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56. Doing Good Now: Alchemizing Our Stories into Change, with Alaina Shearer


After fleeing an abusive relationship, becoming a single mom, and nearly losing everything, Alaina Shearer rebuilt her career by learning digital and tech. In the span of just five years, she climbed from making $8 an hour to running a small business that generates nearly $2 million per year in revenue. In 2016, Alaina created a national network for women in digital and tech, now called Together Digital, where she fought fearlessly for equal pay and opportunity. Then, in 2020, she continued to fight for positive change as a congressional candidate for Ohio’s 12th district.Today, she’s hooked on bringing more good to the world by building lasting movements for purpose-driven brands through Good Now, an agency dedicated to doing good and accelerating the speed of positive change.What Brett asks:[05:10] Let’s start at the beginning[11:15] What was it like growing up with these strong, loving, entrepreneurial influences?[16:40] Tell me a little more about the mental health challenges that your mother was struggling with.[24:18] What was it like coping with the grief of losing your father?[35:25] How did life start to unfold as a young adult?[38:22] What drove you to start over in your career?[42:55] Were you married when you started your business? Where did you get the strength to leave an abusive relationship?[53:18] We should live life, have our experiences, and use them for our benefit and for the benefit of others. Right?[56:30] Tell us about your run for Congressional office.To learn more about intentional living, and for the complete show notes, visit: gravityproject.comResources:Twitter: @alainashearerInstagram: @alainashearer2020 | @alainashearer_LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/alainashearerGood NowTogether DigitalAlaina Shearer for CongressGravity is a production of Crate Media.Mentioned in this episode:Gravity Audience SurveyClick here to share your thoughts and feedback as a listener of the Gravity podcast.

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1 Mar 2021

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2: Powerless to Powerful with Alaina Shearer

Humble Brand Podcast

What happens when the glass ceiling crashes into you? Well, if you're Alaina Shearer, you build something new, and better, than the dream you started out with. If you've ever felt alone you'll be inspired by Alaina's journey. Like many women who grew up in the “Barbie generation” believing that “we girls can do anything,” Alaina Shearer was surprised that the workforce she entered wasn’t fully prepared to reward her hard work or value her professional contributions. When the glass ceiling turned out to be a prescient reality, rather than a thing her mother’s generation broke through, she fought back. She left the corporate world and started her own company, a digital agency, but then she did something remarkable, she beat the odds and joined the just 1.7% of women who grew her business to over 1 million dollars. Oh...AND She didn’t stop there, she decided to take what she learned and help other women to do the same so she founded Together Digital, a professional organization for women like her, and now she’s running for congress. Check out TogetherDigital: https://www.togetherindigital.com/ Transcript and show notes available at:  https://grazianimultimedia.com/2-powerless-to-powerful-with-alaina-shearer/


3 Nov 2020

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Episode 3: Sharing and Finding Your Voice with Alaina Shearer

The Brava Podcast

Today's change-maker is Alaina Shearer. Alaina is the founder and the original member of Women in Digital, a nationwide organization with 1,500 members in 19 cities, attracting over 10,000 women to its events! (And, I'm sure that number is growing as I type this!) Alaina inspires, educates, and empowers women each day and serves as a catalyst for today's conversation: how to share and find your own voice. Let's get this conversation started! 


15 Oct 2018

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Episode 4: Alaina Shearer: She’s Connecting Digital Divas - On The Dot Woman

Four Minutes with On The Dot

Lately, I’ve been discouraged by all the negativity on the internet. It feels like every social-media post comes with a barrage of cruel responses. Why do we feel so comfortable being combative online? It can be simple to write a nasty comment on a post, but it’s often difficult for some folks to remember that there are real people with real feelings behind that post. Today, if you come across an online tidbit you disagree with, simply move on without fanfare. And when you do encounter something you like, comment positively with a thumbs-up. The post Alaina Shearer: She’s Connecting Digital Divas appeared first on On The Dot Woman.


26 Oct 2017

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Ep38: Alaina Shearer, Executive Director & Founder of Women in Digital, Founder of Cement Marketing

She's a Boss Podcast

Alaina shares with us her journey started Ms.Single Mother (and why that blog blew up), how a negative interaction in the workplace spurred her to found her agency, and how she started Women in Digital after realizing sexism was costing her tens of thousands of dollars.


10 Aug 2017

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How blogger Ms. Single Mama Alaina Shearer built a $1.2M business and found the love of her life

Like a Mother

I've known Alaina Shearer, aka MsSingleMama, since I started blogging 3.5 years ago. We bumped into one another at a conference, she immediately shared with me all her advice on blogging and dating, and we kept in touch through the years -- including two summers ago when my kids and I crashed at her amazing, rambling yellow farm house she shares wit her wonderful second husband, their four collective kids and a few animals. In this episode Alaina and I discuss the state of single motherhood, why the world has it all wrong when it comes to moms dating, and how she went from being a blissfully single mom to falling hard and fast for the soul-mate-man-of-her dreams. Read my profile of Alaina on Forbes: How Alaina Shearer Launched A $1.2M Marketing Agency As A Single Mom. Loving this podcast? Follow on RSS or  iTunes. Leave a review, me love you long time. Muah!  Are you part of the new Facebook group, Millionaire Single Moms? No income requirement, though BIG GOALS and a POSITIVE MINDSET required! Join now! 


16 Feb 2016