals 50:00 Lack of self awareness in beginner lifters 58:00 The downside of systems 1:09:00 Interpersonal variability 1:16:00 Leveraging your way to victory/ Westside to Pokemon

1hr 27mins

24 Sep 2020

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114 - Matt Domney on Specificity and Variability

Weakly Weights

Matt Domney joins the boys to talk about the continuum between specificity and variability, the role of movement variability, and what constitutes variability in exercise prescription and performance. We discuss considerations in directed adaptation, longevity, optimising performance, and much more. Alex gets dissed hard by Matt.

1hr 3mins

11 Sep 2020

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RTL22- Simplified Coaching with Matt Domney

The Resilient Training Lab Podcast

Today's guest is Matt Domney from Compound Performance. Ryan, Paul, and Matt talk all things coaching in this episode & cover a ton of great information that all coaches should hear. They start off talking about training philosophies and how there are too many coaches that find themselves married to one type of training. While the majority of the time there isn't inherently wrong with any one training method, it becomes problematic when coaches become die hards for one specific method. Taking a bird's eye view of all the philosophies will make you a better, more versatile coach that can serve their clients the best. They talk about the common issues they see when coaching beginner and intermediate lifters, the importance of putting effort into your lifts, and simplifying your coaching. At the end of the day, getting your lifters to make progress and lift more weight is what matters. Worrying about what muscle is doing what and ensuring that you have enough internal or external rotation of this an that in order to do certain movements doesn't matter and is hindering progress at the end of the day. Their conversation is important for all coaches, beginner and experienced to listen to. Click to listen!Leave a 5 star rating & review on iTunes!Instagram@mattdomney@compoundperformance_@resilienttraininglab@paul_resilient@ryan_resilientFacebookCompound PerformanceResilient Training LabWebsitewww.compoundperformance.comwww.resilienttraininglab.com

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19 Aug 2020

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Matt Domney: Is The Trap Bar Useful?

The Pump

ep 12

1hr 7mins

10 May 2020

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#176: Matt Domney - The Director of Meat

The Empowered Body Podcast

My guest this week is Matt Domney. Matt is a Strength Coach, Co-Owner of Rebel Performance where he is the Director of Meat.In this episode we discuss:- How and why Matt has implemented AMRAPs in his programming and is seeing great results with them.- What recovery metrics Matt utilises when reviewing a client's training programs to ensure he optimises their training- How and why Matt utilises Isometrics in his programming.- Matt's thoughts on Old School VS New School Methods and why it's important not to be dogmatic in your training beliefs.- How Matt approaches programming accessory work for his clients.- Plus much more.For more from Matt check out:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattdomney/Rebel Performance & TRAIN: https://www.rebel-performance.com/


19 Mar 2020